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  1. Fluke's journey

    The "Classic" is based on JB's "B" pattern, in both shape and panel layout. The Reflex is a whole new animal with different spars, panel layout, etc. Also not as many models in that line, I believe. The "reflex" spring system can be used on either, I believe, but comes std with the Reflex. Think it is an option with the "Classic". Just getting around to caps that will allow the use of both the 5/16" and/or 1/4" spars with slight bunji adjustments. Open to any correction ...
  2. Fulcrum

    That would not be my cuppa either! I want control, not pull. Why there are so many options in the Phoenix sail range, customize pull to suit your wants.
  3. Monark (indoor/outdoor) 11/24/17

    Fell into using an indoor soccer center. Just days during the week. They make all their money on games at night and all weekend. They stay open - I have a place to fly.
  4. Quad handle types and line brands

    Some do it every time they fly! Some do it every couple times. I do it whenever I think things feel worn to me. Once both sides are worn, they are only good for solo flying. They will lock up in team stuff! If you follow the video on making snag-less handles --- BEWARE, there is a nasty burr/flake where the holes for the rings were drilled. IT WILL LAY YOU OPEN if not treated carefully!! I speak from personal experience here!!! BE CAREFUL!! And deburr when reassembling!! Take care not to ruin the vinyl caps unless you have more at hand, you reuse them!!
  5. Monark (indoor/outdoor) 11/24/17

    Congrats Joanna, you will like it a lot! I have one of Richard's older designs and it flies beautifully. That is one of the biggest challenges to indoor - finding a place to fly!
  6. Quad handle types and line brands

    Salt and sand are the worst enemies of sails or lines. Get in the habit of doing these things to get the longest life out of your gear. 1 - Rinse your kite with fresh water at very gentle pressures. Knocks all the sand off, cleans all the salt out. Bridles too. Both will eventually eat your stuff, but you can delay that with good cleaning habits. Got a Rev 1 from about 1998 in my bag in great condition. 2 - Rinse your lines regularly. No need to unwind, it does help to wind loosely though. Just put winder and lines in a tub big enough to hold them. Maybe add a few drops of detergent to the water. Place on a towel to dry after the soak. You'll be surprised to see how much sand comes out of them. And the soaking dissolves the salt crystals and prevents build up. Lines do wear out eventually. As a team flier, I go though almost 2 sets every year. Crossing lines is very wearing. 3 - Swap your lines end to end. If you have always used your lines in one direction, try turning them around. The wear spot from crossing will happen in a different place. Never tried the Sewer's Aid myself, sorry. You can remove the rings on the handles and make your own snag-less ones. Use an 8-10 wallboard anchor and screw to replace them. Works really well and is a cheap alternative to buying new handles. That video walks you through the job, should take around a hour to do a set, less if you're handy with tools. Holds up for a very long time.
  7. Newbie Bay Area friends and Rev learning tips

    Don't need a stake in this scenario - Setup kite on its back, LE towards your flying position. Put some snow on the LE, then run your lines out to handles. Gradually pull the tips up as the LE is held down by the snow. We use this method a lot at festivals that have limited space and kites need to be cleared off the field for other performers. We call it - "red bulling" - gets you on and off fast!
  8. Handle length

    I'm with Paul on this one - Lighter wind = longer handles for me. I use 3 different sets - 13", 14", 15" for different wind conditions. The 14" are my "standard handles", probably used 75% of the time. They are a good compromise set - a little longer, but not too long, for almost all my usual flying. 13" work great in screaming wind and I'm on my X/V, no need for all the extra leverage the long provide. Shorter give me more control. Light winds see the 15" come out. I just feel more comfortable with them in light winds. Not sure if the "technical" term is leverage, but I feel a bit more lift, a bit more control, with the longer in those conditions. If you're wondering how I have 14", since the way they are measured from the factory is before bending and Rev only offers handles in odd inch sizes (13", 15", etc), I had mine made for me. Same gent that makes JB's dogstake, made them. I had him bend them a little flatter (less), more like my Indoor handles. Gives me a bit extra brake already built in! Gotten so used to them that picking up stock handles with the rings, takes a bit to readjust my inputs! And that is my roundabout way to say it is all about developing your own personal "feel"!
  9. Newbie Bay Area friends and Rev learning tips

    Bridle too. Use as gentle a spray as you can find, then let dry completely. Neither salt or sand are good for the kite, get in the habit of rinsing after using for, say a weekend. Keep them clean and they last.
  10. Welcome Justin2kites

    Spelled Freilein and pronounced (free line). Many good options out there to choose from - all the reputable ones are fine fliers. Up to your color and pattern choices.
  11. Need advise-buying new rev (classic or b series?)

    Got pix of your handles and leaders? Having the vertical rods move too much could be from over controlling with your inputs. Try a gentle touch (will also help in that inverted hover). Too forceful a move and you could get the dreaded "flipping a wing!". Just ease the thumbs towards your kite, maybe step back slowly, the kite should rise inverted. What Edmund is explaining, is that most new fliers have way too much "drive" in their kites, or have their top lines pulled in too close. Depending on the leaders used, you want to have the tops out as far as you can. How to tell? Put them as far out as possible and try to launch. Not successful? Move a knot closer. Do this test til launch is successful. If the top leaders are short, you can tie knots in the bottom leaders and shorten them up instead. I use the leaders JB sells here and fly with my bottoms out at the end and my tops 3 or 4 knots in depending on winds. YMMV
  12. Need advise-buying new rev (classic or b series?)

    Speed control - easy to get used to just zooming around and enjoying, another to keep everything slow and smooth! It will also help you when you get to do team someday! Practice crawling that kite across the sky! Hovering - in any position! Again being able to put your kite anywhere, anytime, shows off the control of quads. Some learn "top down", meaning they take the kite to the top, invert, and slowly start down. Gradually they can fly so slow, things come to a stop. Others go "bottom up", starting the kite on the ground and slowly learning to control the hover there, No "wrong" just different paths that hopefully get you to the same place!
  13. Sky Shark CXL Carbon Tubes

    I'm looking at a rod to rod comparison, no extra ferrules for added stiffness, etc. Just a straight comparison. I find the P rods just a little "mushy", but stupidly strong. Got stuck on a wrong setup and flew our Ashes in midvent winds and the P-100s performed admirably. Probably would have destroyed a set of Diamonds ....! So if there is anyone out there ..........
  14. Sky Shark CXL Carbon Tubes

    If there is anybody else trying these and has sets of P rods to compare against - I'm all ears. Right now I'm using P-100. P-300, and, P-400 frames in my Phoenix sails. A little more bend than I'm used to in other rods I've used before. Wondering on the "snap-back" of these others.......
  15. Sky Shark CXL Carbon Tubes

    Do you also have P rods? Be interested in a comparison between those sets.