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  1. B-Series STD Package (5/25/16)

    I hope that made you feel better son!!! Been playing the RNG game for several years now - I haven't figured out any sure fired way to win!!! Let me know if this really works or not (probably not)!!
  2. Venting Standard Sail

    Very much what was suggested to Rev as mods to Alden Miller's "Vickie" kites!! A center panel and almost equal size triangles!! Steven Leonard - like this??
  3. Dances !!!!

    Not sure there is a cure for - "the new kite curse"! Winds always are just the opposite of what you want, when you want them. Finding a "sure fire" way to cure it might make you a hero in other kiters's eyes!!
  4. Need leaders for your Rev?

    Beat ya to it - TK made me some sets with 2 different colors in them, because I color code too!!
  5. Judging wind-speed in the window compared to the ground

    When I flew dualies a lot - I used 3 sets between 3 sails - 50# for my light wind Prism Ozone, 150# for my Flexifoil Stranger, and 90# for my Prism Alien, The weight lines wasn't so much a matter of wind speed as it was the characteristics of the individual kite. My mediumcondition Stranger required heavier weight line than the higher wind Alien! Design, weight of kite, size, amount of stress, all play into the equation. I, like Rob, only used 50# on my very lightest wind (pulling) sails. I found a sweet spot on my bridle settings on each kite and really didn't feel much need to change them. But I am a sail switcher, more than willing to pull off 1 sail to put on another if conditions dictate. Now I do pretty much the same thing with my Revs, but not as much. 90# will do in almost every situation, but I also use 50# in extremely light wind. The little less weight and wind resistance all help in really light wind flying. I even use 50# on my Zen when the winds are down! But I also carry a set of 150# if there is a near hurricane blowing and I need to fly! Learning to match up wind speed, proper line, and proper sail all come with more experience on the lines!! PS: you do have a built in wind gauge - the hair on the back of your neck!!
  6. The Reflex

    Understood! While I haven't had the chance to fly one personally, some of your questions I can't answer. From what I've heard - it may be a Zen replacement and a possible indoor too! Being a bit bigger than the 1.5, but not as big as a Zen ( Rev1 sized) it is said to have a very big wind range, but until I get the chance to fly one - ??? That being said - the larger size from a 1.5 does seem to lend itself to a lighter wind platform! As far as the mods made to create it - only time will tell if they hold up to the "real world" use, dished out by hard core fliers! Maybe some flaws, as well as benefits, will show up as it is longer on the market! Some of us feel it's "gimmicky", some thinkRev is trying to reach new heights in design (pun intended). Onlytime will tell which!
  7. B-Series STD Package (5/25/16)

    AWWW! Isn't that sweet! And the RNG ain't buying any of it!!! Believe me!!
  8. The Reflex

    All the Revs require some skills - forgiving?? While I wouldn't suggest a Rev 2 or B2 to learn on, all the Revs fly with pretty much similar characteristics. They all are capable of forward, backward, sideways, inverted, flight. One of the selling points of the whole quad experience - control! In other words - learn to fly one, you can pretty much fly them all! There are more common sizes - the 1.5 size is probably the most popular. Has models from the EXP all the way up to a "B"pro. Things like changes to the cut of the sail, rod placement, etc, are some of what set each apart. The Rev1/Zen size and the Rev2/B2 size are a little more on the specialty scale, as far as most purchases are concerned. Usually someone gets one of them to specifically fill a need. Will this be your first Rev purchase?If so, stick to the 1.5 size as a first buy, especially if you have any dreams of flying in a line! Like I said - it is the most common and you would be most likely to see more flying this size than either of the others - combined! Good flying!
  9. B-Series STD Package (5/25/16)

    Keep thinking that - yup!! The RNG will leave you in its dust, a broken, whimpering, shell of the man you used to be!! Beware of putting too much trust in it!!!
  10. Vent material

    Are we assuming it's for a build and not just for knowing? EH??
  11. High School Club

    You have 2 major logistical hurdles to overcome: kites and a place to fly. And if those get met - the wind has to cooperate! Kites: part of that problem is that there is no one perfect kite for all wind conditions. SUL kites will fold up or break in high winds, while high wind kites can't get off the ground in light wind. Ideally, most fliers have 2-3 kites in their quiver - one for light, one for medium, one for high winds. And they have lines for each too. It does make for a pretty big commitment financially to get kites, lines, handles, and a stake, able to fly in a variety of conditions. Place to fly: how many fliers do you think will really be interested? First, it needs be open to winds, from a bunch of directions, without any trees or buildings to interrupt the flow, Then you have to consider space- each flier needs a good bit of room to fly safely in. Just as an example - each flier is using 75'lines - that means if someone is downwind, they would need to be,say 90' away! 3people deep and you are already at the length of a football field! And that's only length! Each flier has an arc around them of 75' to each side! Even if that arc is say 130-140* around the flier, that means an almost 100' area! So totaling that all up gives you a 1000sq' area per person! Now that's just a rough figuring for this purpose, you might use less room in reality. But it does show you need room!! And wind! Many a time I've gone out only to find either no wind or a hurricane! So you need to have all ends covered! As far as organizing - I'm not sure how to best get a message across to the students. What is their normal way to get school news? Maybe include something in it about forming a club, based on interest (numbers)? Are you, the school, or the students going to be financially responsible for the gear? Insurance? That needs settled! A lot will express interest as long as it's your stuff being used, things can change when they have "skin in the game"! Not a lot of time left in this year to get all the details ironed out, but it could be a start towards the next year, if you get some of these preliminaries squared away now! Maybe even start an informal get together on a weekend a month this summer? PS: I lived in East Texas (Tyler area) - darn hot in the summer!! Good luck!!
  12. Vent material

    Most of us just call it mesh, but I've got no idea on its trade name.
  13. After looking several places, I'm pretty sure the full vent is a "Black Rainbow" from the Kite Connection. It's one of his custom color combos that he uses at his store.
  14. let's turn the table - if you really wanted to see general pix of these Prism kites - I'm sure images can be found on the internet. Along with specs, etc. But I agree - he should post pix of what he's selling. I'm sure the oversight will be corrected and pix will be posted soon! Rest assured - his stuff is A-OK!
  15. I can vouch for the seller - know him personally. His stuff is always represented properly. Make a deal and have no regrets! Morgan - care to post some pics please??