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  1. Not a lot of Cuben fiber kites due to the expense of the fabric! Some gliders mostly. Pretty sure you could find patterns on a site called Kitebuilders - lots of plans for single, dual, and quad kites on there!
  2. Did someone forget to put a quarter in the wind machine?
  3. I would encourage you to hook up with some local fliers. Might be a bit of travel involved, but well worth it considering you can pick some brains for info. I believe there are still a few festivals left in the season. On another note, the Rev forum is up and running. There is a pretty decent group of Rev fliers from your area that use it a lot. More or less the same type setup there, but a few more local fliers. Might give it a try too.
  4. Looks like the MEFM
  5. Typically it's something I feel. But most look at the LE for bend. You can see if it is bending too much, requiring either a frame or kite change. I lean towards swapping kites more than frames, but that is my personal preference. I do fly a lot of team, usually we agree on a setup as a group, so as to have everyone equal in speed and control. But for solo flying I do have my own likes, including getting a vent in the air faster than most! I suffered a stroke and avoid taking a chance of a faceplant!!! I am not a fan of "the pull"! But changing frames does have limits in my book. Put too strong a frame in a sail and it can stretch! And once stretched, it won't return to original shape. For instance - I won't put a 4 wrap frame in a std sail. Makes the sail take all the stresses. the frame just doesn't flex enough. So really watch the LE. It will tell you when things need to be swapped! As you fly more and gain experience - you'll "feel" that need to change pretty quick!
  6. I can answer your line question - Flying Smiles kites has just about any length lines you need! Tell them you're taking JB's clinic - they may cut you a deal! Most good line sets are in the $75-100 range for 120' The reason for both is that what happens if the wind is blowing too strong? A vented kite gives you back the control you would lose, trying to fly the std sail in too strong a wind. You definitely have the right idea about flying spaces! Let me recommend a short set of lines for use in tight places. Much easier to move about with, if the winds change direction. But beware - the wind window is much smaller and things happen that much faster!
  7. Lots of good low wind stuff - but some have limited trick ability in light winds. Ask before committing to buy anything - you might have higher expectations than something can deliver in those conditions. Send a PM to @RobB. - one of our dualie gurus, he's flown a bunch of different kites in many conditions. I trust his opinion on anything dualie!
  8. Could definitely use a diamond frame !!! And I promise to wear the shirt faithfully!
  9. Must have!!
  10. About ready to throw out the book I think!!
  11. I was silent too, but that didn't work for me!!! Congrats Rob!!
  12. I use a Rev bag and the only thing I found a little weak was the outside pocket zipper. It gave up this spring after years of use. I have 8 Revs,1 glider, various line sets and handles, and 2 cardboard mailing tubes for frames. Take out the tubes = 2 more kites. You can get 2 per sleeve and maybe even 3 in the bigger one. I put a second strap on mine to be able to carry it like a backpack and leave my hands free for other stuff. There are other good bags out there! Kite Connection, Ocean Shores kites, short bag from ITW, etc. Really depends on you and your budget.
  13. 240'??? Just tired thinking of that far!!!
  14. Nice to have ya! Look around and feel free to post about possible get-togethers. Keep an eye open for event schedules there too!
  15. Are you also on FB? Ask to join the Portland Area Kite Flyer page. We sometimes use it to announce get-togethers and/or scheduled events. Several of us have been using Broughton Beach lately, on the Gorge, behind PDX. Inland winds though are always a gamble.