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  1. Goodbye, Janurary

    That looks like a great place to fly.  I'd be playing with the water a lot more.   Nice way to say goodbye to January.  
  2. Order of compulsories.

    They need to be done in the order specified, for both programmed precision (new name for league style, basically) and standard precision.   If figures are done one at a time with scoring in between (what I refer to as standard precision), the field director will usually show you the diagram of the next figure, or you can ask to see it, but you still have to do them in the order specified.  
  3. Karma - iPrey Glider (2/6/16)

  4. Karma - iPrey Glider (2/6/16)

    A stationary ceiling fan is just another obstacle, like a bookshelf or a chair.   Actually, I've found that if there is a ceiling fan in the room, it helps to lower your elevation.  Kneel on the floor, or sit on a chair.  That gets you lower so you have more space between you and the ceiling/fan.  
  5. Karma - iPrey Glider (2/6/16)

    Awesome prize!  If I didn't already have one, I would totally enter this drawing.  Great little kite for when you just have to fly and are stuck at home or don't have time to go out.  
  6. Cold & Dreary...

    It sounds like with one-handed flying, you are trying to start from the ground.  I find that launching one-handed is not the easiest thing to do.  Have you tried starting in the air?  What I mean is, flying with two hands, get the kite in a stable hover in the upper half of the wind window.  Then bring your two hands together so the handles are almost touching while keeping the kite stable.  Then transfer one handle to the other hand and try to keep that hover.  If things start to go south, keep the empty hand nearby to grab the handle back.  Good luck.  
  7. Pair of Sevens

    Nice!  Pretty kites.  Although I do have a weakness for white with black pinstriping.  The splash of color looks good on it too.  
  8. New KiteLife pins!

    My pins arrived today.  They look great.  Thanks JB.  
  9. Kite waiting...

    Not very far.  I've never made a sport kite before and hit a speed bump figuring out all the bits and pieces that I would need to order.  Then I got sidetracked by other things.  
  10. If ever there was news from the Webmaster... :)

  11. Good choice for tails?

    I tried out using organza ribbon to make tails.  Organza is the semi-see-through stuff that Robert Brasington uses on some of his SLK tails, but I got it in ribbon form.  It's ribbon, so the edges aren't cut or raw.  It's lightweight, available in black, white, and a variety of colors, and available in >50' lengths.  I think mine are 2" wide by 75' long, but they may be 1.5" wide if I remembered wrong.   HOWEVER, I wasn't too happy with their skywriting effect, or rather, lack thereof.  The tails wouldn't follow the path of the kite very well.  What I mean is, say you flew the kite around in a small circle a few times.  I would expect the tail to spiral around downwind of the kite such that you could see the circles you just flew, leaving a big open area in the middle about the size of the circle flown.  Unfortunately, with the organza ribbon tails, the end of the tail stays much more toward the center of the circle.  The end of the tail doesn't "follow" as well.  My guess is the material is so sheer/porous that there is some dampening effect going on and the end of the tail moves much less than the part connected to the kite.  I also thought 75' was a bit long but haven't cut them shorter yet.  I haven't flown with them much.   Maybe there is some other kind of ribbon out there that is solid enough to have better skywriting effect but not too heavy.  I haven't found it yet.  
  12. Kite waiting...

    Exciting.  I hope you don't have to wait for the right wind once the kite arrives.   I must have been staring at a particular kite plan a little too much lately to know right away what kite that is...
  13. Kite waiting...

    Oooooh, is that a ........  Ok, I won't say it out loud just yet to give others a chance to guess.  Who did you get to build it?  
  14. Cloisonne pins coming!

    Nice! I like it. I would buy one (or two). Let us know when the order page is available. Thanks. 
  15. Welcome Rochelle Bluestein

    Hi Rochelle!  Welcome to the forum.  I'm Joanna from BASKL.  Glad to see you here.  Hope to see you on the field again soon (I need to get myself to the field more).