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  1. 2015 NW Casual Clinic | Feb 21, 2015

    Hey John, is this clinic literally for anyone? Or is it more geared toward a certain skill level? Terry mentioned that I should get some time on a dual line... so perhaps this would be a good opportunity for that...
  2. Whats your favourite video to introduce the dark side?

    Ahhhhh, I just figured it out... this is van der Graaf, correct?
  3. Whats your favourite video to introduce the dark side?

    WHHAAAAAAAT?!?! This guy is an amazing pilot! He moves so quick, it's nuts! I kinda want to see a picture in picture of him and his kite...
  4. Karma - Fighter Kite and Stakeholder 10/22/2014

    I'M IN!!! Why are there only four people participating in this?!?! Clearly they don't know what they're missing! Good luck!
  5. Whats your favourite video to introduce the dark side?

    River Play has always been my favorite solo kite video to show off! And for team flying, I typically will ask someone to choose between the songs 'Bohemian Rhapsody' and 'Raiders March'... then entertain them accordingly. And last but not least, you gotta let them hear the calling.
  6. B pro for a newbie

    Agreed! I avoided the Line Management tutorial for a couple of months because I didn't want to sit through it for 10 minutes. What a mistake that was! When I finally did watch it, I was kicking myself for not watching it sooner. It really is a huge time saver! Trust us!
  7. Karma - UV Buff 9/30/2014

    I'm in!!! Good idea for a prize!
  8. Canadian Karma Draw

    Three of us!!! I'll play.
  9. ABS Quad

    Lam let me fly his ABS Standard today and I really like it! In the low wind we had, it certainly launched much more easily than my B Series Pro STD I had just been struggling to keep up. The ABS takes some getting used to, but just a couple of minutes and once you have the hang of it, it's great to fly. I had a bit of a hard time holding my inverted hover, but I'm used to flying with lots of brake, and Lam's kite was not set up like that. There were also a set of new handles attached to the kite which Lam just designed & made, so that may have affected my hover. They are quite different than typical Rev handles, quite comfortable, very lightweight, AND they have a built-in winder!!! In addition to the nice way the ABS flies, it has some other great features, such as no knotted bungees sticking out at the top & bottom of your verticals, or at either end of the leading edge. I love this feature because I'm often having to free my lines from getting caught in these "sloppy knotted sticking out everywhere in my damn way" bungees on my Rev. Hope this helps!
  10. West Coast Rev Clinic 2013?!?!

    This video puts me in my happy place... that day of beach flying with the 3 of you remains to be my best flying experience ever! So much fun... sunburn and all.
  11. Group flying: Don't turn down the chance!

    This link was the best thing I ever found! I have it saved on my phone and I refer to it ALL THE TIME! When I met Mike Kory (the author) at WSIKF this year, I actually felt starstruck for a minute. (lol) I don't think he knew I was serious when I told him how much I adored this manual, and that I have read it and referred to it countless times. It was so satisfying to be able to thank him for creating such an amazing reference tool! My only piece of advice... don't let page 19 intimidate you. As a matter of fact, I'd recommend ignoring it completely, for now anyway. It hurts my brain.
  12. Short Line Flying on walkways/streets/pathways

    I love everything about this post!!! Haha! (Except for your new suspicion of being an over sheeter, with limited whump, of course.)
  13. West Coast Rev Clinic 2013?!?!

    Soooo... how many instructors will u have?
  14. West Coast Rev Clinic 2013?!?!

    Get yours yet?
  15. West Coast Rev Clinic 2013?!?!

    Sweet! This means u're for sure coming, right Cody? Looks like I may be going solo so how 'bout I pick ya up & we carpool?