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  1. Rods: The difference ?

    I am pretty much sold on the SS P100s in our ashes.
  2. Anyone on the Oregon coast?

    Check this out.. just a couple miles south of Depot Bay.
  3. Anyone on the Oregon coast?

    ACrop, Thanks for the fun fly, good wind, sun and plenty of beach made for a great day. We hope it worked out that your family got to see some whales, and fireworks. It was nice meeting you and we hope you had safe travels back home. Terry & Sandy
  4. Anyone on the Oregon coast?

    Thanks Wayne, wish you could join us buddy,, but we will catch you Tue T
  5. Anyone on the Oregon coast?

    Good deal, most of us will arrive around noon, as most of us have about a 2 1/2 hour drive. Parking is not an issue at all. depending on the tide the beach is a little tight for awhile. CYA Sat!
  6. Anyone on the Oregon coast?

    I am in Oregon now until Tuesday in the Rockaway beach area...anyone else out here on the coast flying quads? I am having plenty of fun solo, but if anyone wants to fly I would enjoy making new friends. My name is Terry and my wife Sandy and 2-4 of or quad friends will be at Manhattan beach on Sat about noon-until... The beach is just North of town, turn left at the sign, over the tracks and an immediate left into the parking area. There is a trail through the dunes right beside rest rooms on the North end of the parking lot. ..More then welcome to join in. you can FB message me direct if you want,, Terry Rowley All fly quads with a few different skill levels....and everyone is super nice.
  7. Welcome iGoThud

    Thad, Lots of friendly flyers within a couple of hours of Cannon Beach...give out a shout when in the neighborhood and you might find yourself flying partner or two..or three for a few hours. Terry
  8. custom build

  9. Tabs along the leading edge

    Some folks have been sewing reinforcement tabs on the leading edge. Anyone want to share any specs, tips, pics? (how wide are the tabs-how many-placement etc.) Thanks
  10. Rods: The difference ?

    The breaks are real, gathered the pieces for photo. It was a vertical.
  11. Rods: The difference ?

    This rod was in a friends kite when we caught a gust. I have old RRs, he had new RRs. His broke and mine did not..doubt it means a thing ...but happened.
  12. Shook mesh rev kites?

    Thank you for the sharing the info.. #143 looks awesome.
  13. Shook mesh rev kites?

    how long did it take from the order to delivery?
  14. Shook mesh rev kites?