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  1. So I'm trying to finish up a project I started a couple of years ago of making my own handles. Making several pairs of 13" handles and I need to bend them before I can paint them. Can anyone tell me the proper angle to bend Rev 13" handles and where is the bend point on the rod? I just don't want to cut off one of my grips and regrip it. I could. I just don't want to.
  2. Depending how handy you are, you could make your own. Buy some round stock 6061 Aluminum, cut to length, bore out holes and polish to remove burrs and edges, bend to proper angle, buy foam tube from a fishing supply website, cut to length, glue on with epoxy, make leaders from bridle line. If you're lucky enough to know someplace that could powder coat for you, you'll have great looking handles.
  3. Sorry everyone. It's been an incredibly busy week. Trying to get lots of house projects done while autumn settles in, had a local kite festival yesterday and I just plum forgot about it. The winner is: Imoaks I've sent a PM to them already. Barton/John contact me and let me know what exactly was offered so I don't over promise. I'm a little confused.
  4. I absolutely love my Tilley. Durable, comfortable, lifetime guarantee. Along with wearing my buff, gives my wife much comfort about avoiding UV rays. Melanoma runs in her family.
  5. Nick you're killing me here with all of hte sales. Are you divesting extras or everything?
  6. I go away for a day and miss this. shucks.
  7. Wow. Still too much to decide on. I guess you have to figure out how you're going to use them. Are you going to be flying with the boys all of the time? What are the prevailing wind conditions year round? SparkieRob is a great guy and would be able to help you with the local aspects. How old are the boys and is this something that you guys have longed to do or is this a whim? I'm not talking you way, but you may be able to get more bang for your buck if you strategically buy a few different kites. The variety of kites is amazing. Sport kites are fun, but the acrobatics are best when you have beach winds. You can learn inland, but it's just a bit more difficult with the inconsistent wind. Are you planning on flying ballet or learning flips and tricks? You are going to break pieces at the beginning. It is inevitable, so getting access to replacement parts and supplies is necessary. The flip side of that is you should progress and those repair parts are not as necessary once you get more proficient, but it's nice to have them. One other thing to keep in mind is usability of the kite once you start progressing, if you're having fun to keep with it. I would think about those issues and ask more questions so that we can get you pointed in the right direction for maximum enjoyment. On the flip side, if you have the spare cash, just buying something general to get up and running is always fun too. You can pull it out of the bag later just for smiles.
  8. A little personalization is always nice.
  9. I think you're selling a little early. Autumn weather, the winds are going to pick up quite a bit. Autumn through Spring, some fine winds out of the north.
  10. Watch the free tutorials on this website and spend a few hours practicing basic stuff like launching and hovering. Then you move into adjusting lines for wind conditions. If you have stock handles you're going to have to make some modifications to make it easier for you to adjust.
  11. I was able to do it once, but only under hard pack ground and even then I was afraid that I had broken something .The best way to avoid that is to make yourself do the walk of shame and remember the shame so that you get better.
  12. BTW, I got the kite in the mail. Looks great. I hope to fly it at a festival this weekend. This will sound odd, Josh, but it was the best looking package I ever got. The tape was absolutely perfect, the flaps were firm and only folded on the crease. It was like the packages you see on the commercials. I notice weird things.
  13. Sorry. I tried to copy and paste, but I think I grabbed the wrong stuff. Maybe if we highlighted the relevant stuff back in the original Karma rules for future postings. Thanks Barton for the clean up. BTW, thanks for the spice, Barton. You're a righteous dude.