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  1. Vented B2 package (1/15/13)

    very nice
  2. Indoor Rev (10/15/12)

    I Will happy buy a new bag to room for it. It will look good next my rev 1 in the same color :-)
  3. Indoor Rev (10/15/12)

    i know was just kidding i will just hope the best
  4. Indoor Rev (10/15/12)

    okay, so now you know what number to pick
  5. Indoor Rev (10/15/12)

    is every subscriber in the draw or how does it work
  6. Revinvetta

    very long lines LOL
  7. Bay Area Street Kiting

    very nice video.. i have to get a short lines made soon. to give it a go
  8. Indoor Rev (10/15/12)

    Very nice
  9. help to guess line weight form pic

    Okay. Thank you. I will mark Them 90
  10. is the rev 1 harder to fly

    i was you flying today i did only pick my rev 1 with because i just wanted to try it, since i have never flow it before. i did find it mush harder to keep reverse hover and reverse flight, compared to b-series with have no problem with. conditions: wind about: 6-10 mph frame: SLE LE and 4 wrap Line: 100 feet 90 pound
  11. help to guess line weight form pic

    Well i dont have penny i from Denmark Will try to get a picture with some on
  12. help to guess line weight form pic

    hello i just got to new line set, the store did not there weight, but they are laser pro. have take a picture of them i know set 1 to be 150#, 2 to be 90# my guess it 3 and 4 will be they are 90# or ? that do you think
  13. theone1979