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  1. Berck International Kite Festival XXVI

    On the beach at Berck, France More info at Event includes World Sport Kite Championships IX (WSKC 2012)
  2. World Sport Kite Championships (WSKC) 2012

    World Sport Kite Championship IX (WSKC 2012) - Dual Line Teams: Berck, France. The competition takes place on 10/11/12 April 2012 within the Berck International Kite Festival, Friday 06 April - Sunday 15 April. More details at
  3. Feb.06.2011MK flight with Team EZO.jpg

    Brrrrrr! Komuro-san, you'll freeze your . . . er . . . ears off!
  4. Feb.06.2011MK ZEN kiss .jpg

    Looks like a cold kiss!
  5. Feb.06.2011MK flight with Team EZO 2.jpg

    Naughty Komuro-San! Never fly kites near power lines!!