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  1. New KiteLife pins!

    AAH yes, the pins has arrived in Denmark. thanks to kitelife.com.
  2. New KiteLife pins!

    I`am happy to be able to support KL. and my friends
  3. String Maintenance?

    Hello kitelife friends For cleaning my lines. To rinse of sand and other fragments I use water, while the lines are rolled up on the winder. I have occasionally used a dishwashing brush with a little soap on. When the lines are dry, I roll them out, put a spear in each end. I then smear the lines with silicone oil. This is a very thin silicon oil. As in Denmark may be purchased at gas stations. This oil is used to lubricate the rubber seals in the doors of a car, I do not know if this is available in the United States. but I would think so. after I have smeared my lines, they just lie and dry 10-15 minutes, I would recommend to repeat this a few times when the lines have not been treated before. With this treatment, I have experienced the life extension of my lines. Furthermore, we also use it in team flying, or solo flight. My experience with this is if your liners locks after about 5 turns, you at LEAST make 7-10 turns further until I have the feeling of my lines begin to interlock. In team flying, you will also notice a big difference, because the lines do not have the same tendency to lock. However, it requires all use the same treatment of similar lines. If you use an aluminum dogstack, you may find this aluminum will rub off on your lines. So they become completely black but this should not have any impact on the function, but only on the issue of the color of the lines. This is tested on JB `s dogstack and lines in France (sorry JB :-) The disadvantage of this treatment is that the lines can gather dust, especially on days when it is hot and dry. But I have not seen it as a problem for me! I can only recommend it! Sincerely, Dan (drdante)