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  1. Kymera (12/25/15)

    oooooohhh...nice one
  2. Rev 1 vs Blast 2-4

    A kite that will fly at 1mph will be a very light kite. This is usually achieved by using a very light frame. These kind of kites are often referred to as SULs (super ultralights) and are delicate by nature. They will break in higher winds. SULs generally have a limited wind range. Think about it this way... you have your mid-vent that can fly in 10mph to 20mph (no I didn't use your exact numbers, but bear with me). 20mph is twice the amount of wind as 10mph. Now think about 1mph. 2mph is twice that. 1 to 2 seems like a small difference, but it's twice as much wind. 10mph is ten times as much wind as 1mph! This is why it's hard to find a kite that will fly well in everything from 1mph to 20mph.
  3. Rev 1 vs Blast 2-4

    Hahah, nice pics. Let's not confuse the OP, though. The last pic and the comment about Lee leads me to believe the guys in the first two pics are flying stacks of Rev I's. A stack will pull a lot more than a single kite. DeafThunder, can you tell us a little more about what you are looking for in your next kite? Are you looking for something with pull/power? Are you looking for something fast or ??? Are you looking for something that would work well in a certain wind range that you don't already have covered with the kites you have? If so, what is that wind range? It could help with recommendations. You seem to be concerned with low wind flyability, high wind durability, and possibly an interest in power. I'm not sure you can get all of that in one kite, unfortunately, so you might need to decide what is more important for your next kite.
  4. Quad Lines Revolution Kites Tricks "Name"

    Those sound like pairs/team terms. I have more of that kind if you want, but I figured you might want to stick to terms for individual flying.
  5. Quad Lines Revolution Kites Tricks "Name"

    Ok, I get it now. You're looking for single word terms, not yet trick names like your title says. How about forward, reverse, inverted, arc, clockwise, counterclockwise, glide. Not sure if you're looking for things like square, box, diamond.
  6. Well that could have gone better.

    That's too bad you haven't been having any luck with your new kite. Sounds like it's not you; you've just been unlucky with the wind conditions. With dualies, I would definitely use 150# line when the wind is "howling." I start to get worried on 90# line when the wind gets above 10mph or so, though most of my dualies are slightly bigger than the Kymera. I would guess the bridle breaking may have resulted from the line snapping (some kind of damage from the whiplash?) and/or the collision. At least your kite didn't get stuck on the lamp post. Sorry I'm not of any help in what to replace with. No experience with wind shields or wind brakes yet either. I'm with Rob - fly Revs when the wind is up. Well, I started with Revs so I'm more comfortable with them regardless of wind conditions. Hopefully you're able to get things fixed up soon and get better luck with the wind.
  7. Revolution Kites

    There are lots of people on this forum who fly Revs (what we call Revolution Kites for short). I'm actually a little surprised you haven't gotten more replies already. It doesn't matter if you're a novice flier or not, you can learn to fly a Rev. Unless you've got some magical knack for flying Revs, you'll start out as a novice Rev flier anyway. Dual line (like your Quantum) vs. quad line (i.e. Rev) is a bit like skiing vs. snowboarding. Similar in some respects, but different in many. You don't have to learn how to ski before you can learn how to snowboard. Same with these kites. You don't have to learn how to fly a dual line kite before you can learn to fly a quad. It's possible to be a novice dual line flier but a good quad line flier, or a good dual line flier but a novice quad line flier, or a novice at both, or good at both. See where I'm going with this? Your skill with one doesn't determine your skill with the other. If you think Revs are cool and you want to do that kind of flying, a Rev is right for you. When I was introduced to sport kites the first time I went to a kite festival, I got to try a dual line and a Rev the same day. I went home and daydreamed about a Rev for a long time until I got one. I wasn't nearly as interested in dual line kites then, so I didn't get a dual line first. No regrets. Been having fun ever since.
  8. Battle suit for 2016... ?

    Looking good. Not sure how I like the phrase "fly with intent" in the middle of what I'm guessing are various translations of "kite". I saw your earlier iteration, which clearly implied that all the words mean "kite", so I recognized this one as such as well. But, someone looking just at this version may start to wonder what all the other phrases mean, since you've inserted a different phrase in English in there. I do like the phrase "fly with intent", just don't think it belongs in that section.
  9. New Rev Flyer

    Glad you had a successful day. As for the handles and leaders, a picture of what you have might help. You obviously don't have what I guessed you had. Leader lengths can vary a lot from person to person, and the ideal difference in top leader to bottom leader length varies from person to person as well. Where you hold the handles will play into this too. If you can, go to the festival that has been mentioned. A lot of things will make sense a lot faster if you can see others doing it and ask them questions.
  10. Well, I've noticed quite a bit of forum activity today, and a number of new members lately. So, I'm going to bump this topic and see if we can get Wednesday chat night going again. What's that you ask? This site has it's very own chat room. You can get to it by clicking on "Chat" in the navigation bar near the top of the page. If there's a red square with a number in it next to the word chat, it means there are people in the chat room, and the number tells you how many. When the chat feature was re-added to this site about 2 years ago (wow, it's been that long?), some of us who frequented chat decided to pick an evening and make it chat night to encourage more people to be in chat at the same time. The idea is, if we all shoot for the same evening, then it will be more likely that there will be a lively group to chat with. That's how Wednesday chat night came about. So, please come join the chat room for some live chatting. We chat about kite related topics a lot, but sometimes chat about other interests too. And if you feel like chatting on another day, no problem. The chat room is always open. You just might have to wait a bit for someone to come by.
  11. New Rev Flyer

    Hi and welcome to the forum. I and many people always stake the kite inverted. When you do this, stake the handles at the TOP (i.e. the stake is between the top of the handles and the top lines). This position "drives" the kite into the ground, and it pretty much won't inadvertently launch. I would suggest trying this first. However, I understand that for someone's first launch, this might be a difficult position to start from. For example, if I am teaching others, I will land the kite right side up before handing over the handles to give them the best chance for success on a first launch. But if you're on your own and don't have someone to flip your kite over for you, it wouldn't hurt to start by learning how to roll the kite over from inverted. It's a skill you will want to learn quickly so you can get back into the air without setting your handles down. Your first flight will likely end with the kite LE down anyway, and if that happens to someone I am teaching, I don't flip the kite over for them, I teach them how to roll it over themselves. IF you've already tried rolling the kite over and are getting close to frustration with no luck in getting a first flight, and you really want to start with the kite right side up, you could stake the kite right side up leaning back, but make sure you stake the BOTTOM of the handles. Remember, if you stake the top, you are giving the kite input to fly in the direction the leading edge is facing, so it will want to take off on it's own if you try to set the kite upright. Staking the bottom means you are giving the kite the "reverse" input, which will direct it into the ground if the kite is right side up. However, this method is not as reliable as staking the kite inverted from the top of the handles, which is why I said try inverted first. Since you have an SLE, my guess is your handles have only one knot at the end of each leader (the short lines coming off the handles). Just attach the lines there. All four flying lines should be the same length. The handle settings from the factory are "gas heavy" meaning the kite will want to fly forward. (Gas as in gas makes the car go; the "car" is the kite in this case.) Eventually, you'll want to try longer top leaders to ease off on the gas and make it easier (and more ergonomic) to find and hold the neutral position. The neutral position on the handles is where the kite stays in one place. It's all about balance - balance between the right and left hands, balance between gas and brake. Any deviation from the balance point will cause the kite to react in some way. And keep your inputs small. It doesn't take much on a Rev. Good luck and remember to have fun.
  12. Long Beach Island Kite Festival... 2015

    Great event recap. I like how you tell a story with pictures and captions. Looked like a good festival.
  13. Sacramento Area Flying?

    Hi Greg, and welcome. I realize this may be a bit far for you, but there's a big sports park in Ripon where people in that area fly. It's called Mistlin Sports Park. Lots of sports fields. Sometimes lots of ball games too. There used to be a roughly monthly "Ripon fly" there, schedule permitting. I'm not sure if they're still going on since I've only been once (I'm about 80 miles away from there). My impression is the winds are also on the lighter side, so might be best to get some input from the locals before you make a trek out there. Not sure if they frequent this forum though; I can try to help if you are interested.
  14. An educational year, and more to come...

    More dual line clinics...yes please! Hopefully with a little team flying thrown in as well. After my first taste of dual line team flying with you at WSIKF, I am now hungry for more. It was super fun. What will it take to get you down to the Bay Area for a dual line clinic? I should probably start with drumming up some interest for one down here, shouldn't I? Thanks for all you do in sharing so much helpful information with kitefliers.
  15. Motown Throwdown (Barresi/Marchel)

    Great video. I loved the synchronized axels. The matching sail design is also nice.