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  1. KAP Camera

    I am thinking of obtaining a camera for KAP work. I think what I would like would be a point and shoot, preferably one with an interval timer built in. Any suggestions? Thanks, TucsonBill
  2. Kymera (10/25/11)

    To Do List 1. Revise acceptance post I didn't get to use for the Rev. Go CHARGERS!!!!!
  3. B-Series STD Package (9/27/11)

    I really feel bad for all you nice folks! Gotta go and draft my acceptance post now! Tucson Bill Oh Yea, Go Chargers, Go Packers, Go Broncos, Go whoever is playing the Cowboys!
  4. Crossfire (8/12/11)

    Congrats Jason, Enjoy!!
  5. Who is your favorite kite shop at the moment?

    I bought most of my kites from Cutting Edge Kites in Ocean Shores, WA. Checked their website a couple of days ago and it does not seem to work anymore. Does anyone know if they have gone out of business?
  6. Crossfire (8/12/11)

    John, Guess I have the same question as Kruski! Where be my subscriber # located? TucsonBill
  7. Crossfire (8/12/11)

    I donate my numbers to TucsonBill, good luck. Thanks Baloo!
  8. Crossfire (8/12/11)

    I'm Here!! I just subscribed to Kitelife! I am sitting in the Harbor Inn Motel in Brookings, OR. Attended the SOKF this last weekend and had a great time. There were some fantastic flyers on the field. Saturday was a bit damp, but Sunday shaped up really well! Tucson Bill
  9. TucsonBill