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  1. First look!

    It's late next month already. It will soon become "distant future".
  2. Advice for a new REV Purchase

    Your best bet, since you're in Washington DC, is to get together with Paul LeMasters. He's over in Germantown and flies near and in DC all the time. He'll probably pop in here and say hi to you since he is quite active on this forum. You may have to wait until Monday cause he's usually out flying on weekends. The best low-wind kites to be found in your area are in his bag and those of some of the guys with whom he flies. Definitely get together with him as he can advise you better because he has so much experience with the "no wind all summer" conditions in your area. The SUL model that Rev made is the go-to production model for low-wind flying. I'm not sure if it is still being made. The best kites for low-wind flying are made by the people who fly them -- in other words, home-made. Low wind flying is quite difficult if you don't have a lot of experience, but flying in it is the best way to learn, so go for it. The Supersonic is a Speed Series kite, and will not leave the ground in wind less than 4mph. At 5mph it is difficult for a pro to keep airborne. When the wind is fast enough it is a total hoot to fly and will do a couple or three things that a standard Rev can't. The Reflex will fly in wind less than 2mph with a lot of footwork and a ton more experience. If you have a ton of time on the lines you can do it. I have home-made kites in my bag that come in at less than 4.5 ounces in weight. They will fly if someone farts. Production kites are no match, so don't expect too much from them. It would be good to sit down and discuss this with an experienced pilot, so that's why I recommend you get together with Paul and the rest of the DC crew. Good luck. Have fun, smile and don't forget to breathe. P.S. -- The DC guys will insist that you try all their kites before you decide what to get. Don't argue, just do it. It will make them feel good.
  3. My white/purple Kaiju. (pics)

    Good lookin' kite. I may have to get one.
  4. Happy day!

    If you put it one photo and it freezes on the second and you have to refresh, that's the file size. Use a photo editor to resize the image.
  5. EmmaKite Octopus... help!

    Hey, when you're going to an event, post up here in advance a week or two. Maybe some of us can join you. Yeehaw.
  6. How to do a handle wrap?

    I don't like wrapping onto the foam part of the handles. It leaves impressions in the foam that disappear eventually, but that I find annoying for the hour(s) that they last while I'm holding the handles and flying. I'll wrap onto the handles occasionally, but only if I have no choice. I would rather fly the kite out to the side and park it along an edge or barrier, or somewhere out of the way.
  7. First kite done - thanks Shooks!

    Backlit is just WOW!
  8. Youtube Influencers - Kites

    I've been watching FliteTest for the last couple of weeks, almost everything they've done since day one, paying special attention to the soaring/glider videos and then found the Dynamic Soaring reference which I found fascinating. I actually suggested kites to them for days when the wind makes it hard to fly RC, but it was probably more people than just me suggesting it to get them to do it. Gonna go watch it now and come back with my response. Edit: Watched the video. Pretty cool. I hope they do tests of other types of kites in the future. I think they can get a lot of new people into the sport. I'm going to go to their site and suggest more kite videos.
  9. How much longer to replace this bridle?

    Yup, and save all the bridle you don't use for other kites and future replacements. Just remember that you're moving the bridle further away from the kite. You may have to adjust if you don't like the way it feels. A bridle that is further out makes the kite feel spongier.
  10. Progress so far

    You're getting better at an exceptional rate. Keep it up and you'll be Master Level in no time.
  11. Quad Kites and Water Features

    Ok, here's a challenge. Use a quad kite to catch a fish. Not to just drop a bait out in the water. Line and bait attached to kite. No rod and reel. Catch it, pull it out of the water with the kite and land it.
  12. How to do a handle wrap?

    You're sure you don't mean Handel rap? That's what Google would ask.... ...but seriously, just grab a pop can, empty or full. Place the can against the aluminum part of the handles and wind around the can and handles. You do carry rubber bands or velcro strips in your pockets or your kite bag so you can secure them on the can when you're done winding, right? Now you do.