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  1. Kymera (1/15/12)

    For all MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! SMOOTH WINDS.... time to ... FLY a Kymera... ... in 2012. A R E M Y K - (K y m e r a In reverse means) - All Round Excitement . MY Kymera!!
  2. Holiday's... ;)

    Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all
  3. Kymera (1/15/12)

    Great....from 2006 to 2009 to 2011 back in 2012 ....
  4. Video: Revopolo VTD

    Nice video and Nice Fly too... a rev's originality stamp is beyond a pilot's expectations. My favourites is still the JB pro series and this Revpolo could be listed as one of my favourites too . Thanks for the share John. )
  5. Gobble, gobble. :)

    Happy Thanksgiving!!! and Happy Gobble, all :-)
  6. Learning to fly

    I totally agree to this sentence here by Stroke Survivor. (PS: We're always learning something new, never think you have it all figured out!!! It's part of the fun!!) It's definitely true and every pilot will generally grown into his or her own styling but still hold firm to the basic principles of how to fly a Revolution kite. I attended the IQuad Clinic in Singapore, I've noticed that it's never about comparison of who's better. Flying individually, It all go down to the bottom line whereby the pilot must be confident and plan what to do before his or her fly. This minimizes the mistakes and you'll gain a lot more after doing the same thing again and again to really get your own original flying technique. Style of the finger as you mention from Joe, I've applied both his and John's method and frankly speaking both techniques comes handy when you know when to apply in different wind conditions. It's a matter of patience and practice. most important is the lines equalization check and wind factor. Kitelife has a lot of tutorials on this performed by John, it does helps me a lot when i first started flying a Quad line kite. Happy flying and smooth winds to all..
  7. B-Series Mid-Vent Package (12/5/11)

    Wow.. great indeed as from my point of view, the kite itself is great. May not be as the Pro JB series thou but still Revolution kites are the best to fly for any stages. lovely color too... :-)