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  1. Awesome! Thanks for posting the logs so I can catch up after I get home from work, and of course for hosting Direct Line.
  2. Just for kicks...rasta colors:
  3. What about putting the text in the middle instead of the horizontal line? Possibly even mirror imaged text. Although, I do like the simplicity, so maybe text in the middle will clutter things up too much. Depends on the style of the final graphics I guess.
  4. 1 Rev EXP 1 Rev B-series (full vent) 3 Rev B-pro (standard, mid vent, full vent) 1 Shook mesh Rev (135%) 1 Lee Sedgwick YFO Hmmmmm.....looks like my list is shorter than most so far...
  5. Wow, you're on a roll. Looks cool front lit. Hopefully black won't be overpowering when back lit, although maybe you'll end up with some unexpected cool effects.
  6. With mesh having 2 meanings - the weave part and the screen part - I initially misunderstood the first sentence. But that got me thinking...with a mesh weave kite that already has holes, is the LE screen really necessary?
  7. Bit late to the discussion...been AFK for a bit. I also frequent chat and enjoy being able to "talk" to other kitefliers around the country and sometimes world. The forum is great for somewhat focused topics, but I like chat because it's a lot more spontaneous and whatever people feel like chatting about. Really hope kitelife chat will continue in some form or another. I'm sure we'll learn whatever new system is selected when time comes. Thanks for doing this for us, JB.
  8. Aww, so close. Congrats Tim!
  9. Cool, looks like you got a collectible. The first line of Japanese is a phonetic spelling that sounds out as Eugene Freeman. I was not able to find any information on him either, although there is a Peggy Freeman listed as a contact for the Southern Oregon Kite Festival on the WKA event calendar. Not sure what the character that looks like an "a" is. Could just be an English A for a middle initial. "san" roughly translates as Mr. but is gender neutral. I am assuming the characters above "Tsutomu Hiroi" is his Japanese name. This is coming from someone who took a couple years of Japanese in high school and had to look up a character chart because I forgot most of it though.
  10. I'm in. Indoor dualie...sweet!
  11. Cutting rods and gluing ferrules is not that difficult. I had never done any of that before I made my set of P90s. I didn't even have any tools and such to do something like that. I did some research and bought a fine tooth hobby saw (they're cheap) and MacGyver'ed a "sawhorse" to cut them on. It worked out fine. Take up riffclown's offer to borrow a set. Then if you like it, you might be more eager to make your own. He can probably give you tips on how to do it too. Regarding diamonds vs. P90s, I think the comparison is somewhat similar to race rods vs. 2-wraps. They cover a similar wind range, but the response is different. Personally, I got used to my 2,3,4-wraps, and P90s for very light wind, and never got used to race rods and diamonds when I was lent them to try out. YMMV.
  12. Video is private
  13. Kites feel much bigger indoors than out. Enjoy your new kite!
  14. Looks like Fly Market is going to have a Bulk Ripstop Blowout next week. May want to keep an eye on that site.