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  1. riff - your comment disappeared - HUH?
  2. Try this: Face LE left and as you swing around to have the right wing low, keep your right hand tucked against your body. That should stabilize the wing and keep it from moving much. Now try the other side and do the same to your left hand. Linked together, we call that a ladder and can be up, down, or both ways. As practice - try doing 4 up and 4 down, trying to not lose altitude, all in the same amount of distance. You'll find it is easier up than down! Feels like the hand trading is slower. The pinning of the hand works both ways. It keeps the hand from giving commands when it shouldn't. To start down, pause as you do the last "up", then continue on through to start down. Again - pinning the hand that is the pivot point - keeps that hand quiet. As you get better, you'll find you don't need the complete pin and just learn not to give commands with that hand. Give it a go!
  3. So what is the most constant issue?? Loss of height? Bottom pivot point moving? ???
  4. And that is a medium sized one! Try setting up a Zen or Rev 1 inside - those are BIG!
  5. Use much brake? Long top leaders and short bottoms? Long top leaders give you back some of the control the kite CAN give. Too short and the kite is always locked into drive, feels fidgety, nervous. Longer tops will make it a bit harder to launch, but give you much more control once airborne. Spins losing altitude? Try trading hands as you spin. Keep the hand controlling the high wing, pulled in a bit. As you spin, it's a constant switching of the pulled in hand. It also should allow you to control the speed better. The faster you trade, the faster the spin - try to match them up. Another idea is to think about bringing the bottom up, rather than the top down. Gets rid of the "down thought" and instead replaces it with "up"! Try simple 180* turns in place - face left, then right, then back to the left, always doing a "down turn", but always thinking - bring the bottom up. And trying to keep them at the same altitude!!
  6. Thanks for explaining it a bit more clearly John!
  7. Watch yourself closely - you try "guiding" the kite up by moving your hands that way, not moving the handles into the forward drive position. The kite doesn't respond to your arm movements, as much as handle movements. The way you moved, created a "neutral" command to the kite - it didn't go because you didn't tell it to!! IMHO!
  8. No offense taken here!
  9. Don't know about the Freilein Exodus., but never had any issues with my Revs of the same material
  10. Just pointing out that some of the older sails were really almost direct Rev copies, but little to no QC with them. People bought them and complained about quads in general. That hurt Rev's business. As word got out about them, people started to understand the differences. Still, people bought them because they were cheap - and cheaply made! Lines were terrible, uneven and poor quality. Better to not get into that past! Rev has established the standard for good quads, where it goes from here - Sky's the limit!
  11. Stay away from the Windrider! New lines are Exodus and Vertigo. Windrider was trying to compete directly and considered a "knock off" at the time. Construction was shoddy, QC non-existent. Bridles were a mess. Andy has put some QC requirements on Freilein to handle their stuff. The old kites? Still best practice is to buy from someone you can trust, contact, etc!
  12. Like I said - the Phoenix has really just emerged and hasn't a real distribution network set up. Still too early. Best way to see them is on the FB page I gave you. Not even sure they are up on the Glued to the Blue page yet. The Freileins are from China with heavy influence from an American store owner in Washington State. He's been influencing design and build features to better compete with the Revolution factory products. Again not sure if they are up on the store's website yet, but he's carrying them, along with a few others. Just not sure how big their network is yet. Maybe in time, one or both will be available in the UK or at least over there somewhere! Till then ??
  13. The Phoenix line is a direct buy from Bazzer. You might try his Glued to the Blue website and contact him through there. Or if you are also on FB, use his page - Kites and Designs by Bazzer. Or contact his wife Jane (Scout) here by PM about them. Not sure how big the Freilein distribution network is yet. I think you can look at them on Andy's Ocean Shore Kites website. He has been giving them input on what to change/add/modify to make the kites more acceptable to us users. As far as I know, neither has a regular presence in the UK - yet.
  14. I don't see any verts in it, so I'm guessing all the wrinkles will come out when fully assembled?!? Very pretty - but I need some veggies to go with it!
  15. Pretty sure the candle will be enough. Resins may degrade the line over time. The wax just makes the line a bit "grippier" !