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  1. B-Series VTD Package (2/25/16)

    Purple! To match my eyes!
  2. B-Series STD **ready to fly** 1/1/16

    Whoa, Stephen! You already have too many Revs! Besides, this one's not "vintage" and you don't want to spend 30 years making it so. Maybe you should pass this one on to me? Well, I thought it was a good idea. ;-{> Enjoy!
  3. B-Series STD Package (11/10/15)

    Idle altruism, SparkieRob, because the fix is IN! RNG is gonna pick me because I have showered [emoji183]RNG[emoji183] with [emoji183]RNG[emoji183] gifts of [emoji183]RNG[emoji183] rings! We're IN-gaged![emoji179]
  4. Assistance Needed

    Box kites can be rock-steady in 20+ mph winds and can be scaled up to lift any KAP rig. There are many different kinds of box kites. Using a GoPro or other camera with a waterproof casing will take the worry out of wind shifts or other anomalies that might dunk your rig.
  5. B-Series STD Package (11/10/15)

    Yeah, but now I have to sit by the phone for a whole month! Just waitin'. Sippin' coffee. Wipin' tears.
  6. B-Series STD Package (11/10/15)

    Reef Runner, you just pooped on my morning. I guess I'll go make coffee. [emoji477]️
  7. B-Series STD Package (11/10/15)

    Can we talk about making it 10/11/15?
  8. B-Series STD Package (11/10/15)

    [emoji354][emoji353]️[emoji355]️ 4 U 2 [emoji338] me a month early! Why wait on these sleepyheads?
  9. B-Series STD Package (11/10/15)

    [emoji521] U up yet? Why [emoji220] U callin' me?
  10. B-Series STD Package (11/10/15)

    RNG, RNG! Avon calling!
  11. B-Series STD Package (11/10/15)

    You West Coast dude, John! Get out of the sack and draw my number! It's almost 8 am in Texas!
  12. B-Series STD Package (11/10/15)

    [emoji443]Oh what a beautiful morning![emoji445] Making room in my kite bag for my new purple rev! Can't wait! [emoji443]RNG! RNG! You're the gal for me![emoji445]
  13. B-Series STD Package (11/10/15)

    You guys think you know RNG? Here's the dope!
  14. B-Series STD Package (11/10/15)

    In all the years that I have subscribed, I have NEVER won anything, ever! ([emoji246]tears) Choke! Sniff! (More [emoji246] tears) [blatant attempt to wring sympathy from RNG]