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  1. Screening Question

    I've only flown an indoor, once. But Joe recently said that an experienced pilot could easily overcome whatever variances the lack of mesh causes.
  2. Rev 1.5 sle standoffs

    I only have sticks on my Shook. Rich loaned me one of his Shooks and it had them on there and I really liked the way the kite handled so naturally when I got mine, I put the sticks on.
  3. Maxi vented rev

    Xtra vent, Shook 130%, and a Vickie are the high wind Rev options. Bazzer makes a couple and Freiline or however it's spelled makes a Max for high winds.
  4. Karma Flexifoil Stacker 8/14/17

    Congrats Mitch!! Enjoy it brother!!
  5. E-cigs ? Vaping ?

    Currently using (2) RX300's with a TFV12's @ 175 watts. An Elabo tank @70 watts on a Predator 228 and a few other devices.
  6. Karma Flexifoil Stacker 8/14/17

    This is a sweet ride. I have a 5 stack of 4' flexi 's that I've only stacked two of them once and something wasn't right. I think I need this to make a 6 stack.. And some stacking instructions lol
  7. Looking for a tutorial on bridle replacement (found)

    Lol, back when I only had an exp it didn't have a wind rating.. I've flown it in 30 before.
  8. Looking for a tutorial on bridle replacement (found)

    Doesn't take long and the video makes it easier.
  9. Looking for a tutorial on bridle replacement (found)

  10. Looking for a tutorial on bridle replacement (found)

    Have you tried YouTube under Watty's videos?
  11. No love for the Reflex line?

    Classic Rev is a Bflex, same sail pattern as a B.
  12. No love for the Reflex line?

    Length is fine with the 1.5 size Reflex, the diameter is what's different.
  13. No love for the Reflex line?

    No can do.
  14. No love for the Reflex line?

    Guess I'll have to get my Revs out and find out.
  15. No love for the Reflex line?

    Has anyone actually used a 1.5 rod on a newer Reflex 1.5? The newer rods, with the internal ferrules are 5/16 whereas the regular 1.5 rods are 1/4.