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  1. Kite Hard Case

    Same here Wayne. Holds up to 15 kites with plenty of room for Rev doo dads. I have a small separate bag for single & dual lines and gear. I can't fathom going to the beach and bringing every kite I have along. I usually spend more time picking out kites to fly beforehand than picking out clothes and supplies. My wife calls me fussy when it comes to the kites.
  2. Revolution Gear Pack (9/23/17)

    I had been out of the loop for a while so I figured it was time to join again. Gifts like these are great incentive to remain a subscriber.
  3. Fluke's journey

    TBH, even pre-stretched lines encounter some stretch. It just happens. When you're dealing with woven lines under constant force, stretch does creep in. Even 1/4" difference is enough to throw you off. Just get into the habit of periodically reviewing your lines when setting up your kite. You'll have plenty of opportunities to adjust your line length. Consider the chance for stretch when they say up to 2% of stretch can occur. On a set of 120's that is over 2 feet!
  4. That's great. Now for the hardest part. The wait. Oh, the anticipation of waiting for a new kite to arrive. Removing the upper spreader is just a way to try and extend your wind range at the bottom end. It reduces performance and controllability, but'll do in a pinch when you don't have your low/zero wind kite handy.
  5. JB Dogstake @ Berkeley

    He goes by Mikey as far as I've met him. Reason being, in IKE and 180GO there are several MIkes. Him and his wife are great people. Guys a genius machinist.
  6. REV. lights

    Thanks Paul. That's where I got mine. Sorry I got busy and couldn't post a picture of my setup. I just have the regular RGB floral lights and they have individual colors too. I took a moment and wrapped each light with a thin strip of electrical tape to keep the case closed. The plastic cases sometimes fall apart with abuse. Other than that, I've had phenomenal luck with them. I don't know about UFO sightings, but I have had a few young people walking by compliment me on my kite. I suspect several of them may have been under the influence of something which may add to the effect. Supposed to have unusually good conditions for night flying tonight. Hopefully, I can get a video without a helper.
  7. JB Dogstake @ Berkeley

    Did Mikey ever make you more than one set of dog stakes? I know the amount of time you and him put into refining them.
  8. sigle line foil

    Single line? you're brave. Absolutely no control over that power. Can't fathom why you would even want to try that.
  9. REV. lights

    You can see in my profile photo that I've done this with button battery lights attached to my Eliot Shook sissy sticks. I was able to rubber band the lights to the sissy stick and projects onto the sail. You can also attach them to the upright spars. I bought button lights with a small switch at $.50/ea and got an assortment. I also bought the RBG ones that switch colors. I live by a small airport so I have to be careful of UFO sightings.
  10. I wouldn't mind an older Shadow with the rainbow fabric on the applique. I like it more than the new blue hues.
  11. Specter or Stratus for Low Winds??

    If you're looking for a low wind trickster you have plenty to choose from. You can get a Lam custom made to an HQ Shadow. The Zephyr can be hit or miss. Depends on the operator knowing how to coax flight out of the kite. Also depends on what you're willing to spend. The Kite Shoppe (Kitelife forum supporter) has options.
  12. I had a ski jacket that looked just like that back in the day.
  13. Proper folding of Prism Synapse Kite

    You can clean with mild dish soap. You'll want to rinse completely and air dry.try not to use a brush for fear of catching or tearing the material. Make sure to shake off all loose sand and dirt. It will gum up in the crevices
  14. Reasons for Multiple Kites in Quiver/Arsenal?

    All of your questions will be answered with experience and knowledge. Start researching all of the previous threads here. There are a couple of other forums with more dual line knowledge too. It's a niche sport/hobby so you'll have to dig deep to find the info you're looking for. It would take too long to try to answer here Light, moderate, strong winds can vary depending on build/type of kite. As far as Nexus vs Quantum. I would never compare Nexus to a Quantum or a Quantum Pro. A nexus is a throw it up and fly it kite. Tricks can be difficult to come by for rookies. That's why so many different styles of dual line kite. So many different characteristics. There are ballet kites and trick kites, but they may look very similar Really, it all comes down to desire. You'll hear a lot of kite fliers around here talking about it being an obsession. We collect kites as much as we fly them. Just like someone collects dolls, beer cans, paintings, etc. because they get appreciation out of it. I have plenty of single line kites too, that I fly because I view them as flying art and appreciate the look and craftsmanship. We joke about hiding kite purchases from our significant others because we feed our obsession. If you are viewing it as filling specific needs, then you haven't been bitten by the bug like us....yet