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  1. New kite advice

    Yeah cheers for your advice, I am a big lad but do have a slight disability in the power in the arms,its the 1.4 I'm gonna go for,ta.
  2. New kite advice

    If you're just looking for something to spin around the sky you will want the snapshot. The Tensor series is really more true power kiting. Don't know how big you are, but the 1.9 is plenty large for me and in high winds I get pulled around pretty good. I haven't tried the 2.5, but I bet that might be a lot of work. Yeah I do have a slight disability so don't think I will handle something too big, so snapshot would appear to be my best choice,cheers.
  3. New kite advice

    Just to clarify is it the Prism snapshot stunt foil the one you are recommending?
  4. New kite advice

    Thanks for your replys guys,sorry I didnt give enough info,am looking mainly at something in the sky rather than getting dragged along a beach,have looked at your suggestions and think I will go for a Prism make.
  5. New kite advice

    Looking into a basic kite and need advice on the following two, will mainly be being used on a relatively windy beach. 1) Peter Lynn Vibe 2. 1.6m 2) Salticus from kites4U.co.uk Or any others in a low price bracket,cheers.