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  1. B-Series Mid Vent Package (12/15/14)

    Thanks for all the congrats. RNG did something wonderful. The wife and I leave for South Padre Island next week. John is helping me out shipping it to B&S Kites on the island for me THANKS. The mid vent is the only kite missing in my Quads. It will get its first flight on the beach.
  2. Crossfire (4/15/13)

    Congrats and enjoy don't forget the DARK SIDE
  3. Revolution B2 SUITE ( 4-1-13)

    congrats (much envy)
  4. Have the ankx started flying one year ago and this will be my first clinic, festival will be Feb 1-3
  5. Kymera (XMAS - 12/25/12)

    Waiting on Santa and RNG MERRY CHRISTMAS
  6. Kymera (XMAS - 12/25/12)

    No need to ship after RNG picks me just drop it off at SPI kite festival.
  7. Revoholic (video)

    Thanks for the vid enjoyed it
  8. chucka