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  1. REALLY hoping you can make it Bill, I'll keep fingers and things crossed too. Thanks for posting the cameras and equipment for a reminder, I still need to pick up a spare thumb drive. I can't wait!
  2. I'd prefer the original also, but the raffle works as well if you think it'll generate quicker interest John. Or however you want to work it. If everything falls through, then keep the money sent in my name, there never seems to be enough when you're raising kids. My kids are grown.
  3. I'm seeing vast improvements from your earlier videos, you ARE coming along just fine. It seems a bit aggressive on launching, but maybe it's just me. Really, you're doing great for the short time you've been flying. I'd suggest a couple of things based on your flying and from my perspective. Your crashes are fewer and farther between, I'd start flying with a bit more of a focus. Right now you seem to still be flying randomly, getting to know and become more comfortable with your kite, sometimes you fly the kite but mostly it flies you. Start taking command. Start with some simple geometric figures, big squares, diamonds, triangles, hexagons, octagons and PERFECT big circles. Work the corners to try to be sharp and precise, using pull turns, push turns and combination turns. Go clockwise and counter-clockwise. As your precision increases, work on your speed control, to keep the speeds consistent in various areas of the wind window traveling in various directions. Under control, increase and decrease your speeds. Practicing precision and speed control pays huge dividends regardless of what type of flying you're looking to do. Focusing and actual focused practicing can be tiring. When you first start a flying session, fly around for a few minutes to get accustomed to the kite again and the current conditions. After you feel comfortable, start a FOCUSED practice, such as working on making a sharp right angle turn. Stay focused and diligent on working on whichever particular aspect you are working on at the moment. Once you feel your focus start to drift or you start to get tired or frustrated, quit practicing and just fly for the fun of it. Find your happy place. Relax. As your skills increase you'll be able to stay in a focused practice for longer and longer periods. Sometimes my practice may be only 10 or 15 minutes long, but I might fly for hours. Never forget, you're having FUN! You're doing great!
  4. Several duals, but only a very small list for quads here also. 1. a JB Series standard Rev 2. a Shook 100% mesh 3. a Phoenix Pro mid-vent Assorted frames, linesets and a couple pairs of handles. I have so much room to grow!
  5. I'm in! This looks like a fun package to have!
  6. That's the third center tee on there now for the short time you've had it? And it's already bent? Sounds like you must be flying in hurricane force winds! The Quantum is a pretty sturdy kite. Your videos don't suggest the winds are too high. I'd definitely be looking at bringing the nose in to reduce some pressure off of the sail. It seems to be under too much stress, in my opinion. Find that happy place on the bridle. Just make sure you do both sides equally. Small changes make big differences.
  7. It was nice to finally meet you and the others Saturday Paul, and to see Fletch, Melissa and Marc again. They gave me my first introduction to team flying a few years ago. Hopefully will meet up with you again one day soon and be able to stay for more than a few minutes. On the topic of the Corolla clinic, I FINALLY was able to confirm a vacation request, add me to the list. I definitely could use some tweaking and tuning. Come on folks, sign up and come have some fun!
  8. Make sure you equalize your flight lines. Even brand new factory packaged line sets can be off. It could be just my skewed perspective, but it appears the kite tracks to the left when hands appear neutral. Very quickly and tightly spins left in a left turn and a slower broader turn when going right. But it might just be me looking at it funny. Much like having the front end aligned on your car to make it drive straight, equalized flight lines makes everything better.
  9. Congrats! That would sure look nice flying at the beach in Corolla in April!
  10. As much as we all love to fly, family comes first. Take care of them, there will be plenty of time to fly later. Hopes and prayers for everyone to be home safe, healthy and happy very soon!
  11. to the annoyance of any person; .... Heck, people annoy me all the time over all kinds of stuff, I've never felt the need of having to pass a law or an act to "protect" me. What a silly world and times we live in.
  12. They look fantastic! Please keep posting pictures as you progress, and a video of the completed project in flight would be great!
  13. Oh, I have and love my quads too, but I'm still partial to flailing around on my duals. And while I'm only going to be 57 at the end of March, I was always told it's the mileage not the age that makes the difference. I was rode hard and put away wet for a long time! If I could just get someone to put some grease fittings on my knees and ankles...
  14. Okay, so I'm not the only one! Ordered a custom Mirage stack awhile back. And while I'm not forced to stare at them without flying them (yet!) the waiting sucks still! Rob, I'd love to fly in the winter! But the legs don't work so well even in warm weather, even less in the cold. I'm a fair weather flyer and a cold weather wannabe flyer!
  15. I haven't seen or experienced them yet, so can't give an informed opinion. They look cool though! And I like that Prism finally updated their website.