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  1. Vented sail

    The EXP frame is just a 3 wrap with different labels and is exactly what comes in all the 1.5 sized kites - Reflex not included. So any 1.5 vented sail will work - SLE, "B", EXP, in any configuration.
  2. If Mommy Can't Share;)

    Just checked - does yours come with 50' x 50# lines? I'd give that a go before trying shorter. Remember - the shorter the line, the less time to react. Things happen really fast on short lines!! And remember this - if there is no way out of a problem - DON'T PULL, GIVE TO THE KITE! Pulling just drives the kite faster! If aimed at the ground - BOOM! Give it slack, take steps forward, let the kite gently fall. At least you don't get a broken kite! Rather to have to set it back up, than to go home. Give!!!
  3. If Mommy Can't Share;)

    Might be too late Rob - sounds like she ordered already!!
  4. If Mommy Can't Share;)

    I have an old 3-D, great little car kite. Used to fly it in the parking lot at work during lunch! If the 4-D is anything like it, it will be happy on 30'ish lines and reasonably light winds. Gentle inputs!! And if it starts shaking or shuddering as it goes through the power zone - might be time to put it away!
  5. If Mommy Can't Share;)

    Never have broken down an LE once I put my kite together. Got some here that have been together for over 20 years. Yes they're longer, but so? Unless the room is needed for other reasons - why?
  6. If Mommy Can't Share;)

    Doesn't the Quantum have a Velcro strip holding the spine at the bottom? Make a loop of bridle weight line to put over it and attach the tail to it. Take it off when not using it for a cleaner look.
  7. If Mommy Can't Share;)

    Think "O" rings on the spars, against the caps, Should be a tight fit to spars and overlap outside of cap! Has reduced my sand problem here out West to almost zero! Works on any quad or rod.
  8. If Mommy Can't Share;)

    I'm not a big "pull or twist" type, but a thumb pusher! I like to hold my spar as close to the fitting as possible, then use my thumb to push the spar out of the connector. Feels like I have more control over how fast or when the spar comes loose. And no bouncy rebound either. But like everything kite related - it's all about what you feel comfortable with doing! YMMV!
  9. 2019 WSIKF Quad Mega Fly Record (tentative)

    I was in the 81 fly! 2nd column from the left, 2nd kite down from the top! Yes you fear being "the one" that brings down the whole thing!! Fuggetaboudit!!!! It's kites!!! Nothing overly hard here, in fact, John purposely keeps things pretty simple for the fact there are so many in the sky at once! The fun stuff usually happens in the smaller grids, more daring!!! But really, the big grid does take attention and listening to instructions. Just come with an open mind ...... Plan on big fun!!!
  10. Roller Coaster

    Every kite has its own special personality, just takes time to figure out. Swapping out kites so much, means it is harder to figure out any single kite. Spend as long as the conditions allow on one kite and only switch if you really need to. That way you learn that particular kite well.
  11. If Mommy Can't Share;)

    SHHHHH - Rob - I'm not sure she realizes the addiction goes so deep!!!!!
  12. Looking at Single Vent Rev. Quad (JB edition)

    Called a midvent for future reference. 2 vents per side = full vent. No vents = standard sail.
  13. Performance Shirts x3 (Mar 7, 2018)

    Bada Bing!!!
  14. Vicky

    Alden makes them through Revolution as masterpiece kites - priced appropriately! Best bet looks like that Spider - take off the Reflex system, cut all the fabric panels out of it. I'd leave all the reinforcing strips in place at first.
  15. Beginner Dual Line Delta?

    Rob's probably got you covered when it comes to good beginner kites. Check with him!!