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  1. Indoor Dual Line Tutorials

    Sorry - I thought the Wren's battens ended at the spine, not top spreader. That said, the Wren's design leaves the top 30% of the sail uncontrolled or tight. That means that top part of the sail can load, unload, and not always as you desire. JB's design gives a full tightening from nose to TE. The sail can never lose any shape the way the battens run.
  2. Indoor Dual Line Tutorials

    Spelled batten and originated in the sailing world. Wren's battens are anchored at the spine using fittings, causing the bend. JB's are going into pockets sewn in the nose, therefore little to no bend. Several gliders use them, most notable the Chiroptera from Will Sturdy.
  3. 50# line

    That's the pros and cons in a nutshell. Short lines fit in more places, but reaction time decreases dramatically. And you can really see how the kite reacts to inputs, see wing tip wraps, etc. Long lines give a bigger canvas to paint on, more reaction time (if you see things going south soon enough), etc. Both have advantages and disadvantages.
  4. Custom RevoPolo by PoloKites (2/15/18)

    Congratulations!!! Well another drawing and a perfect record still intact.
  5. Custom RevoPolo by PoloKites (2/15/18)

    Bada Bing!!!@!
  6. Custom RevoPolo by PoloKites (2/15/18)

    Every new kite today comes with a flash drive, all the latest and greatest tricks are onboard. You just have to figure out how to install them!!!
  7. Custom RevoPolo by PoloKites (2/15/18)

    Just means you know you lost sooner!!!
  8. Custom RevoPolo by PoloKites (2/15/18)

    HB2U???? That's not a Polo in your stocking - it's coal!! Oh - wrong holiday!! Grumble, groan, kick myself ............must be getting old......!!
  9. Custom RevoPolo by PoloKites (2/15/18)

    Nearly forgot - NOT!! Getting closer and closer to flying my new kite!!! LOL!!! Ya gotta butter up the RNG!!!!
  10. First indoor session and winter activities

    Overthinking it IMHO. 100' of line makes how many line sets? All that extra stuff just adds weight to your setup, something we try to shed. Loops and/or finger straps are extremely light. Personally - I'd reconsider the road you are taking - but again - IMHO !!!
  11. First indoor session and winter activities

    Interesting! No one I know that flies indoors, uses "handles". They usually make loops out of bridle line and either thread it on like sleeving or just larkshead the lines to them. A very few use finger straps. A tip: as your kite goes overhead and starts down, be sure to turn with it and step back to maintain tension in the lines. Good length to start is 10' - 12', shorter as you get better. Full disclosure: I am NOT a very good dualie pilot indoors. Just never connected with it. Just a little more effort than my old body wants to give. That said - I do try one at times and can reasonably get it to do what I want. Quads and gliders are a different thing altogether!!! PS: I get the use of an indoor soccer center.
  12. Looks like you got that knot right to lock!! Just a thought - measure your marks from some static reference point to be sure THEY are the same!
  13. While moving that inward line might do something (and I haven't read much on bridling), if you use the marks on that nose to LE line, you should feel a difference. The secret is learning how that knot locks after adjusting. Forget to lock that knot properly and suddenly that starts moving on its own and you've lost your adjustment. At least the mark is there to give you a reference point. Make sure both sides get adjusted equally.
  14. Calling using group chat via phones.

    I get what you want to do - just not sure it will get there. Yes you buy a walkie talkie, but you really don't need to modify it, just make that caller's circuit. Midland seems to be the best choice, as they have separate channels/outputs/inputs for talk and receive. I use Uniden and can't seem to get that circuit working with them. I think because both functions are on a single plug and not enough separation. Just my thought. A lot of us have foregone the music function in the circuit and use bluetooth speakers and our phones or Ipods. Mounted on tripods, they can be placed out in front of us for team listening. As a demo flier, radios are just part of my everyday flying kit anymore. At a festival I'm putting on my radio pretty early and just wear it all day. It will take someone that knows more than I, to go your route!
  15. There looks to be a mark on the bridle leg going from nose to outside LE. Move up or down from there. Use it as a centering mark or a reminder of "neutral". Pull that line tight and the pigtail leading to lines should "unlock" to be adjusted. After adjusting, milk the pigtail knot to lock it in. It should be a double larkshead, you have to get the loop part back down to the bottom of the knot to lock it. Otherwise it can still move. Put that leg from the inside back to the other knot. Best I can give you, more a quad flier these days