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  1. I am starting in French competition this year. Flying in competition condition is barely a new level. I need not only be able to fly but I need to be able to fly in any wind condition. This is a new challenge but a real plaisure and for sure it will make me a better flyer: road is long [emoji12] http://kitejust4fun.bressure.net/index.php/fontenay-2017/ Thierry Bressure
  2. Very good speech: life lesson in patience. The kite flier is like the sailor, you can choose the best sail for the wind but the weather always have the last word. Thierry Bressure
  3. Hello, I try to fly most I can but I agree with you sometimes I don't have so much time I would because of higher priority stuff. But.... when I put flying on the top list I always find time. Thierry Bressure
  4. Yesterday the last French cup session of indoor kite in Marle. [emoji3] Thierry Bressure
  5. For sure I think it will be possible. Perhaps in Paris or for an indoor session ? If you are in Paris at Saturday or at Sunday in the morning we should be able to meet for an indoor session. I can pick you up at your hostel [emoji3] Thierry Bressure
  6. Hello, I am living about 25 km from Paris [emoji3] Thierry Bressure
  7. Today I had a little indoor rev training session. I work my on ground move. I am trying to add some new move on my show [emoji3] Thierry Bressure
  8. Berck kite event is soon so I need some training to be able to perform part of the 100 revo contest. Well i need more training than I thought [emoji3] https://kitejust4fun.wordpress.com/2017/02/25/entrainement-a-draveil/ Thierry Bressure
  9. The revo Polo is flown by an outdoor flier and he spent so much power to keep it in the air [emoji3] I definitly prefer my indoor rev cause it is made for slow fly and does not require lot of effort. Thierry Bressure
  10. Yesterday at a indoor kite meeting. Not very much more spectators. Thierry Bressure
  11. Our kite event early February. A good time but very few spectator. Thierry Bressure
  12. Hello, share some cheese from France. The kite flying level is not the best for the world but we are happy to be here [emoji3] Thierry Bressure
  13. Another spot at Reunion Island. A beach of black sand. Thierry Bressure
  14. Another video of this field, now with a sunny sky. Thierry Bressure
  15. Hello, anyone knows where to fly in Reunion Island ? Thierry Bressure