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  1. very nice
  2. I Will happy buy a new bag to room for it. It will look good next my rev 1 in the same color :-)
  3. i know was just kidding i will just hope the best
  4. okay, so now you know what number to pick
  5. is every subscriber in the draw or how does it work
  6. very long lines LOL
  7. very nice video.. i have to get a short lines made soon. to give it a go
  8. Very nice
  9. Okay. Thank you. I will mark Them 90
  10. i was you flying today i did only pick my rev 1 with because i just wanted to try it, since i have never flow it before. i did find it mush harder to keep reverse hover and reverse flight, compared to b-series with have no problem with. conditions: wind about: 6-10 mph frame: SLE LE and 4 wrap Line: 100 feet 90 pound
  11. Well i dont have penny i from Denmark Will try to get a picture with some on
  12. hello i just got to new line set, the store did not there weight, but they are laser pro. have take a picture of them i know set 1 to be 150#, 2 to be 90# my guess it 3 and 4 will be they are 90# or ? that do you think