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  1. About ready to throw out the book I think!!
  2. I was silent too, but that didn't work for me!!! Congrats Rob!!
  3. I use a Rev bag and the only thing I found a little weak was the outside pocket zipper. It gave up this spring after years of use. I have 8 Revs,1 glider, various line sets and handles, and 2 cardboard mailing tubes for frames. Take out the tubes = 2 more kites. You can get 2 per sleeve and maybe even 3 in the bigger one. I put a second strap on mine to be able to carry it like a backpack and leave my hands free for other stuff. There are other good bags out there! Kite Connection, Ocean Shores kites, short bag from ITW, etc. Really depends on you and your budget.
  4. 240'??? Just tired thinking of that far!!!
  5. Nice to have ya! Look around and feel free to post about possible get-togethers. Keep an eye open for event schedules there too!
  6. Are you also on FB? Ask to join the Portland Area Kite Flyer page. We sometimes use it to announce get-togethers and/or scheduled events. Several of us have been using Broughton Beach lately, on the Gorge, behind PDX. Inland winds though are always a gamble.
  7. One place several of us have found is Broughton Beach - behind PDX and next to the boatramp on Marine Dr. Right next to the Columbia on the Gorge. Pretty decent, but even there can be tough at times. Improved parking area is pay-to-park. but yearly permits are available at Blue Lake Park.
  8. Looks to be in the development stages still, not a finished product. More than likely still offer the bigger rods, but the connector looks to hold older smaller too. Changed to fit both size rods - one inny plug. Still not sure how or if they plan to vent it, the sail layout doesn't lend itself to venting as we know it. Wait and see!
  9. Or after they sort it out - call Lolly at Rev and ask if they would consider a trade in. Tell them about wanting to customize your setup and ask. No harm in asking. Or see about selling it. Or trading it. Just be aware that there is no one "does it all" kite out there. Putting in different frames will extend the sail's range, but it has a limit. Most of us have several to use in different wind conditions. A full sail will not work well in wind that makes a full vent strain. Likewise, low winds won't get a vented off the ground. A good bag is to have at least a full sail and a full vent for use. Pretty much covers the wind range, except the extremes at both ends. The Reflex does cover the light to medium wind range. No it's not as versatile as a 1.5, with all the frame changes.
  10. Pretty sure you could order them either way. No frame would make any package smaller or at least lighter. I'll know for sure when a friend's kites come in from Australia PS: I've gotten several without a frame before!
  11. Bazzer is no longer making "B" pros and has started making his own brand - Phoenix Kites! The bit of logo you see is a wing of the Phoenix.
  12. Out west here - there are already a bunch in the sky. Seen pix of at least 7 and know of 5 more on order. Scout is Bazzer's wife Jayne, she's helping handle the ordering. Std, mid, F/v, and X/V are available now - the Mega is being tested as we speak. Gonna be an interesting WSIKF with other brands sharing the sky once totally dominated by Revs!!
  13. Is it different? Yes. Is it a "bad kite"? No. Just because you can't use other rods in it doesn't make it "bad". It does fly in several wind ranges. In too high a wind, you'd want a vented anyway. That's another kite = 2. The Reflex equals almost 3 wind ranges by itself - low winds of the Zen, middle wind of the std, and the lower end of mids. Not as popular for team flying - true. Maybe not yet! It's only been around for a short time, so the popularity hasn't ramped up. Will it last forever? No. It will wear out eventually. By then if you like quads enough, it will be another kite in the bag. PS: the Zen went through this same thing as it was oversold as the total solution to light wind flying. It wasn't. Technique was/is more important than the kite (no it didn't hurt to have good equipment), but it wasn't the end all, be all of light wind. Many bought one expecting it to be that - sorry. (I love my Zen, but it fits my style of flying very well.) It still requires good fundamentals and good light wind technique. I'm no Rev apologist, I fly them. I've flown others - so far they are not in my bag - yet. Do I agree with all the decisions they've made, business or otherwise - no. But they have and do produce quality kites that can get you on the road of learning quads. Use what you bought. Take off the springs or move them to the side to see how it flies without them. Or keep them in place. Ask most of us - we have many Revs in our bags for the many different conditions we face. The Reflex is just another tool. If I could afford one, I'd probably get one.
  14. Called a Mega-vent and as of now - still under development! Right now there are 4 options - std, mid, f/v, and x/v. Believe all will come with SkyShark rods.
  15. Watching the video - you've got it!! Wasn't sure at first that you would get that one loop down to the bottom, but you did! The knot actually gets tighter as you pull on it!