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  1. Considering that they are no longer being made explains that! Not many will part with their Pros, if there isn't something to replace them! I've gotten the chance to fly the Freilein - stock frame felt a little sluggish to me. T- 2 was the factory marking. Ended up putting my Rev race frame in it and felt it come alive! I keep hearing things like "the rods are stiff but lighter" , but that may not be what is needed. I've no direct comparison for what the T-2 rods equal in Rev rods, just know they felt too stiff for me. But from what I understand, the QC is more stringent, meaning less variance in weights between sticks of the same type.
  2. Possible he didn't understand the "karma" logistics and not realize he needed to offer something up??
  3. As a person that survived a stroke with some degree of after effects - Revs let me get back into flying. My balance and vision make any real "tricking" on dualies, problematic. Revs however, present a clear and understandable picture to see. Joining with others to line fly and form a team, helped build up confidence. And they gave me a chance to try indoor kiting too! Nice not having a limited season to fly!!
  4. 3? Just 1 type on the verticals, that's all. Both sides are the same - one spring on each side.Shaped like an "L" and closer to the top where it mounts to the sail. Just a quick look at someone else's kite!
  5. The trick to any DIY attempt will be to figure out the Reflex's proportions and where the springs attach to the verticals, then scale that to whatever sail gets used. As was mentioned, there are plenty of options to attach the springs to rods, but not as many for the sail.But if you have one either worn out or an extra to mess with .....
  6. Must be "wrong" LOL !!
  7. Feels different? DUH!! It is different! But remember this: the only thing the kite understands is that the long LE means forward - period! Up, down, sideways - the LE is forward in all your commands. Doesn't matter if you stand on your head - that big LE is forward! Learn to keep your hands quieter as you give commands.
  8. Here's an exercise to try - put the kite LE down and your hands in a normal position. Try pushing your thumbs gently towards the kite, if it doesn't come off the ground - step back too, but just a step. Try to hold it steady. That means slow easy movements, nothing radical. If you feel like it's lost, step forward and take all the power out. Try again!
  9. 2 hours are nothing, but the advice of having 120's for team flying - sticks! Surprised they are only 65', most are 80-85' in the package. Those are a great length to learn on. So what is the issue/issues that keep you grounded?
  10. RIP Geezer!
  11. 3 lines stand out - 1. Skybond - spectra line with a smooth coating on them. Heard they wrap well, but haven't used them for dualies, just Revs. Worked on them pretty well too. 2. LPG - again spectra and one of the most well known. a "can't go wrong" line. 3. Shanti "speed" - a bit older but still very useful. Believe they are spectra too. Still got sets of it after many years. Any of these work!
  12. Most are 80-85' from the factory. You are sure of length?
  13. Yep - flipping a wing is pretty much a direct action of over controlling! Learning how little, rather than how much will gain you in the end. As someone else would say - "You're not trying to strangle a snake, you're holding a baby bird!" Gentle, smooth, easy get you more!! Yes - leaders will help any Rev fly better - IMHO !! John sells an awesome set over here in KL - I have 3 sets myself. You may need to add a step back into your launch sequence, but the control in flight is well worth it! New or not - check the lines for equal!!!
  14. Vinyls are really only needed on concrete or asphalt, or on indoor kites where you can prevent slipping. Never needed them on my regular outdoor stuff.
  15. Whatcha doing - kiteflying or carrying around a carnival sideshow?? How much stuff does a kiteflier need? Probably less than he brings!! LOL!!