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  1. Quad handle types and line brands

    Going back to the OP's question about snagless handles, I recently bought some Asian gold anodized handles and for the most part I really like them. The size, feel, and look are fine. The problem I have is with the leaders - they are too short. I tried to remove them and attach a pair of TK's leaders but could not fit them thru the hole in the handles. Was wondering if anyone else has run into the same problem? I'm going to take them back home and ream out the hole with the drill press. That should make them work but it would be nice to find a set of handles that works out of the box. It seems Walt is no longer making the Rev snagless handles - I can't even find them for sale anymore. Given that, what are people buying when they don't want to use the drywall trick with their original handles?
  2. Software to Diagram Team Routines

    @Wayne Dowler Just got back in town and tested the download on WInDoze - works fine. Seems like there may be an issue with your PC.
  3. Quad spar weights @ 31” length

    Sweet - thanks for pointing me to your writeup.
  4. Quad spar weights @ 31” length

    Now that I have a few extraneous diamond rods laying around, I may try to work up some kind of recoil test using them (won't hurt my feelings if they snap). Seems like a rotary encoder and lever arm might be able to measure recoil - just need to make sure the data acquisition is fast enough to capture the spring back. Hmmmmmmm.... Glad to hear you are using SkyShark on the Djinn - that's where my money is going these days too. Looking forward to the first order of Djinn's
  5. Software to Diagram Team Routines

    Sorry Wayne - it'll be a couple days before I have access to a WinDoze machine, but when I do I'll check the zip to see if there is a problem.
  6. Quad spar weights @ 31” length

    Very interesting information - wondering if anyone has set standards for measuring the other 3 factors mentioned? In principle, stiffness could probably be quantified by cantilevering the rod, hanging a standardized weight from the end, and then measuring deflection. Not sure how to measure recoil, but I inadvertently tested my diamond frame for resilience a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, that was a destructive test
  7. Software to Diagram Team Routines

    Really enjoying the dialog and ideas. If you are interested in SynFig Studio, you might want to take a look at the attached file. It has a few maneuvers I threw together on a rainy day over the holidays. It is still a bit rough, but it was enough to convince me this approach has merit. Kites .zip
  8. Software to Diagram Team Routines

    Good point on the ball burst - changing the number of participants will definitely change the overall structure of the kites. I was thinking something a bit simpler - for instance having 3 people flying synchronized diamond patterns. Adding a 4th to that pattern should be as simple as copy paste; unfortunately, from what I've seen it is much more involved than that.
  9. Software to Diagram Team Routines

    BTW: I really appreciate people sharing their thoughts on this topic - there might be more community interest than I originally thought.
  10. Software to Diagram Team Routines

    @dragonfish Let me preface my comments with the statement I am far from an expert in Synfig Studios, but from what I've learned so far it is not an easy thing to reuse maneuvers. Yes, you can insert scripted maneuvers into a sequence of other maneuvers, but there is no easy way to do things like copy a single kite path to a second kite following the same basic pattern but shifted left or right. This means maneuvers I script for a team of 3 would require heavy manipulation to scale up to a team of 4 or 6. While I have not done this yet, I believe the pace of a routine can be sped up/slowed down to match music. I'll try to make time to explore this more in depth since I'd like to know that too.
  11. Software to Diagram Team Routines

    Thanks Hasek, I refer to those two sources often. They are both very helpful.
  12. Software to Diagram Team Routines

    I would really like to see a library we can pull maneuvers from. We've flown with JB several times now and it is always helpful, but I gotta admit I easily forget the names he uses. Unfortunately, I've even forgotten some of the routines. Having a library we can refer to (and possibly use for orchestrating routines) would be a big benefit.
  13. Software to Diagram Team Routines

    Not a bad idea - I'd be willing to toss in a few hours to an open source project. For me, the big thing is whether "the community" would find it useful? I'm glad to know there are a few of us this appeals to, but I kind of suspect the vast majority of users may not find it as useful as we would. It'll be interesting to see who else posts on this thread.
  14. Software to Diagram Team Routines

    Thanks Wayne - I'd definitely prefer to use Adobe After Effects over Adobe Animate (the old Flash Pro). The only downside is After Effects is $20/month - a bit pricey if you don't have other uses for it.
  15. Software to Diagram Team Routines

    Wow, that is exactly what I am trying to accomplish. As with many other things, Watty has far exceeded what I was able to do. I'd be really interested to know what software he used to put that together and how much effort it was.