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  1. Best Kite for Tails (non SLK)?

    Looking sharp there!
  2. Why do you fly kite?

    To prove "we don't need no stinking wind" indoors or not!
  3. Drone Fliers being arrested.

    Knew about the RC planes.. Learned that kites were a no no in San Diego while trying to fly at Coronado beach. The Navy Seals train there, and have an airfield at the end of the island. While I wasn't arrested, I was shut down and warned very quickly. Very.
  4. Magic Sticks Review

    Damn smartphone! I can't see that one on my end
  5. Magic Sticks Review

    Yeah, I know. Seen them on dualies like you described. Still looks heavier than magic sticks to me! Now I'm wondering if they can be removed from the ABS without affecting the performance...Wish my fire emoji would show
  6. Peter Powell Triple Sky Stunter (7/1/14)

    Congrats DH !!
  7. Magic Sticks Review

    Hehe since they are built in to the ABS, it seems like they aren't just required, but are a must.Those loops look heavy compared to magic sticks! Hmmm... "sissy sticks"... "lame loops"
  8. Skybond Now

    Wearing out LPG might have to do with beach flying.. my 120s are 2.5 years old now, and still look fairly new. I have been to the beach only twice on these lines, oh and Antelope Island twice. Anyways nice to hear more positive feedback about SkyBond. Does it perform well when used in team situations mixed with LPG?
  9. Wanted - Jest Of Eve - Talon

    Are you looking for a new one by chance?
  10. Pros cons 15 " vs 13" quad handles

    I would have to say there aren't really pros and cons between the 2 lengths. Just a matter of what feels right, as many above have already said. 13s for me, all conditions, most Revs (indoor/B/speed/Zen). Have 15s, tried 17s... don't like at all, any conditions. Not fond 11s either.
  11. Why do you fly kite?

    I fly kites because I wasn't born with wings of my own.
  12. Magic Sticks .. the next level

    Argh every time I mess with my LEDs, taping the battery to the light, then to the sail, all I can think is GEE I NEED A 3D PRINTER
  13. Magic Sticks .. the next level

    You can shed about half the weight of each light (2 grams+ usually) by removing the housings and taping the battery to the LED contacts when needed to be on.
  14. B2 / Rev 2

    mystainedskin is right about slack line fun with the B2 being off the chart! And so easy to do in low wind, because the B2 won't hang on to less wind in the first place
  15. B2 / Rev 2

    I can drag the B2 around from 0 on up, but I literally mean drag... my sail/LE just sheets the wind so fast. I will admit it can be a problem with my control, but I cannot hold a hover below 7 mph, until I get some curve in the LE. It can be fun to fly in this manner but with my chance at precision reduced in the low low wind, I'm looking for other options. I'm steering away from magic sticks too, I don't want a stiffer sail. The B2 has a higher weight to sail ratio compared to the 1.5 B already.. I flew a Rev 2 at KP and it was so much looser than my B2. It's my belief that the single skin had less seams which saves weight, and was therefore more flexible to boot. However, even that flew stiff with the 1/4" rod. I think any one of many changes could be made that would help me fly it better in 1-6 mph, but the rod tech is at the top of my list to start with.