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  1. From the album OkinawaFlyer

  2. From the album OkinawaFlyer

    I bought this almost a year ago, but never had the courage to take it out on it's first flight over Okinawa. Today, July 15, 2012, was the day and I must say that my JB 1.5 stacked had more pull that the Prism P3. Just trying to take a picture on "solo" was a bit challenging.
  3. From the album OkinawaFlyer

  4. From the album OkinawaFlyer

    Trying to fly with one hand, while the other trying to take a photo.
  5. From the album OkinawaFlyer

    My second Rev, nicknamed "old blue."
  6. Yes, I am only a few minutes from Camp Foster.
  7. From the album OkinawaFlyer

  8. From the album OkinawaFlyer

  9. From the album OkinawaFlyer

    This is one of our local friend in Okinawa Japan flying a Rev for the second time and he did very well.
  10. From the album OkinawaFlyer

  11. From the album OkinawaFlyer

    7 Jul 2012, Okinawa Japan. The wind was pretty good and it was some serious pull flying these JB 1.5's. The only way I could share some photos is to take a video and do a snapshot pictures afterwards.
  12. From the album OkinawaFlyer

  13. From the album OkinawaFlyer

  14. Thanks Baloo, Okinawa does have numerous shops that sell fishing related items. I'll definitely consider visiting those shops and see what they have.
  15. Hello everyone, I need some assistance. In the past I purchased a Rev II from someone and I also received a set of 11" handles with it. I never used them because I already have another set all ready to go. Recently, I took them (handles) out of the bag and put them to use. Initially, they felt different and after looking closely, I noticed that the type of foam cushioning is different. It wasn't the normal firm foam cushioning that I am accustom to. They are very soft and after using them with my shockwave, I could feel the tubes of the handles directly with the palm of my hands through the foam cushioning. Completely different feelings all throughout the flight. Now, I don't just want to get rid of them. I am looking to see if I could purchase the correct type of foam and replace the ones that are currently on the handles as they truly feel ackward. Any ideas, thoughts, guidance from anyone. By the way, my geographical location is a challenge as I am currently located in Okinawa Japan. Thank you in advance!