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  1. Stacking two revs

    Looks good Joe. Also looks like you're having some of the bouncing issues that I was... I was hoping to try this again later and see if there was good way to tweak out that bit of bounce but I much rather prefer flying than tweaking... ~Brett
  2. saturday 1 june 2011 fly at the beach

    Boy it was a windy son-of-a-gun today.... I guess I can now say I've broken my first kite.... Went to take a fast turn with the B2 in 19-20mph winds with the race frame in and tick the right vertical spar made a good loud tick and ti was very easily felt from the handles. Guess now I'll see about getting a replacement. Thankfully I still had the vented B series w/ 4 wrap to go back and fly. I knew I had to get right back into the saddle. Took me a bit to get back into wanting to do fast stuff... Was slightly wounding but thankfully the sail was OK and this will be an easy one to recover from. ~Brett
  3. Rev Shockwave or Supersonic

    I've been interested in buying a speed series kite and was wondering if someone in the area had one that they'd let me try out. I'd be willing to meet up with someone some weekend pretty much anywhere from Seaside to Bandon. But I'd prefer somewhere from Lincoln City to Florence. I've also been considering an xtra vent kite but finding one of those in the area might be less likely to happen... Thanks ~Brett
  4. saturday 1 june 2011 fly at the beach

    We had a lot of fun flying today... I few the 1.5 and even stacked a 1 onto it for a bit of the day... Then the wife showed up and took the 1.5 so I put together the B2 and had a blast with that little guy. The B2 was a welcome change as after about 4 hours of flying my hands were game for a slightly lighter pulling kite. Tomorrow winds should be higher and I'll be bringing out the full vented 1.5 B series. Probably have a bit of fun with the B2 as well... The wife and I are staying at the driftwood shores hotel right on the beach. I'll probably sleep in as theres not any real fun peppy winds predicted until around noon or so... Man its SOOO nice not having to hop back in the car and drive an hour back to Eugene when I'm done flying. There is a gentleman named Scott, also from Eugene, who was out flying his EXP for the second time. Something tells me I'm out here flying too much because I met him on this very beach before when he was out flying it for his very first time. He got his EXP from Keith up in Newport at The Kite Company. He's a great guy and really knowledgeable about the REV lineup. I can't recommend both Keith and his shop highly enough. Anyway if anyone else is in the area I'd love to see more kites in the air. ~Brett
  5. saturday 1 june 2011 fly at the beach

    Sounds like no feedback back.... If anyone is game to fly on Saturday at Heceta I'll make it over there... ~Brett
  6. saturday 1 june 2011 fly at the beach

    I'll be at Heceta Beach in Florence this Saturday flying with my wife. We'll both be flying. We'll probably be out there Sunday too... At least that is the plan for now. There haven't been many rooms available since the whole 4th thing and all... But if plans change I'll update here. We usually setup in front of Driftwood Shores. Hopefully there will be room for us there with all the additional July 4th weekend traffic... Here is a link to the location: ~Brett Edit: Looks like I should be getting another lineset in the mail on Saturday of Skybond (been wanting to try that stuff out). If I wait long enough for the lineset the wind will be dying down by the time we make it out there Saturday. I'll probably be out there Friday (today) and Sunday now.
  7. Tutorials

    Not a problem! Hope you guys all have fun in Lincoln City this weekend. I've got another event down south in Coquille that I've got to head to but I'm going to be at Heceta Beach for a good 4 or 5 hours tomorrow. Yea it makes it take a lot longer to drive down to Coquille but its MUCH more worth it... Looking forward to the practice. ~Brett
  8. Tutorials

    Thanks much sir. Looks like I was the first download and have those added to the repository... ~Brett
  9. Tutorials

    I'd say that most of it was quite obvious and I'd not call it so much subtle however after 3 college degrees 2 of which in engineering I've taken my fair share of physics so I'm probably not the target audience to ask about that... That being said I did consider the video a good mix for new fliers and advanced ones alike. If I had to pick out some new subtle information it would have to do with the information not directly related to the physical world but to the kiting world. The fact that teams use 120' lines was good new info. I'd already started to discover the 150 pound slow down effect as that is the line set that was provided with the Rev I. The I does feel a lot nicer in lower winds when we tried it with 90# lines. But thats just one of those things that trying things teaches you. There is no way that the video can give you what trying things gives you but I did see the video as a good primer to get people interested enough to go and try things. I've still yet to have a chance to try things with 50# lines and I'm quite interested to do so. Just haven't gone there yet. Thanks again for the tutorials. Having the ability to download those would also be nice for addition to the archives. Thanks ~Brett
  10. Letterman's "Top Ten"

    When you spend time on a kiting forum coming up with top ten lists to explain your "affliction" to others. When you drive an hour each way to the coast 3 days in a row cause the winds are just too good to pass up on. When the weather is perfect and the rest of your vacation party heads off to go on a 150 dollar helicopter flight my wife and I thought heck thats almost a rev between us and so we flew instead.
  11. Vented B2 package (7/10/11)

    Really would love to add a purple kite to the bag... Hopefully I'll get the bicycle turn down soon. I've promised myself a purple shockwave once I get that down. I had planned for a B series 1.5 in purple once I learned inverted hover and once I got there my wife voiced a want for a blue kite so my purple desires remain... heres hoping! ~Brett
  12. Lincoln City Fest.........

    I could use a clinic. I promised myself when I got an inverted hover down that I would go buy a B series 1.5. When I get a bicycle turn down I've promised myself a speed series... Gotta get that one down now! ~Brett
  13. Rev B2 Frame issues

    I very much greatly appreciate the kind words from you all. I just drove 4 hours to go and get my full vent B series 1.5 from my local shop. Winds should be really good down south where the parents live. My dad is curious all this kite flying stuff I've been talking about so for father's day I'm headed down to take him out to the beach and teach him how to fly. Here's hoping I can bring another member into the fold. ~Brett
  14. Rev B2 Frame issues

    Thank you sir! And I see from my email that my new frame just shipped. SWEET! ~Brett
  15. Lincoln City Fest.........

    Man I really want to come but its on the same weekend as the out in the field radio event that happens once a year during the last weekend of june. I hope this event moves around more than that so I can make both some time... Would love to get to see iQuad flying in person and even more would like a chance to fly with JB in person... I could use some pointers!! ~Brett