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  1. Lincoln City Mystic Canyons Video up

    GREAT SHOW! needed a RC car flying a floaty kite...LOL watch out PAUL! great show.. sat and watched the whole video!
  2. Who's all going to Windless???

    ALAS.. poor mrc.. i knew him well strung out too thin, and committed to the minions of adolescence. thow must create thine own CHAOS this year at WINDLESS. may all the wind you create be pleasant! enjoy windless.. i will be thinking of you see you again in the spring.. or early summer. definitely in 2009 (vague enough for ya?) a moment of silence ....(sigh) for the passing of a great icon of kite widow's retreats Ana Lena's fudge and fabric emporium in long beach, wa. colleen will miss the sojourn while i am flying.
  3. Camas Indoor

    great fest! thanks BUD and crew did ANYONE get any video or stills of my RC car experiment? especially the sunday AM with the stack of eddy kites? thanks CHAOS
  4. Camas video up

    yes i do... great fest! thanks BUD and crew did ANYONE get any video or stills of my RC car experiment? especially the sunday AM with the stack of eddy kites? thanks CHAOS
  5. Camas Indoor

    will be good to see the kite crew again... i have been busier than a one legged man at a butt-kicking contest chasing a long tail cat through a room full of rocking chairs.
  6. Camas Indoor

    AWESOME.. bring your best SRV! lol TRISTAN... a favor? can you bring a copy of ACDC black ice purchased ANYWHERE other than a WALMART from Canadia? it seems they have cornered the american market for the USA i refuse to give WALMART any of my money(details later if you are curious). cash on delivery of course... looks like chaos will at camas flying solo. HOW LOW? lol working on a radio edit of luck skywalkers 80's hit "too &^$%& to *&^^% you $@#%*" would an air canon be considered a prop? just curious not much activity on the NWSKL forum
  7. let's get out and fly in the NW

    i like octopi sliced thin on a ball of rice! and BAZZER still owes me a pint.. LOL family on the 4th in BEND.. home of the mousee maybe i can sneak a kite in the vehicle
  8. let's get out and fly in the NW

    thanks T things are busy in the Home of the Honkers LC indoor was the last we saw Captain Chaos in action where have i been?....i wonder that myself i have less time to fly NOW than when kyle and I were training for nationals... wassupwidat? things that interfere with kite trips like coaching track feb 20-may22 little league baseball ended JUNE 15 the 4.3l dune buggy project to support our shop program--sent to powder coater last week--job security there working with the tri cities fever who adopted our 8-man football team- they introduced our team on the field and gave honkers a vip treatment over 2 games plus other perks that come with being the adopted team of a professional football organization. managing a server migration/update for our school district-cant do that when kids are there messing it up!!! GAS... say no more... we are in process to get a crossover(nissan rogue) that allows kite events and gets reasonable mileage plus room to 2 teenagers and 2 adults we miss everybody... yes, even you mike! LOL hugs and high 5's on friday or saturday morning 8:30 SHARP, field 4 T- we will wave in your general direction on our way through vancouver.
  9. from an email thought i should share i think this is the right place to put it.. correct me if i am wrong. is there a glitch in the matrix? what will CHEVY do? Yes. Dunknow why is noone posting in the nwskl forum? dunknow other than people are stressed about the state of gas/economy and wondering if they can even do this stuff anymore. Sucks! and very little about northwest events on kitelife and thekiteshoppe forums thoughts? See above. i was planning to go to westport for sport kiting..but its a long ways to drive if few of my bretheren are there Told you so. You are a good example of what's going through everyone's mind. sent out a few emails to people... they "read" them but no response Probably debating just like you are and that's why you don't get an answer. I'm begining to think we all just need to live in the now and stop F'ing sweating the details. Life is too short. We will be there. Come up to see us and enjoy the beach. To hell with gas. any thoughts oh sporting breakers of the wind? is this a trend seen all over the US at the moment??
  10. Arlington Indoor Kite Festival

    OK.. need some help can i get a volunteer for head judge and regulation judge for up the river i can do what i can for free food and lodging 2 comps on saturday/sunday and maybe a mystery ballet we have had our snow THIS weekend.. so pres day weekend will be CLEAR! email me directly or post up here.. thanks in advance i like how the field director also watched the lines at windless i am pretty sure we have a sound guy and mr microphone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring your music on CD... our sound guy and sound system is older. and YES.. mayor carmen has agreed to be a judge again this year.. no clue when the POSTERS wil be available.. but when they are, a portion of the proceeds will go the the ambulance/fire dep
  11. Arlington Indoor Kite Festival

    2 days plus friday night over presidents day weekend toying with the idea of getting some indoor helicopter and aiplane pilots in sunday??? dunno waiting to hear back from them. got the chamber to do lunch saturday and maybe dilusso(from bend) to have some goodies in the AM and rick is warming up his webber... you never know what kind of "prime" he will be serving saturday please bring stuff for the bag raffle and some cash to help the arlington HS junior class concessions looking for some volunteer judges to be paid in food and first choice of the SUSHI festival site working on lodging.. BUT no promises since they are under new management always a good time YES.. the mayor has verbally RSVP'ed to helping us out again.. maybe she can bring some more spectators.. LOL NO EGAN... you cant dress in black lace specifics.. PLEASE bring all music on CD (our system operator does not do reel to reel or "pods") ??? is 2 comps, hot tricks and/or mystery ballet too much or not enough what say ye the fliers??? the AKA gets points for open class but we will award festival champion for masters and exp/novice classes if we get enough registrations
  12. UP THE RIVER 2007

    melody got the demo from saturday on film... mini DV should transfer easily DVD production comes together as soon as i get time Stephanie shot 194 pictures that we KEPT... i love that camera!!!!
  13. UP THE RIVER 2007

    i will have picts on the web as soon as possible.. yes, STEPHANIE took great shots all weekend and we have comp videos, some demos, and hot tricks on DVD in a week or so TECHNOLOGY WILLING i think i can upload to a members gallery.. got some awesome JUMPING with kite picts and a great one of lam jumping through as he transitions to another kite... you can see the lines arcing as he jumps foreward more on that later CHAOS
  14. UP THE RIVER 2007

    BUENO.. FINITO.. TUTI BONO thanks to everyone who made the fest a success! fliers, families, and community support makes a kite festival it keeps getting easier each year. CHAOS
  15. Wren videos?

    that was cool.. long stack with long lines in a big gym... I would love to see the axel