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  1. ...hope you like it :-)
  2. The Eros ...relax !

    The Eros ...relax !
  3. ...Reloade"t"

    Here it goes to the video:
  4. ...confidential

  5. The Crow

    Category: Freestyle (Trick / Precision)...for advanced and up pilots !Wingspan: 216cm Height: 93cm Weight: up to 240grams Sail: Icarex (2Panel) Leading Edge: 3pt Lower Spreader: 5pt Upper Spreader: 5mm Exel Cruise Spine: Feruled with 5pt on top and p300 at the end Weight system: 2 changeble inserts (2 and 9 gramm) Bridle: 3point (of Edelried) Windrange: UL to Strong Inputs: Small with guidens ! Photo details at the attached thumbnail below ...when you get used to this one, the kite lets you have total control over you can see in the video Yofade is not a strength...but passible. If you have any questions, feel free to ask here...or PM to me Here it goes to the Video:
  6. The Crow

  7. Here it goes to the video in HD:
  8. The Crow

    Here it goes to the vid:
  9. The Crow

    Video from Leveloneflyer:
  10. the Crow PF - teaser vid !

    Here it goes to the Crow thread:

    Great work...but I do not really understand, how this works...mmmmhhh ! Thanks for sharing :-)
  12. PAW & Dynamite UL - first flight...

    Pushhh...this Kite deserves it :-)
  13. Pushhhhhhhhhhhhh.... Grab yourself a drink, lay back, and enjoy the movie :-) Did not seee this video here on this forum.
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  15. PAW

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