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      Our goal is to develop and assemble a comprehensive list of all kites ever produced, either in the mainstream (Rev, Quantum Pro, Beetle, etc) or specialty (AeroStar, California WASP, Sea Devil)... From Rainbows, Skynasaurs and Peter Powells to Psychos, Geminis and Vipers, let's see 'em all! There is a single line section too of course, and we'd love to see it grow too, even though it isn't our strongest area of knowledge. Want to add a kite to the archives? It's easy! . Add a new topic with the kite name as Topic Title and the manufacturer name as Topic Description... Looks like:
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      . Thanks folks, I'm looking forward to watching this archive grow!
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      Welcome to the our kite archives, a growing listing of all kites produced on a commercial or specialty level, with as much info as we can find including (when available) MFR link(s), YouTube videos, photos and essential product info. Members are encouraged to add their own reviews, modifications, tips, photos, videos, stories and history for any of the kites. All submissions will be held for admin approval. Click the "Advanced" link next to our search box on this page to search for kite(s) by name or manufacturer, be sure to select the kite archives category under "Find in forum".
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  1. Issue 7: Berrow Buggies

  2. Kite Buggy Equipment

    Kent is right about getting used too the kite in the buggy first. I did the same thing when I started, but I soon realised that my wrist and arms hurt like hell! So I soon looked around for a harness, and as Kent said, many were designed for kite surfing rather than the buggy. I have moved on to harness # 3 but that's not bad going in 17yrs of buggying! I wore out my first simple waist harness, the hook being made of a composit material. My second was more a kite surf design but it was a snug fit and was OK in the buggy. This lasted me over 10yrs, but I a couple of years ago I purchased a Libre buggy harness which allows for so much more body movement. I have used both types of spreader bar, roller and hook. for a 4 line power kite with handles and a strop line, then the roller is less of a struggle, but I found I had to modify the bar, as the strop line would sometimes fall out of the roller when the kiteline pressure dropped. This is less of a problem with a hook, I found pulling the stropline through the hook a bit of a struggle, though there are ways round this. As I now fly de-power I use the hook, as this is no longer a problem as the system is different. In Europe we fly mainly on a harness, be it fun, free-style or racing, as the power is transfered through the body, giving you effortless buggy time and extending your day....which can only be a good thing! If you can, try out as many harnesses as possible, and when your happy buy it! I couldn't buggy, for as long as I do in a day at my age without one:) regards, Steve Walt Webb, BBC No 79. UK