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  1. MakingSnagProofRev.Handles

    Heard of, never seen. TK uses some sort of jig to do hers and they come out sweet!!
  2. Newbie Bay Area friends and Rev learning tips

    Myself - I change sails before frames. I do have "favorite" setups in my kites, and rather than swap frames and mess up that, I'll switch sails. Be aware that this is "MY" way, and not for everyone. Part of it is that I had a stroke years ago and I want nothing to do with chancing a face plant!! In fact, I'm almost always the first to switch to some vent, because of that fear! My rule of thumb is how it "feels" in my hands. Is it in control? Is it surging when a gust hits? Can I just tune it out or ????? In the end it's common sense I go by, if it feels like too much, swap or pack it in! PS: having 5 sails to choose from makes it a bit easier sometimes, but can also lead to second guessing yourself!! Luckily it isn't hard to switch if you guess wrong!
  3. Newbie Bay Area friends and Rev learning tips

    Too much wind?? All up to you and your equipment. Can you stand the conditions, being sand-blasted all day? Not my idea of fun, but we do it anyways. When it comes to equipment - that is a different story ..... Why do you think there are so many different "models" in a series? It's an attempt to match up sail to conditions. I've seen it go both ways in high wind - people putting in the stiffest rods they have, afraid of any bend in the LE, to people ignoring the conditions and only flying their "favorite" setup. Can you push things too far? Tell me when a seam lets go or rods start breaking, or....?? You can play it safe or push it to the edge, but if something explodes - fun time is over!
  4. New Flyer, Second Kite

    Most all kites come with a sleeve, but anything else is optional. If you're looking for a "package, with lines and accessories", look for the letters RTF - ready to fly. Haven't flown the Silver Fox, but I did a Pro Dancer this summer. Absolutely a great no/low wind kite. I think what you have to be careful of is that there is no "standard" to judge kites by. One maker can call their kite a UL, while that same kite might be another makers std, or SUL. And that is where you may or may not "click" with a particular sail. You might find that even though it says UL on the label, it might not be in your eyes. Also be aware that any stated wind ranges are pretty much BS. Can you fly in them? Maybe! Depends on skill level more than anything else. There are times when the kite is capable of doing more than you can! Learning to match line length and strength with kite and conditions, goes a long way in the equation. That and building your skill set. Keep flying!
  5. The Phoenix Pro

    https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fyoutu.be%2Fu3MgGCL1pQk&h=ATNhKSTAO3iygjkud9U2ruNBbO9BvAa_To8WB0f12RY11G-yPxUiDU-bHOSn6cA-nJzWIkZPlPy9mx2puKspauJ-o9DuLgRjR6l1hjeyloL9A4ZKkpjn-xEudYlo8hPhz45Jds1L_eA0XIuys_ZelMqDmYUlr9MrrTFVDndArMy23g3yu5L6qj--7qYC1CA5HY_8Sq7nX_804k8fx45lEUrmZe_N0jjYUErQ2QGx4a2NstZ74Ix6xXCveEcZe-mg3fInF39r3ckfH2Ug25dPV4_NaWh5srU-KaYFiLiqgLMhcNVrF67HClfY41SYp4A Not sure how this turns out for those not on FB, but you can YT - Quad Squad North West - and see some of our routines there.
  6. The Phoenix Pro

    Wind range - more for the higher with the TE vents, not so much on the lower. So a fair (?) comparison might be to add a mile or three to the top end and lose one or two from the bottom. Again compared to a Rev. Ashes is Bazzer's answer to the need for a full sail in lighter winds. There are no vents and construction is based on the old SUL formula, with Bazzer's tweaks from the "B" pro series. It has a lighter LE pocket and I think uses lighter material for the sail. Also uses the "B" pro profile, with a deeper center and changes to the outside wing cut. With the light frame (P-100) I'm pretty sure it will keep up with my Zen! It is that good! Almost all the Rev products are now equipped with that fatter frame. There was talk of modifying the "inny fitting" to still use the old frames. Inquiring around, that doesn't seem to be the case, you have to use that bigger frame. I think the "Classic" (a rebranded "B") still uses caps and still uses the old frames, but I can stand to be corrected if not. All told - the Phoenixes have 6 sail choices now - Ashes, std, mid, f/v, x/v, and Mega vent. Not a lot of Mega's out there yet, but the summer winds we've had, justify our wanting them for the team! Been pretty windy so far this year!
  7. The Phoenix Pro

    Paul: you are one of the "fortunate" ones! Spent years at your craft, formed strong opinions, and had the cash to execute your requirements. Well done. Others have had no choice but to buy used, on sale, or fly donated kites! Just a fact of life. I was only able to start flying Pros by buying a 3 kite set used - and those were at least 5th hand! Both of my extreme wind kites (Zen + X/V) were used too. So put me at the other end of that spectrum. This set of Phoenix sails are the first brand new, complete set I've owned! Flying with other Phoenix kites on the team is no problem at all, we just agree on a setup and go from there. The "rub" comes when flying in mixed company, sometimes you are still on a STD, when others are using Mids. As long as the response is similar among all kites - all good! Reminds me of flying with Paul D. and his Shook's, they are good in lots of conditions. But you usually have to swap at odd times in relation to the rest of the group. Not a bad thing, just different.
  8. Spectra sports solution

    Never heard of it. Any idea on who made it? Pix?
  9. The Phoenix Pro

    As one member of a team that flies them: If you are used to the wind ranges of the Rev, be ready for a bit of a different one. Those TE vents do slightly increase the ranges on the STD, MID, and F/V. Those vents do work very well at the top of the sail's wind range. I also questioned the TE vents on the STD, especially when at the lower limit of that sail's range. But along came the Ashes! Did you know that unless specifically ordered as such, no SUL version of a "B"pro was ever made available? (Yes Paul, got ya!) The Ashes is his first readily available 1.5 size SUL. And believe me - it is well put together! Got caught in a wind shift at a festival and ended up on Ashes when we should have been on Mids! Not only did the sails hold up, but so too the rods (P-100's)! Diamonds would have been blown to smithereens Even more of a challenge to overcome, was how the SkyShark rods would feel, compared to the Rev rods I had flown for years. While slightly different, not unmanageable. They do have a slightly softer flex to them, For those that want to use Rev rods in the Phoenix sails, use a 5/16th" drill bit to clean out the caps without drilling any tip material away. Rods like diamonds, 2 wrap or Race will fit OK, the 3's and 4's could stick in the cap and be a real PITA to remove! Since I have the full suite of Ashes to X/V - it has been an adjustment mentally to get used to a different wind range. But overall very satisfied with their quality, craftsmanship, and overall performance!
  10. New XUL.. Not Tails

    Ghost Rider
  11. Dual line sport kite research, any recommendations?

    What is its purpose - kids or other adults learning? Again look at wind ranges (with a grain of salt) and determine what size best suits the need. Unless small kids are the target, I'd look for as large as I could stand - usually bigger wind range. We all go through pretty much the same ordeal, buy kites now that we out grow within a short time. Then it is hard to sell because in our minds it is almost brand new. But we have outgrown it and usually seek something better - been there, done that! Most end up with 2-3 in the end that become favorites, something for light, medium, high winds, and lines for the needs of those couple. All the rest stay in the bag or closet!
  12. Dual line sport kite research, any recommendations?

    Just be aware that smaller kites, in general, need more wind to fly. Same with fiberglass, as it is heavier. Most of the dualie "trick" kites are full size - 8', they usually have decent wind ranges and can be tuned to individual tastes for specific tricks. Or some do some things better than others. Not been in the dual line camp much for years, but I try to keep up with current info. Really have very little opinion on any of your suggestions, but I've heard good stuff on the Widow NG. Pretty capable kite that is roughly half the cost of a Widowmaker. Light wind is a whole different ballgame. You will find almost every manufacturer's stated wind range to be optimistic at best. Add a few mph to the low end and cut back the top end by the same. Yes, you could fly in some ranges, but should you is the question. Nothing replaces skill in these conditions, although good equipment definitely helps. Good light wind wings are usually fairly expensive due to materials used and time spent designing something that defies gravity. Add taking into account an individual's flying style, they might be considered fragile by some. Use that Widow as your learning kite, pretty robust, good wind range, decent trickiness. Then consider others after you master that one - IMHO. YMMV
  13. Mid Vent B-series wanted

    Both items are available until stock runs out at stores and then can only be gotten used!
  14. General publics reaction to kites

    John's posts may be spotty - in Europe at the moment!
  15. JORDAN AIR PRO bridle

    Are you also on FaceBook? The maker of those kites is fairly active on there and may be of help.