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  1. Glad to hear you are still "on" Walt!! Might try to get back to Bill about what you do have in stock right now!
  2. Nope. Seems like the nose tipping works for both ends of the range. When I flew dual line, all my adjustments were either middle or nose forward. Might have changed over the years as we've gotten better at design and stuff, but that Quantum design is "old school" to a degree, and all the old adjustments should still apply!
  3. Flew dual line for many years - tip the nose forward! It won't turn quite as fast, but will have less pull! I know it is against the manual - sometimes you find out stuff just trying things.
  4. The Freilein's are now using holes where the LE mesh goes. Durability still out on that as they haven't been out long enough to say one way or the other.
  5. Elliot donated one of his earliest (#6 in the album) 100% sails to me. Compared it to Paul Dugard's new model - major improvements - wear strips, more curve to the LE, might even have fold strips, not sure. Mine has a dead straight LE, but I made it work a little better by using a race frame in it.
  6. Looks to equal about a 20% by my eye. I talked to Elliot once about his originals that had no spaces. His comment - Way Too Heavy! Yours looks to have twice as many strips as a Shook, at least to my eye!
  7. Portland, Oregon here.
  8. That's funny!!!!
  9. Congrats!!! Whew - keeps my perfect non winner streak intact !!! LOL !!
  10. Efficient doesn't always equal the best for flight and stretch dynamics, IMHO.
  11. Throw enough money at them and ............! But it is unlikely they understand or will pay attention to things like fabric orientation, etc.
  12. Straps are very much an upgrade from any handle. Save you a lot of wear and tear on the body. Don't need to be those oversized foam things either, good wrist straps make a bunch of difference! Straps attach pretty easy if they have a loop on the end, just put the line loop through the strap loop and then put the strap through the line loop. Done!
  13. Just don't cheapo out on lines - it is your only connection to your kite! Got lines that stretch and give - all the feel gets lost in that. Good lines give you better feedback on how your kite is reacting!
  14. Dyneema is OK, LPG (Laser Pro Gold), Shanti Speed, and Shanti Skybond are also better IMHO. Prism used to use a set called Modulus, guess that went away. Several line makers did go out of business, but a few remain. The market is small for us fliers!
  15. Learning to "give to the kite" is something to learn - right now, when you are most prone to crashes! As you found out, things break! Giving helps in keeping things safe and together. I know it is not a natural instinct, we think we can save the kite. But pulling accelerates the kite and drives it even harder into the ground! Then you go to straighten things out and find it broken - NFG! While I'm a quad guy, I've carried 2 stakes for many years - 1 for my kite and 1 for if I need to help someone else with theirs. I don't put mine in a pocket- but use a holster for them and hang them from my belt or belt loops, depending on what I'm wearing. Can't go wrong with any of the kite lines offered if they are quality lines, it's the junk that will get you. Kite line is expensive due to the small market. It is made by companies that also make fishing lines, production doesn't compare. Kite line is made with a tighter weave than the fishing line, I recommend you stay away from the fishing stuff and get quality kite line! Remember to relax and breathe!!