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  1. REV E-Mail?

    Just got a return answer from Lolly - nothing from Rev that she's aware of - BEWARE!!
  2. REV E-Mail?

    Got the same and also not wanting to open it! I do remember them asking us to join some newsletter/update type thing and wondered if this is it? But unless confirmed by some one - I'm not opening it!!
  3. Team KiteLife

    Maybe some of your learning attempts too! Phil and Barb are there, ask one to film!! We need to see some outtakes!!  
  4. B-Series VTD Package (2/25/16)

  5. B-Series VTD Package (2/25/16)

    Just one eye?? You know me better than that my friend!!
  6. B-Series VTD Package (2/25/16)

    I don't know Nick, you seem to have turned into a lurker, more than a commenting contributor to the madness!!
  7. The Reflex

    The Kite Connection exclusive color I believe, in a 1.5 SLE. Our team leader got one of his "ghost" SULs last year at KP - believe it was one of the last ones he had.
  8. B-Series VTD Package (2/25/16)

    I see you are still a subscriber - so YES!!! Unless you want to give your #  away!!! LOL!!
  9. The Reflex

    Springs might be wrong - try flexible cables, attached to the vert, and able to compress and expand as pressure develops. Should reshape the sail to billow in as pressure decreases.  Yes, a mixed set could increase sail size, but I'm guessing they have a whole set of new rods to sell those that get one!   Really all a guess until I get a close up view!
  10. The Reflex

    I'll need to put my hands on one before I'm overly attracted. It could be a Zen replacement being bigger than a 1.5 and smaller than a 1. But that also makes a whole new bunch of rod sets to market. That size will mean nothing you have will interchange! And I'm not really sold on the "spring" on the verts. We have enough wear on our sails, let alone having a steel "spring" rubbing up against it! and how is it "captured"? How will it be kept from moving! 90* twist and it's just weight on the rods. Uncharted waters!
  11. The Reflex

    Pix are on FB, so no reason to hide them! I'm more interested in performance over looks or gimmicks. Rob's right - no fold strips to make the weakest link any stronger.    And look at it and tell me how they plan  to vent it!
  12. B-Series VTD Package (2/25/16)

    Just take your B-2s and go away!!! LOL!!!!  
  13. B-Series VTD Package (2/25/16)

    Yes - a full vent (F/V)   PS: no X/V from the factory, only available as a "Pro".   PSS: you wouldn't want one - it doesn't pull enough for you!! LOL!!
  14. Zen on the way

    I'm using the Zen rods as verts. More wind than those will take - means STD to me!    I do tend to switch sails faster than most, I just don't like the feel of excessive pull! Especially in the team flying I do - a lot!! But because the rest of my team doesn't use the Zen, most used as a solo machine or in duets!
  15. Zen on the way

    Funny thing is that the modified LE rods are lighter than the stock ones - go figure!!