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  1. Break down in mesh panels.

    I was thinking you might use it as vertical wear strips, more than a stop to the LE mesh tearing. But it should work for that too.
  2. Break down in mesh panels.

    Where did you find someone to fix it? I made my own wear strips from insignia tape. Didn't have to sew them either. Just took my time cutting to size and used a laminate roller to secure them down. They lasted several years that way. I would suggest, if using that adhesive tape, to put a small piece on the front side too, otherwise crap will stick to the tape on the exposed front side through the mesh.
  3. Sedgwick Series

    And I still keep that Rev 1 in my bag!!! Bridle thick as rope and all stretched out, but still flies!! Bought in 1998 I think. That is "BS", or for me "before stroke", so some details are a bit fuzzy. Look on the Rev forum header to see the 1997 model look. Mine is different colors, but same style. 7 panel layout.
  4. Prism Zero G On table

    Got its little brother (Plutz 2) and bigger brother (Mega-plutz), both are excellent fliers! All designed by CeeWan of Malaysia, even if the Z-G is a Prism product.
  5. Gliding without Springs,

    The trick is to gently stretch the sail out without adding any creases. Use the bunjis at the bottom and end caps to still get the sail flat, without adding any wrinkles. Those indicate stress areas that pulled too tight for too long will fail.
  6. Newbie Bay Area friends and Rev learning tips

    LOL!!! Tail gunner usually, sometimes 3rd. Mega fly - anywhere there's room for me!
  7. The Phoenix Pro

    It is!!
  8. Newbie Bay Area friends and Rev learning tips

    That works only if you can still run!! Old guys like me use their brakes and walk! I still get to where most of the others get to, just in my own time! PS: I'm usually near the end of the line!!!
  9. Revolution Gear Pack (9/23/17)

    Forgotten giveaway?? I know you have been on a "walk-about" for the month, but time to get back to the "KiteLife"!!!
  10. MakingSnagProofRev.Handles

    Heard of, never seen. TK uses some sort of jig to do hers and they come out sweet!!
  11. Newbie Bay Area friends and Rev learning tips

    Myself - I change sails before frames. I do have "favorite" setups in my kites, and rather than swap frames and mess up that, I'll switch sails. Be aware that this is "MY" way, and not for everyone. Part of it is that I had a stroke years ago and I want nothing to do with chancing a face plant!! In fact, I'm almost always the first to switch to some vent, because of that fear! My rule of thumb is how it "feels" in my hands. Is it in control? Is it surging when a gust hits? Can I just tune it out or ????? In the end it's common sense I go by, if it feels like too much, swap or pack it in! PS: having 5 sails to choose from makes it a bit easier sometimes, but can also lead to second guessing yourself!! Luckily it isn't hard to switch if you guess wrong!
  12. Newbie Bay Area friends and Rev learning tips

    Too much wind?? All up to you and your equipment. Can you stand the conditions, being sand-blasted all day? Not my idea of fun, but we do it anyways. When it comes to equipment - that is a different story ..... Why do you think there are so many different "models" in a series? It's an attempt to match up sail to conditions. I've seen it go both ways in high wind - people putting in the stiffest rods they have, afraid of any bend in the LE, to people ignoring the conditions and only flying their "favorite" setup. Can you push things too far? Tell me when a seam lets go or rods start breaking, or....?? You can play it safe or push it to the edge, but if something explodes - fun time is over!
  13. New Flyer, Second Kite

    Most all kites come with a sleeve, but anything else is optional. If you're looking for a "package, with lines and accessories", look for the letters RTF - ready to fly. Haven't flown the Silver Fox, but I did a Pro Dancer this summer. Absolutely a great no/low wind kite. I think what you have to be careful of is that there is no "standard" to judge kites by. One maker can call their kite a UL, while that same kite might be another makers std, or SUL. And that is where you may or may not "click" with a particular sail. You might find that even though it says UL on the label, it might not be in your eyes. Also be aware that any stated wind ranges are pretty much BS. Can you fly in them? Maybe! Depends on skill level more than anything else. There are times when the kite is capable of doing more than you can! Learning to match line length and strength with kite and conditions, goes a long way in the equation. That and building your skill set. Keep flying!
  14. The Phoenix Pro

    https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fyoutu.be%2Fu3MgGCL1pQk&h=ATNhKSTAO3iygjkud9U2ruNBbO9BvAa_To8WB0f12RY11G-yPxUiDU-bHOSn6cA-nJzWIkZPlPy9mx2puKspauJ-o9DuLgRjR6l1hjeyloL9A4ZKkpjn-xEudYlo8hPhz45Jds1L_eA0XIuys_ZelMqDmYUlr9MrrTFVDndArMy23g3yu5L6qj--7qYC1CA5HY_8Sq7nX_804k8fx45lEUrmZe_N0jjYUErQ2QGx4a2NstZ74Ix6xXCveEcZe-mg3fInF39r3ckfH2Ug25dPV4_NaWh5srU-KaYFiLiqgLMhcNVrF67HClfY41SYp4A Not sure how this turns out for those not on FB, but you can YT - Quad Squad North West - and see some of our routines there.
  15. The Phoenix Pro

    Wind range - more for the higher with the TE vents, not so much on the lower. So a fair (?) comparison might be to add a mile or three to the top end and lose one or two from the bottom. Again compared to a Rev. Ashes is Bazzer's answer to the need for a full sail in lighter winds. There are no vents and construction is based on the old SUL formula, with Bazzer's tweaks from the "B" pro series. It has a lighter LE pocket and I think uses lighter material for the sail. Also uses the "B" pro profile, with a deeper center and changes to the outside wing cut. With the light frame (P-100) I'm pretty sure it will keep up with my Zen! It is that good! Almost all the Rev products are now equipped with that fatter frame. There was talk of modifying the "inny fitting" to still use the old frames. Inquiring around, that doesn't seem to be the case, you have to use that bigger frame. I think the "Classic" (a rebranded "B") still uses caps and still uses the old frames, but I can stand to be corrected if not. All told - the Phoenixes have 6 sail choices now - Ashes, std, mid, f/v, x/v, and Mega vent. Not a lot of Mega's out there yet, but the summer winds we've had, justify our wanting them for the team! Been pretty windy so far this year!