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  1. Who else will come?

    Hi, sorry Cal this is not really correct. There were 3 Teams competing last period in Germany. 1. Watnu 2. Respect 3. Garuda But, WATNU (National Champion) wasn`t qualified, because "Respect" did reach more "Judges-Points" in that period (???). So they have been asked first to go to Berck. But they did not compete at the EC in Cervia, so WATNU (2nd at EC) was qualified for the WSKC. Even after "Respect" said: no we can`t come to Berck because ... . Garuda was not asked. Hope you understand this more than I do. Best Winds Stefan
  2. Who else will come?

    Hi all, isn`t it a litle bit sad that there is only one Team from Germany? Whats the matter? 3 from Japan, 2 from France, 2 from UK. Does somebody know anything about that? Best Winds Stefan
  3. Who else will come?

    Hi, on the "worldsportkite" website are teams for Berck sur Mer 2006 updated that are members of STACK, AKA or AJASKA. I`am missing the others. What about Argentina, Columbia, Malaysia? Greets Stefan Team WATNU