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  1. How to do a handle wrap?

    I had a friend make a special winder that lets you bunjii the handles down, then wind to the kite. He actually put 2 bunjiis on it - one for handles, one for lines. Works great at festivals for clearing the field fast, then setting it back up to fly for performances. I only uae it as a temporary thing, I like regular winding at the end of the day. These were the basis, my friend expanded on the idea. Never did like the handle wrap myself....
  2. Quad handle types and line brands

    I think you have it with the plug method and really anything else is over thinking it. Unless you really want to tinker. I think you will find that these that you have nodded, are all you really need.
  3. New EXP sails

    That should fit - but those frames (Reflex) are a larger diameter tube and will not mix with any of the older frame parts. Depends too on the fittings used, if they accept that frame. Anything Reflex should accept Reflex frames of the same size. Edit: The EXP is in the 1.5 sized family. Rev is using 5/16" tubes for that Reflex system. Older tubes were 1/4" and won't fit if mixed. Old frames should still fit, but won't have the Reflex system. So it's sorta one or the other. And it depends on the fittings too. The new are setup for the 5/16" rods, the old for 1/4". I believe they do have a fitting that will accept both, not sure how available they are?
  4. DIY Kite Stake

    Only needs to be 1" strap and sewn 1/8" in from edges. I would leave the bottom open to let out sand. Use a hot knife or the equivalent to cut the strip and prevent fray.
  5. Inverted Side Slide 240 foot lines

    Wind it up using a "Windbreaker"!?!?
  6. Inverted Side Slide 240 foot lines

    My knee would definitely not like that setup walk! And God help if you need to do the "walk of shame"!
  7. Quad handle types and line brands

    Looking good!!!
  8. New EXP sails

    Polyester material is what you ideally want. Coated to be windproof, it makes great sails. Also known as "Icarex" or Icky for short. The other material used is nylon. Porous, can get waterlogged easier, stretches more. Usually on lesser quality sails. The pattern in the pic you included is the old "SLE" sail pattern.
  9. New EXP sails

    Paul - "from Jon" - does that mean he is carrying them or sewing them? I know the EXP line has gone back and forth over materials.
  10. Beach flying advice

    OK, lots here: 65' is OK. The kite actually doesn't fly faster, just runs out of "window" faster. The shorter the faster that "window" gets used up. Having a set of 120's is a good choice for extras. And yes, as they wear, you can cut them down. The frame is marked EXP, but is actually a 3 wrap. Kinda the middle of the road frame. If you need more info on frames - ask. Just know that all 1.5 frames will interchange in any 1.5 sail. And there are lots! Learn what the wind window represents. That dictates the room needed to fly SAFELY! Never over anyone! Find a safe spot. Usually that window is a half circle (180*) with the wind to your back. That is a little big, but establish your safe zone based on that. Get a stake! Helps with unwinding lines, rest times, rewinding. Also works to check the lines for equalizing - See JB's tutorials!! ALWAYS park your kite upside down!!! If upwards, anyone walking through, will snag a line and the kite can launch. Upside down, the kite is trying to fly alright - straight into the ground! More safety!!! Throw out all the recommended wind ranges and rely on your feel! If you think the wind is too strong - it probably is! I would really ask you to think of adding a vented sail to your collection. Many used are out there, it doesn't have to be new. But it will make flying in strong winds much more enjoyable, than trying to control a full sail. Usually a full sail (your EXP) and something vented, cover most conditions! Spot on with the handles - get or make long leaders JB sells them here pre-tied or you can make your own. Just make sure that you make your knots as evenly spaced as you can and both leaders as identical as possible. JB's wife, TK, uses a jig, that's why theirs are so accurate! Strongly consider! Whew - I'm done!
  11. Loving the Quantum

    Yep - the stake method is good. Stake down both lines and then see a side by side comparison.. You do this in a yard (if room), a field, or the beach. But I would suggest it before your next flight. It is possible that everyone is putting strain on one line by being a certain "handed" right or left, but comparing length while still hooked to the kite might throw you off. After shortening the long line, try switching to see if the other stretches too. JB has a great tutorial on line equalizing for quads - same applies to dual line kites too.
  12. Water flying: tips please

    http://kitelife.com/2011/12/01/issue-81-hydrodynamics-and-kites/ Should have answers to most of your questions in this ....
  13. Winders

    So you have found a stash - eh?
  14. Winders

    I made several sets of guts after buying one. Got all the hardware to match the one set of handles that came with it. Think I had 3 sets of innards ...
  15. Winders

    Windbreaker -