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  1. Airwave UL and Airwave Zero

    Fool yourself into thinking that!!!! Yep .......
  2. Airwave UL and Airwave Zero

    I use my Wala indoors, but it also doubles as an SLK for outside too. The spreaders will go in front or in back, depending on how you want to fly it! Got a neat tail too. Oh - there's a jumbo version - the Wala XL!! Enjoy the drooling!!!!
  3. Airwave UL and Airwave Zero

    The only thing I have from Flying Wings is a glider, the Wala or also known as an Aerobie. Also have seen and flown the Emong and one other (can't remember the name), but they were all built like tanks, looked indestructible (also gliders). Don't think I've flown any of their stunters, so can't compare relative to how it fits in the UL, SUL, Std type ranges. Sorry
  4. Airwave UL and Airwave Zero

    "But the sf ul is closer to a standard kite than a true ultralight ". There is the rub -- there is no standardization between manufacturers between what constitutes a UL. There just isn't any standard for comparing, especially over the 'net, where anyone can claim anything to be whatever they choose. Only way in the end is either see them in person (thru OPK) or by buying it and hoping, or maybe getting other's opinions.
  5. Airwave UL and Airwave Zero

    Almost got the Airwave Zero when I was looking for an indoor kite, but decided not to. Looked OK, but since I didn't buy, no opinion on them. Maybe someone else .....?
  6. Karma: SkyBurner Profile S.E. - 12/13/17

  7. Widow ng

    Many older kites used a thick rubber band type thing to larkshead around both lower spreaders at the "T". My older Stranger uses it and never had the LS's ever come out, even with a good impact! Probably make one from something like a bicycle inner tube.
  8. Line length

    Need a bit more info to comment.
  9. Line length

    Here in the USA, the three most popular brands of line are: Laser Pro Gold, Shanti Skybond, and Shanti Speed. All good lines but as you said - spendy. All can be bought in either pre-made sets or in bulk. A couple mail order sites - The Kite Shoppe, A Wind of Change, and Flying Smiles kites .I believe AWOC is the only one to carry all 3 lines. Remember to add winders and sleeving (if used) to your order!
  10. Line length

    Shouldn't feel a lot of difference, maybe a little. I'd wait til they wear some, then cut to replace the 85's when they wear. Eventually they become urban lines or go in the trash. PS: lines do wear out after time!!
  11. Line length

    Developed a worn spot on the lines or still pretty new? Shortening can get rid of that bad spot where lines cross all the time. Really depends on where you feel in that learning curve, if 15' makes that much a difference.
  12. Line length

    Just remember that the shorter you go in length, the faster your reactions must be. Too short gives you much less time to pull out of any situation. 75' - 85' sounds about right. I have some 50' - 60', but started using them well into my flying experience.
  13. Fluke's journey

    The "Classic" is based on JB's "B" pattern, in both shape and panel layout. The Reflex is a whole new animal with different spars, panel layout, etc. Also not as many models in that line, I believe. The "reflex" spring system can be used on either, I believe, but comes std with the Reflex. Think it is an option with the "Classic". Just getting around to caps that will allow the use of both the 5/16" and/or 1/4" spars with slight bunji adjustments. Open to any correction ...
  14. Fulcrum

    That would not be my cuppa either! I want control, not pull. Why there are so many options in the Phoenix sail range, customize pull to suit your wants.
  15. Monark (indoor/outdoor) 11/24/17

    Fell into using an indoor soccer center. Just days during the week. They make all their money on games at night and all weekend. They stay open - I have a place to fly.