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  1. I like to fly sitting down.
  2. Piece of stiff plastic. Bottle cap would work nicely. Cut with utility knife to any shape you like. Drill two holes. Can be done in the field with a pocker knife. One-third the weight.
  3. You got a deal! Wishing us luck.
  4. Nope, still don't like purple.
  5. @rneiman3 You can post them for sale if you wish on this forum in the appropriate topic, or just send them all to me.
  6. Flying lines or the bridle dimensions?
  7. Sorry, wrong. I can control the wind. When I don't want it blowing, I go indoors. Presto, no wind. To have wind, I go back outside. If there is no wind outside, I go somewhere else where there is. Costs a lot sometimes, but it's doable.
  8. "It won't go all over the place like that if you put a tail on it" is one of my all-time favorites.
  9. I usually answer "a 6-pack of beer and a couple of joints, but more than that and I'm too wasted". Fishermen usually understand how badly "string" can cut. Others have no clue.
  10. That's some good wind for that kite! You put way too much work into taking a selfie, and no one can even tell it's you. I still want that kite!!!
  11. "Short or tall, we fly them all"! Just thought you could use a slogan. (No reference to any of the team members, of course) The devil made me do it.
  12. I have a very similar one that I made about six years ago. Mine also loves to move sideways, but not so much up and down. So I attached the top lines to the left side and called that the top. Flies fine in that orientation, but very fast -- needs constant attention so it won't crash. Very squirrely.
  13. Weather forecast for tomorrow: 70 degrees . . . . . . and rain.
  14. Guilty
  15. I recommend a full-vent as your next kite. It will give you the ability to fly when the wind is anywhere between 4 and 25 mph, taking into account the kites you already have. Which design is up to you. I lean towards the B for everyday use. The Polo would be fine, but it costs more. If you have the bankroll, go for it. Some would argue that a mid-vent should be what you get. If you plan to just sit and watch when the wind is very strong, then get that. Otherwise, the full-vent will give you a broader range to fly in, and will help to improve your flying skills more quickly when you use it in that "gray" area where the mid-vent would be ideal. After you have a standard sail and a full-vent you can consider a mid, or a light wind kite like the Zen. You can try mine when we see each other on the field. Light-wind flying is a completely different, and sometimes very frustrating ballgame, until you totally master the basic skills and can use the sail more efficiently with maximum brake in the line settings. Handle length for outdoor Rev-like kites is 11, 13, or 15 inches, depending on kite and conditions. 13" and 15" are the ones used most often. 11" are used when you want to decrease input to absolute minimum, for instance, 40-mph wind or extreme precision in normal wind, or when flying a quad with an extremely stiff frame to keep it from sliding out of the sky as easily. Now that the weather is beginning to get a bit better, I should be out flying once it's in the 60's regularly. We can get together and you can try some of my kites, or others if the other guys join us, before you drop any change on your next kite. My phone number is 224.227.0638 -- put in in your contact list. Call me anytime, except at 3:00 am.