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  1. I agree with everyone here. Dual line kites is a matter of moving backward and pumping the kite to gain lift in light winds and walk forward (sometimes run) to stall and slow it. Being a dual line and quad line flier, i sometimes mix (brain part lol) the flying characteristics of both and start walking forward with my Revs to stall or launch my duals with thumbs to shoulder lol. Get the basics first Joel. Proper launching and landings, stalls, straight (REAL STRAIGHT) lines, sharp corners. Then move to the stall and slides to get the fine movement required for the next level which is tricking. Also as the other friends said, get the widest area you can fly in and choose a good wind day to avoid frustrations
  2. This is the missing kite in my bag It will fit PERFECTLY between my full sail and Vented B series
  3. From whatever shop you are buying (perhaps pm me for the names) see the difference between them but shipping will be same anyway. For me it will be the Hypnotist over the Quantum
  4. Hi welgonzales, welcome to the forum and to the sport. As you can see, there are numerous models and make out there but if your heart has set on the Quantum, then go for it. But i would ask myself some questions before ordering... You said that shipping is costly so whichever model/brand you take, it will be same right. How are the winds there in your flying areas and spots and how consistent it is in your flying time...this is something some overlook and get frustrated after the purchase and blame the kite.. Keep in mind that the Quantum needs a good 8-10mph / 12kmh to fly nice and learn the basics. It is indeed a good started kite and tough enough to take beginners abuse. Depending on your learning speed, you may find the kite limited to your skills and will want to upgrade (it will come sooner or later if you are serious about kite flying lol) I will save some more $$$ and wait some weeks or one month and get the hypnotist instead. Fly in same wins range (perhaps a bit lower due to larger sail) is tough too and is slower which is what you want to learn the basics. Will get you to the tricks world with his packed tricks capabilities and you will have loads of flying time to learn on it while saving enough to upgrade in a year or so. I have the hypnotist too and other kites and it gets out regularly when i have the perfect wind for it. Take you time, browse the forum for other/older posts before ordering. We know how it is when we want a new toy lol but the wait will be worth it.. Good luck B
  5. Hoodoo, looks like you are having fun out there So flying vertically up from the ground and then slack on the line so the kite will lean on it's back just like on the ground? With the line lying on the lower spreaders? If this is what you did, then you did your first Turtle position. Now while in this position and you tug on one line, the kite will turn, bringing the nose towards you and then complete the rotation, then the kite will take it's normal position then fly, this will be a lazy susan Ohh yesss you did it Before going too far in tricks Hoodoo, i will suggest you get your hands and master the basic, proper stall in any part of the window and the ability to side slide your kite from one side of the wind window to another keeping the same altitude..Things will get even more easy later (believe me on this ) Now talk about what kite you are flying..would like to know the history (perhaps you already did somewhere here, but am too lazy to browse lol) Have fun and Good winds ever to you B
  6. Hi Terry, Welcome here and to Rev flying...It's John job to get people hooked to this I am from Mauritius and the only 4 line kite flyer here..the next pilot is in South Africa lol I learned so much from JB tutorials and practice practice practice..that's all can help till the next festival Have fun and take care B
  7. Hi all Dark Siders Has been reading this on our sister forum for some time and waited till for the site to be more complete before sharing here. So John has been doing a great job (he is a Rev historian anyway lol) in searching all these infos and compiled this into a very nice website. Very simple and easy to browse, you will get all the infos you were missing from your favorite kites. The site is getting completed slowly (bear with him) as there is much to write on these kites. Revolution History Good Reading B
  8. Hey dprod Welcome to this fabulous world of kites.. Whether single, dual, quads, or any sort of kite you can think of, have fun with it For the Nexus, it is a little rapid fellow and like the medium winds better. Rapid here means not only in flight but in tricking. I managed myself some backspins and 540 with it but thing get really rapid and sometimes not enough time to appreciate the tricks..but it is really nice to fly it on the supplied lines. I would advise you get the LE tensioners off and replace them with a bridle line..not to tight but enough to tension the LE. This will help you deal with tips wraps that you will encounter in your learning curve and unwrapping will be easier too. Have fun and good winds to you B
  9. Nice location, nice shot and nice kite
  10. Welcome Dave Those who has never grabbed the lines/handles will never understand you... You have another family here and even being miles miiiiiiillllllleees away, we are a very closed knit family.. Again Welcome Dave B
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