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  1. I'm sure you are throwing it like a javelin and by the tip of the LE. It usually does end inverted, how close to earth is a function of how hard you throw. It does take some practice to get use to the amount of force needed. I've seen both young and old, succeed and fail in this. Once you get the motions down, it's just consistency after that. And like Paul said - lines get longer and you start over again!
  2. Don't feel bad - I was a pretty good ball player, but after my stroke - no good , no more! I can throw no problem, catching is at best a sometimes thing! Only time it is reasonably reliable is indoors where I can control it more.
  3. They are Bazzer's brand kite! He did subcontract for Rev and make the Pros, now he is on his own. Could they be considered "rebranded Pros"? Some say yes, some say no. He did make the Rev "B" pro, but he had all the templates and added his skill to making them. Now on his own to do with them as he sees fit. Rev kept him in a "box" making them as they instructed. No changes allowed, even something as simple as fold strips ended up as an additional cost. And that was one of the kites weakest points! To be clear - there are no more new Rev "B" pros being made right now, There have been rumors of someone else making a "new" Pro, but nothing confirmed or out on the market. And with John withdrawing his endorsement - any "new" kite won't be a "B"!!
  4. Unless you get in the right place/right time, a Pro is pretty much off the board. With Bazzer no longer making them, people will be hanging onto theirs. Might take a look at his Phoenix brand kites. They use all the love he put into "B" pros and a few new wrinkles too.
  5. Been flying for over 20 years and never owned a meter. Got mine with me at all times - my neck hair!!
  6. Might try Andy at Ocean Shores or Ted at NW Winds. Bazzer used to make a kite family, quads, dualies, etc, not sure if he still is?
  7. Update on these: There are a total of 6 models for you to choose from - SUL (Ashes), STD, MID. Full Vent, Xtra Vent, and Mega Vent. The SUL Ashes leaves out the vent at the TE, giving you a fuller sail area. All can be ordered with SkyShark rods or sail only, use your own. They also can use Rev rods as a direct swap, little to no adjustment needed. Prices are pretty close to what a Rev "B" pro went for. And I've seen pix of several color combos, some custom per owner request.
  8. Forget the exact number - but post count will let you change your title after hitting it. Not sure if there are several steps to freely edit your "title" though. For those of you on FB, Andi has a page on there. Been making kites a long time, (at least as long as I've been back). Pix and videos can be found there also. Welcome!
  9. OPK (other people's kites) is a great way to find something that informs you of what it is you may be looking for. And test your desire to move on into more and greater things as you progress. But the input of an experienced pilot can really help with getting started.
  10. decorative. got a whole collection of different ones from diffferent festivals. some were even given as awards at an indoor event. some people do just for fun, others as a fundraising thing, others to mark a special event, etc .... got one attached to my hat!
  11. The Alien was my high wind kite, although my high winds weren't very high to start with. But the smaller size, it added up to less pull and that was OK by me. My problem was the LE launch away from the center of the window - the kites odd shape seemed to hold it down instead of helping it up. Otherwise it was fun to fly.
  12. ME WANT!!!!
  13. I try!!!
  14. Put the link in any topic, thread, part of the forum, besides here?? Add it to a subject in the header? Easy to find.
  15. You might measure - but those Vertigo rods might fit the EXP and/or mid too. I tried a Vertigo std this summer and put my black race frame in it with no adjusting. Really thought the sail came "alive" with Rev rods in it. Anyway - that would give you a nice selection of sails to match conditions!