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  1. Hah! Hah! Ho! Hum!
  2. To keep a delta or other kite from overflying, do one of the following: • Attach the line on the delta's keel or kite's bridle closer to the tail! (Attaching closer to the nose tends to cause overflight and should be used only in higher winds where overflight is no problem.) • Attach drag to the tail end of the kite. Drag can be anything that catches the wind— flat tails, tube tails, fuzzy tails, drogue, spinner, wind sock, etc. Attaching to the spine will steer the kite into the wind most efficiently. Attaching two identical tails to the kite wingtips is possible if perfectly balanced, but a fuzzy tail looped from one wingtip to the other maintains equal drag at all times (and uses half the sky of long tails— good for crowded fests). Attaching weight or drag to the line (laundry) anywhere below the tow point does nothing to cure overflight and may actually encourage it by effectively shortening the tow line, lessening the distance the kite must fly to achieve its overfly angle! Do one of the methods mentioned above! Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
  5. Ok, I've got my tickets! However, I noticed that when you draw the winning number, I will be in the Rockies at 12,000 ft chillin' my ass. Since there is no tent phone service or mail delivery on the side of the mountain, I'm going to have to ask you to hold my kite until September when I come back down to sea level. I appreciate it ever so much, thanks a bunch!
  6. Aww! Nice sentiment! I hope you and every other subscriber are so lucky as to come in a close second! There. That makes me feel better. ;-{>
  7. Oh, boy! Red! To match my eyes in the morning!
  8. … or somethin'!
  9. John lives on the west coast. It's still midnight there… or somethin'!
  10. I hope my technique is better than your friends in the video, but, yes, it feels like that sometimes!
  11. It really does lift once you get it up! And hard to walk down in winds over 20 mph. Go big on the line!
  12. I don't know what you mean by "bold" line, but I had the Killip on a white 1/4" 1,100-lb line, with the fish kites/laundry run up it on a black 500-lb line. (I wish I had put the Killip on an 1,800-lb line because the winds rose from a little under 15 knots to more than 22, gusting to 24! The larger rope would have been much easier to handle when walking the kite down sideways on the narrow beach.) For scale, the pink shark kite is 20' long, and the black fish (24' long kite) is only half way up the white line. Technically, the Killip is not lifting here, but providing a rock-steady taut line to keep my fish corralled on a crowded beach of flyers. The fish kites and laundry were difficult enough to pull down in the high winds without fighting the Killip at the same time.
  13. Looks too cool, but the commute would kill me!
  14. I have a Tony Killip 90 (Premier) that is a great showpiece and a monster lifter! I've had it a year and I am thrilled— it pulls like a truck and is as stable as a rock!