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  1. So best wishes for your "better things ahead" dear John, and you know now you have to not waiting too long to tell us ! ;-) Sincerely yours, Guy
  2. " no longer manufactured by Revolution as of 2017 " ?!? Why, why, WHY ? Wishing the best for you and all your loves, Guy
  3. I guess you are buying *one* BIG shoe ? Good job John ! ;-)
  4. idem John ! (Yes, "Ghost" movie reference ) I hope we will be able to meet again soon !
  5. I *want* the T-Shirt of my hero ! nota bene : please do not wash it before sending ;-) Guy
  6. Houraaaa she is back on land ! ;-) Very interesting video for my purpose, thanks a lot DeafThunder :-) Cheers, Guy
  7. @vnkite : thank you very much for this video showing the kite you talk about. :-)
  8. Ok, thank you very much for the link, John "Papa" Barresi ! ;-) So, to say, the best matching for me at the moment regarding my special R&D seems to be the Paralift. Cheers, Guy
  9. Hi vnkite, and thank you very much for your advice, but I do not know this "Trilobite" kite, so please could you send a link showing one ?
  10. Hi folks & John my hero ! " B-Series STD Package (5/25/15)" Ouch, too late ! Hoping this will help ;-) Guy
  11. Hi friends, Don't worry kite-and-friends, I'm in France and I have found the french distributor : Bes wishes, Guy
  12. Very interesting "kite-and-friends", thank you very much for this information ! Could you tell where you bought it please ? Best Regards, Guy
  13. Not sure to be able to continue (some health problems) but you will find the way I done there : My best thought, Guy
  14. Hey RobB, Thanks a lot for your answer, and yes thanks so much for this good way for my investigations :-) I guessed PowerSleds was the right answer - the best ratio power/size for lifting - and you confirm these thoughts :-) Best Regards, Guy