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  1. Bump! Chat is getting quiet again. But kite season is getting into full swing again, so a lot of you should be flying and having things to chat about. Please stop by and chat.
  2. FS: Synergy Zero Wind Great Deca

    Is this the same as the kites being flown in Toruk? That one is on my list of kites I'm interested in. I didn't know there were 2 sizes. How big is big?
  3. Rods: The difference ?

    The green is not part of the tube, it is over the tube. Not sure I would describe it as part of the label either though. More like, tube, green, label. Unfortunately I have no idea what it's purpose is either. I'm not even sure if you could specify one or the other in an order. It might just be a manufacturing change and they're not really different. The one set I have that has the green has so far only been flown in one kite that has slightly different flight characteristics anyway (Shook mesh), so I can't give any comments regarding a direct comparison.
  4. The 10th Annual Morro Bay Kite Festival, organized by Shaun Farmer of Farmer's Kites and Surreys, was held on April 23-24, 2016. Friday morning, I picked up Penny Lingenfelter from the airport, and we headed south for Morro Bay. As we were driving through Gilroy, we were hit by a huge downpour where I could barely see out the windshield. What is it with rain and kite trips this year? At least it has only been during the driving days and not the flying days. We arrived in Morro Bay with plenty of daylight left, checked in to our motel, and went to hang out with the rest of the kite fliers who had arrived for the festival. Saturday morning, after getting breakfast from a really good bakery in town (I don't even know what it's called, everyone just refers to it as "the bakery"), we headed on out to the beach. Setting up camp. Uh oh. The marked off flying field was way too short. The back boundary had not been marked yet, but some of the people flying on longer lines were already standing far enough back that their feet were getting wet from the surf. And, tide was still coming in! So, the camps got moved, the field boundary got moved, and the back boundary was still as far into the water as you wanted to go. Throughout the day, a number of fliers, especially the teams, would end up with their feet in the water when a large wave came in. We had a good mix of individual, pairs, and team dual line and Rev demos throughout the day. If you look closely at the next picture, you can see the yellow caution tape near the ground that was the field boundary, and the wet sand indicating how far in the largest sneaker wave came. It got within 20 or 30 feet of the sound table at the inland edge of the field. On another note, can you find the Vickis? Ron Gibian had a couple of his single line kites up as well. Saturday night there was a Rib Fundraiser Dinner where the kitefliers got to eat for free. The ribs were delicious. I hope they do it again next year. Sunday came, and we got ready to do it all over again. We went to the bakery for breakfast again, and hit the beach again. As the second day of the festival started, the wind picked up and just kept picking up. Some of the large kite display before the wind got out of hand. I also noticed there was a High Surf Advisory and a Wind Advisory in effect on Sunday. They probably were in effect on Saturday as well, but I didn't take note. However, Sunday was a lot windier. It was already blowing around 20mph around noon, and 25mph+ before 1pm. You could see the sand blowing over the beach. Revs on the ground were quickly getting covered with sand. And, any time I bent down to do something, I was getting a face full of sand no matter if I was facing the wind or turned the other way. The audience was quickly disappearing too, a big change from Saturday when it felt like there was the most attendance we had seen at this festival. With the challenging conditions, we ended up wrapping up the festival early. The kitefliers got out of the wind and some of us hung out for a bit since it was still relatively early in the day. Then it was time to drive home. Well, now we had to drive in this wind! I had a 200 mile drive to get home, and I'd say at least half of that was through 20mph or so crosswinds and headwinds. (I checked windfinder reports after I got home to get a sense of the wind speeds on my route.) I made it home safely, but I've got sand everywhere now.
  5. Morro Bay Kite Festival 2016

    From the album dragonfish's pictures

  6. Morro Bay Kite Festival 2016

    From the album dragonfish's pictures

  7. Morro Bay Kite Festival 2016

    From the album dragonfish's pictures

  8. Morro Bay Kite Festival 2016

    From the album dragonfish's pictures

  9. Morro Bay Kite Festival 2016

    From the album dragonfish's pictures

  10. Kite Party happens once a year in Huntington Beach, CA in mid-March. http://kiteparty.com/ Website still has this year's info even though it's passed. It probably gets updated a few months before the next event. Soooo....since the pic was taken at Kite Party,was that Thor's Hammer being flown on 75' lines?
  11. Welcome Materdaddy

    Materdaddy, sorry to hear about your dad. I just thought you might come up here often since you mentioned it multiple times. If you're near San Diego, you may want to look up the San Diego Kite Club if you're looking for local kitefliers. Guess I was wrong about no-name kites being smaller. But yes, anytime I see lines on handle/winders like that, I think cheap lines. Most people I see with those kind of handle/winders also don't unwind the lines all the way, making itnear impossible to have the two lines be exactly the same length, which is important for good control. And, in case you're not aware, the listing you linked to says "Prism", but that does not look like a Prism kite to me. Prism (the real one)is a reputable brand.
  12. Welcome Materdaddy

    Hi Materdaddy,and welcome from the SF Bay Area. Do you frequent SF or the Bay Area? If so, a couple of popular kite flying spots are Berkeley Marina (Cesar Chavez Park) and Shoreline Park in Mountain View (there's a Kite Flying Area just inside the entrance). You will see kites at both these locations pretty much every weekend, single lines and sport kites. As for no-name vs brand-name kites, I am no expert, but quality generally goes up. Materials, workmanship, etc as well. There are many kinds of ripstop nylon, some better suited for sport kites than others. I would also venture a guess that the no-name kites are smaller kites. Smaller = less materials = less cost, but smaller kites are typically harderto fly. Smaller kites tend to move faster and also need more wind before they get off the ground. Smaller kites also react to smaller inputs, so it's easier to oversteer/overcorrect while flying. By the way, 4' to5' or less wingspan kites I consider to be smaller kites. Full size sport kites are around 7'+ to8'. And don't forget, it's not just the kite. Lines can make a big difference too. Stretchy lines will dampen your inputs before they get to the kite or cause other outside influences. Uneven lines will give an uneven input to the kite even if your hands are even. High quality lines don't stretch very much and give a much more direct connection to the kite, but they do cost more. Well, now that I've given you information overload (hopefully not), remember to have fun and go fly a kite. This shouldn't be stressful. Like the TRLBY? Go fly a TRLBY. Hope you're able to get a "new" one (or many ).
  13. Kite Party 14 (2016)

    Thank you all for your kind words. I will definitely write more event recaps after they happen. That's the reason I decided to start this blog. Oh, and I realized I forgot to mention, yes there were dualies being flown at Kite Party. It wasn't just Revs.
  14. Kite Party 14 (2016)

    Friday, March 11, 2016 I set off early in the morning with a fellow kiteflier on our 400 mile drive down to Huntington Beach for Kite Party 14, my first Kite Party. It was raining for most of the drive as a storm was moving south at the same time we were. When we reached the LA area, the rain was so heavy it was hard to believe that the forecast for the weekend called for sun and good kite flying wind. By the time we reached Huntington Beach though, there were slivers of blue sky poking through, and the rain had mostly let up. We paid a visit to Kite Connection on the Huntington Beach pier to meet the owner Dave, who is also the organizer of Kite Party, then said hi to the early arrival kitefliers who were still flying on the beach despite the rain that had passed through earlier. We finished off the day with dinner at Fred's Cantina, where we met more kitefliers who had arrived for Kite Party. Saturday, March 12, 2016 Saturday morning, I awoke to blue sky and light wind. What a difference from the day before. Kitefliers began to gather on the beach for Kite Party. There were two roped off fields for the registered kitefliers to fly in, one for sport kites and one for single line kites. Fliers set up "camp" (chairs, banners, sunshades, assembled kites, etc.) along some of the edges of the fields. There was a fliers meeting where everyone gave a quick introduction, and then Kite Party was on. Since Kite Party was a party, and not a festival, the roped off fields were for everyone to fly in, and there was no schedule. There were always many people flying in a small space, so sharing space was important. In fact, lines were limited to 75' for sport kites. There was a lot of Rev team flying (yes, on 75' lines), which I participated in quite a bit. I took a few opportunities to walk around to the single line field to take some pictures. Jose Sainz set up a banner display in one corner. In the afternoon, we did a memorial fly for Ron Despojado. More than 30 Rev fliers participated, and the line of kites and pilots stretched from one side of the field to the other. We spelled "RON" and made a few balls. With that many pilots spread across the field, instructions had to be passed down the line from one end to the other. After the sun set, we all migrated over to Lamppost Pizza for dinner and the kite auction. Sunday, March 13, 2016 Sunday was much of the same, albeit with a slightly slower start due to the Daylight Savings Time time change. I decided to set up a dualie, but by the time I did and walked around looking for a place to fly, I was feeling claustrophobic with all the kites already flying. I can fly a Rev in close quarters no problem, but I am not quite comfortable enough with dualies to do that yet, so I left my WidowMaker by my kite bag and went off to fly my Rev again. I did find a brief opportunity around lunch time to fly my WidowMaker, so I didn't set it up for nothing. One of the major attractions on the single line field on Sunday was this dragon. I also took a walk on the Huntington Beach pier to get some pictures from a different angle. Somehow most of the sport kites were on the ground when I took the next picture. Kite Party ended with dinner right next to the beach at Zack's, where we said our goodbyes. Monday, March 14, 2016 Monday morning, I looked out the hotel window and saw gray sky and wet ground once again. At least the drive back was mostly dry. We really lucked out with the weather during Kite Party. Ron must have been looking out for us from above.