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  1. For those that like a more "active" glider - the Urban Ninja is pretty hot. Open plans to make them yourself or if you know someone that will make one. Kind of a mix of fighter and glider, you have to fly it all the time. No "set and forget" kite !
  2. I also have used the "magic sticks", got them in kit form from the Shook's at Flying Smiles Kites. Stiffened the frame up even more, plus made "flipping a wing" impossible to do. The truss lines won't allow the kite to do that! Also why they get called "sissy sticks", you can let the truss works prevent it, or learn better control without them! LOL!!
  3. Flipping a wing usually is a sign of over control. Kite might fly in light winds, but you still have to learn to be gentle. Big kite too, not everyone likes it. Fits my style well and I'm one of the few on the West Coast that loves mine. Still takes a gentle hand. Try under controlling and adding more as needed, instead of too much and needing to back off. If you can - try a stiffer frame. I use a hybrid of mixed rods - 2 wrap center, race wing ends, Zen rod verticals. The wrap/race LE keeps the sail from deforming at the center so much. Plus side - my combo dropped about 12-14 grams of weight! As soon as the winds get to 5-6 mph - time to reach for a standard sail! Any of the Rev 1 rods interchange with the Zen.
  4. Last time I looked in the shop to compare prices (2 years ago), they averaged out at around $400.00 each and there were 4 or 5 models. So that meant they were roughly the same price as the then "B" pros made by Bazzer. At the time it was only $100 difference in getting a full set of them vs the Revs. Not sure of any current pricing or availability.
  5. Explain? Do you mean it likes to "flip a wing" when reversing? Still use the stock frame?
  6. Rods are now identified by the # of feathers on the label, as well as the text description. 2 wrap frame = 2 feathers, 3 wrap = 3 feathers, etc. LE means Leading edge - the 3 pieces that form the long edge, not a complete frame! SLE was a descriptive term used for a different sort of LE - Super Leading Edge - fatter in diameter than the regular 1/4" rods (7/16" I think). Anyway not being used on logos anymore. A sail with that on it is older and been in stock a while. On the frame names - Professional Use only = 2 wraps, UL (ultra light) = 3 wraps, Rev equipped = 4 wraps. Race frames have a flame on the label.
  7. No - just expensive!
  8. Update - Tried my diamond frame - worked fine! Still waiting on the SS rods.
  9. Nice having rod interchangeability! As a team flier, we are always trying to come up with a common setup. That way one kite doesn't rocket off, while the others are dragging behind. Using different frames is one way to customize the setup for team unity. Just remember that any 1.5 frame will fit in any 1.5 sail!
  10. I do both - as I am a team flier, but also do solo and duets., So my "style" is always a mix of the 2. Team + duet is very controlled and choreographed, solo - I just let it hang out.
  11. Since I've really only flown Rev rods for years, I can't compare the SS rods to them yet. Getting some P-100s to put in it in a couple weeks, then I'll have a better idea of what they feel like. Until then, all the Rev frames I listed will fit. If you have any of them, they will fit and work just fine. PS: Awesome kite BTW!! PSS: I flew both the Ashes and std this last weekend, both on race rods - SWEET!!
  12. Are you getting it as sail only? One of my team mates has 2- one framed in P-90, one in P-100, both SkyShark rods. I have used my Rev Bl. Race rods in mine and will try my diamond frame if conditions allow. Probably could even use a 2 wrap. All of them seem to work!!
  13. Birthday? Someone has a birthday? Happy Birthday John! So very glad to have met you and to call you my friend!!
  14. Ditch the Kevlar unless you are 100% sure you will be flying alone! Stuff is brutal around any other line and will cut people down! Use LPG or Skybond or Shanti Speed for them instead! Good lines, a bit expensive, but if you cut someone down using that Kevlar, you will know how the other guy feels!
  15. So you have the Rev? Stored like that, there should be no problem - unless you have old Kevlar lines!! OK for solo flying, just don't try flying them with others or you will cut lines! Usually characterized by a tan color, not white or faded white. The synergy is no longer in production, I would very carefully inspect all the fittings for wear or brittleness. Some fittings from that era degraded over time - check thoroughly! The Rev and the synergy, while both quads, fly completely different. I would choose to learn the Rev, as it is the most commonly used. Handles are measured using the blank before bending - 13" handles would be just over 12' after bending. The blanks are all given as "odd" sizes - 11", 13", 15" - the finished handles are just a bit shorter. Back to the Rev - do you know the model and/or make? Lots of different sails with multiple venting options out there. Too vented means low wind won't be strong enough, full sail can be too much if it blows too much, I suggest getting it out, setting it up, and posting some pix. We can then provide more detailed info! Don't forget a close up of the lines!