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  1. Kite Forge

    This is just cruel! Oh, the torment. How long must it go on?
  2. Kaiju

    Nice. Flies well. Of course you had nothing to do with that! I think I could have fun with that in a steady 5mph.
  3. And The Collection Grows

    Cool beans! I built a quad similar to the dragon quite a few years ago. In certain conditions it will "flap" its wings. Feels weird and its a bit unsettling at first, but once you get used to it it's fun. I don't know if you can get the dragon to do it, but if you play with the tension on the cross-spar you may be able to make it flap. The tiger print is sweet.
  4. Perception

    And once you gain enough experience, your initial opinion of each kite will change. Once you can appreciate what each was intended to do, everything you thought you knew is out the window. That's what makes it fun and a lifetime of learning. Don't forget to breathe.
  5. Win: JB for a Weekend

    ....and the winners in the "JB for life" raffle are TK and Luca. Congratulations!
  6. PokemonGo Kite Sighting

    Pokemon have been spotted flying their kites in Schaumburg, Illinois area and probably many others today. Here's a photo:
  7. Widow ng

    I replaced all the spars in my kites with steel i-beams. Now they don't break anymore. Of course, the kites don't fly anymore either, and they're way too heavy to carry around around, so I just leave them at home when I go to festivals and fly other people's kites. If something breaks it doesn't matter. Not my kite.
  8. Welcome Justin2kites

    Try to have exactly the same equipment for the significant other as you have for yourself. If it's different then there's always the excuse that "your stuff is better than mine" available to be used, and, truthfully, some kites just won't fly when the one you're using will. I was heavy into fishing back when I was married -- and still am -- and my wife got into it by default, and eventually began really enjoying it. I made sure that we had the same tackle and it put her on a level as my equal, which is always good in any relationship. If there's any chance that another person feels they are being deprived, especially of having fun, it doesn't go over big with them. Another option is to let her use the better stuff, but that is kind of like saying "I'm better than you and can do what you can with inferior equipment". Until she has the knowledge and experience to choose her own . . . .
  9. Fluke's journey

    I don't know offhand. I only have 1.5's, B-Pros, etc. I have flown an RX once, in very low wind, and didn't connect with it. Not saying I don't like it, just that I haven't spent enough time with it to fully appreciate it. There's a lot of good discussion on this topic here. Use the search option to find what others have posted. There's a bunch of politics involved, but if you disregard that you can find some answers.
  10. Fluke's journey

    There are things a dlk can do that a qlk can't. There are things a qlk can do that a dlk can't. It is good to be good at both. JB is one example. Once you discover the absolute precision of a qlk, it draws you mercilessly. Good luck not getting hooked.
  11. Welcome Justin2kites

    I was into RC soaring back in the day. Didn't care for the noise and fumes of powered flight. The cost of flying RC gliders is pretty close to that of powered aircraft and that was another consideration. I got into quad line kites and found that the initial expense and continued maintenance cost me less than a quarter of RC sailplanes, and I could have 20 wings for the price of four, and they fit into 1/10 of the space. Win/win. I still fly some RC quadcopter, but in the less expensive form, like under $300 total. I also have been drawn to flying things in just about any form, including rockets, and see that a lot of kite flyers leave other types of flying behind for the simplicity and elegance of wind-powered flight. For me, kites were a logical transition.
  12. Welcome Breezin

  13. Welcome Breezin

    Hey, Breezin. Great to have you on board! Kites are a great way to deal with taking your mind off the pain, and are a form of rehabilitation also. You move all parts of your body that you can and some that will surprise you in the morning, so don't overdo it the first few times out. I look forward to sharing a field with you someday.
  14. Line length

    I would lean towards buying longer lines, like 120's, and (maybe, eventually) cutting them down to two sets of 80' and 40'. The longer lines will probably only cost 20% more than an 80' set, but only about half of what buying two sets will eventually cost. If the extra 20% is not in your budget, find out what length sets the other kites come with so you don't end up with too many of the same length. If you keep on flying kites, buying bulk and making your own and/or buying longer sets will always be more economical in the long run.
  15. Monark (indoor/outdoor) 11/24/17