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  1. London, Ontario, Canada... can't seem to bring it up.. guess its only for the US?
  2. Do that roaming and adventuring thing now. Life is a blink and you don't want to miss it. If you think of coming to southwestern Ontario, you'd have a place to stay here in Dorchester.
  3. Simple... I like simple. Thanks for the work on this. I also use "WindAlert" and "Accuweathr" iphone apps.
  4. We (Time On The Line) had our first International Indoor Fun Fly this July... members of our group and two from Illinois flew together for the day. While most flew single line kites (Walas, WalaXL, Laimas, emongs, iFlites, large gliders, Air-Yos) one member had his dual line indoor kite there too.<br /><br />
  5. We have the support of our town community centre... $3/person for two hours (sometimes longer if nobody is coming in behind us). During the summer months we get to use the ice pads when the ice is out. Once they start turning on the compressors and getting the pad ready for the hockey season, we move back in to the large gymnasium where we fly once a week, every week, for the rest of the year. We have a group of 11 who may or may not all be there each week to fly. Once we're back in the gymnasium, we take turns flying to the tunes. We all fly single line gliders, one of our group is teaching himself dual line.
  6. I've resisted buying a wind meter... and now I don't feel I need one. I watch the trees, the grass, and just generally have developed a sense of when to fly and what to fly. I did download "WindAlert" on my iphone and check it before I go out. After that, I am one with the wind.
  7. And another video of a few members of "Time On The Line" flying in the Dorchester arena (ice is out for the summer)...
  8. We love indoor single line gliders ... Wala's, iFlite's, eMong's, Laima's.
  9. Nobody in our group has a ZeroG or Plutz... but we do have a few eMong gliders (Flying Wings kites) and the Laima bird single line indoor kites (again a Flying Wings kite). We're pretty lucky to have the support of our community centre.. we can fly for $3/person each week. We want to keep our spot and be visible so we fly all year round at the centre. In the winter we use the new gymnasium, and in the summer we use the arenas when they take the ice out. I'm going to post a few pictures in our FB group Time On The Line. I really like flying the 120' lines better than the 90'... I did get to fly with a friend down in South Padre Island, Texas. He taught me how to do the lazy S together. I loved the feeling as the lines crossed over.
  10. I fly weekly indoors (2-3 hours every Wednesday) with a group (Time On The Line)... we all fly single line Walas and iFlites and other glider type of kites. I try to get to the outdoor kites as often as I can but this spring we've had a ton of rain and now the thunderstorms are kicking up a fuss. Today I got out and flew my dual lines at the soccer fields and then moved across town to a hayfield which has just been "shorn" to fly my rev for another hour and a half. I fly outdoors alone... nobody around town to fly outside with yet... but a few other indoor fliers have just purchased rev's and so will be out there with me soon.
  11. I would love to come for a workshop with Fang... but you're there on the west coast and here I am in southwestern Ontario (waiting for the "Sandy" winds to hit their highest tonight). I'm not sure where to tie the line ... at the moment I've looped it around the stem of the reel.
  12. I haven't made any adjustments to the wala .. although while using the reel i did take off the 10' tail that I usually fly with indoors. Our group flies together on Wednesday mornings and we have two new fliers so I didn't get a chance to play with the reel then. But Monday morning I will give it another go.
  13. I am determined to use this reel and fly with it... going to the gym on Monday again to give it another go.. at least with a Wala on the end.
  14. good thing... wish I could type as fast as I think... not thing... well... think...