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  1. WTB: Frame for EXP

    Lighter than 3 wrap? 2 wrap, race, Zen for 1.5, or diamonds are the only thing come to mind. And unless special ordered - no travel option in those (that I know of). Consider making your own?? Got a Dremel tool? Fine tooth hacksaw? If you are willing - buy the frame of choice and make one! PS: another option is to make one from P-90 SkyShark rods!
  2. Lost posts and PMs?

    Will let you know if I see anything "quirky" LOL!
  3. Team KiteLife

    I've flown with JB and Eli, but not the other 2. "Mesh" might be the wrong word at work here!!
  4. Lost posts and PMs?

    Glad to see it's at least functioning!! Bunch of PMs got lost during the whole thing. We'll get over it!
  5. Gday Frankieflyin here.....

    I had wondered about them as I never saw any on my desktop computer or even my laptop! Kept looking to see what you saw and wasn't sure. Glad the forum is sorted out for now!!
  6. Something New For Me

    Looking good pm!!
  7. Kymera (12/25/15)

    I could handle it being my turn!!!
  8. Travel Frame Kite Consolidation

    Most likely a 3 wrap, as it is the average frame most used. If you really want one lighter (2 wrap), consider making your own. Dremel tool or fine tooth hacksaw will do the cutting, a bit of glue and you have what you want! Like Paul said though - adding the extra ferrules makes the LE stiffer, so be aware!
  9. Rev 1 vs Blast 2-4

    Rod / spar - same thing In a single, I wouldn't consider the Rev 1 as a power kite, stacked, it might be a different story! On the converting to "no-snags" with regular handles - yes you can do just the bottoms, but it is pretty easy to do both tops and bottoms. Over on the Rev forum is a video by Watty on doing it using the "Stone in Shoe Bob" method. Simple to do, I've probably done 4-5 sets this way and they've lasted for years. I favor them over stockers because it is one less moving part (hog rings) on the handle and creates a direct link to the kite. Does pretty much what you've done, only it still uses the full length of the handle.
  10. Need to Dry Lines That Are Wet?

    My usual maintenance routine is to rinse the salt water and sand out of the wound set of lines and place them in a towel to dry, after a good shake. Rinsing is just a good dunking in a container deep enough to cover the set and leave it for awhile. Dry overnight!
  11. Rev 1 vs Blast 2-4

    Doesn't the Blast series also use specially made handles?? Re enforced with graphite wraps or something like that?
  12. Kymera (12/25/15)

    BLUE?? BLUE?? Yeah baby!!!
  13. B-Series STD Package (11/10/15)

    yea Barry!! Wait - how's that gonna fit in the trailer with all those SLKs??
  14. Rev 1 vs Blast 2-4

    1. The Rev 1 is from the same "family" as the 1.5, just bigger. Personally, I don't like the Mylar panels - they don't stretch with the rest of the fabric, Some will like them, some don't. With the correct rods, it can be flown down into the 2-3 mph range, but still a lot of work to do so. Light wind flying in general usually is - there are no "freebies", it's all about technique, not just equipment. PS: I usually fly a Zen (same size as a 1) now. but had used my 1 with race rods for light winds. 2. The Blast 2-4 is from the "power kite" side of the family. Meant as a hard pulling kite designed I believe, to be an "engine" for buggies and boards. While designed to do everything any Rev will do, prepare to be pulled hard unless flown in lighter winds. My first "real" Rev was a 1, still have it and fly it some. Closing in on 20 years old!! 1.5s are now my kite of choice. That size lends itself to many of the improvements made over the years. Look at any line, flying team, and you will see almost always, a group of 1.5s flying together. One of the reasons they are made in several models - adapt sails to wind conditions! Which you decide to get is up to what you are looking for in your kite flying experience - more precision or more pull - your choice!
  15. B-Series STD Package (11/10/15)

    Dream?? Dream?? Like Aerosmith once said - "Dream On!!"