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  1. Good Stuff

    Hello, This year, thanks God, I was able to share great moments with friends at Valencia, Berck Sur Mer, Cervia, Varennes and Dieppe Canada. Thank you! Here are the latest videos of Varennes and Dieppe. I hope you enjoy it. http://www.elalmadelpiloto.com.ar/2015/09/los-locos-cometeros-team-at-11-linternational-du-cerf-volants-a-dieppe-2015-canada.htmlhttp://www.elalmadelpiloto.com.ar/2015/09/windless-nihon-no-ryu-at-10-les-grands-a-varennes-2015-canada.htmlhttp://www.elalmadelpiloto.com.ar/2015/09/mkf-at-10-les-grands-airs-a-varennes-.htmlhttp://www.elalmadelpiloto.com.ar/2015/09/10-les-grands-airs-a-varennes-canada-2015-kite-festival.htmlhttp://www.elalmadelpiloto.com.ar/2015/09/11-linternational-du-cerf-volant-a-dieppe-2015-canada.htmlGood winds!
  2. Hi, Videos about my performance at Berck Sur Mer - Cervia and Valencia Festivals. Hope enjoy them. Thank you and good winds. http://www.elalmadelpiloto.com.ar/2015/05/29-rencontres-internationales-cerfs-volants-berck-sur-mer-mkf-2-revolution-15-vented-2-quantum-pro.html http://www.elalmadelpiloto.com.ar/2015/05/35-festival-internazionale-cervia-rutina-2-revolution-15-vented.html http://www.elalmadelpiloto.com.ar/2015/05/18-festival-internacional-del-viento-valencia-2-revolution-ar%C3%A1cnida-.html http://www.elalmadelpiloto.com.ar/2015/05/18-festival-internacional-del-viento-valencia-mkf-2-revos-15-vented-4-quantum-pro.html
  3. Multiple Sport Kite Flying Revolution and QPro

    Thaks for comments! Good winds to all
  4. Hello, I would like to share with you this video about Multiple Sport Kite Flying Revolution and Quantum Pro by Prism. Link: http://www.elalmadelpiloto.com.ar/2015/02/multiple-sport-kite-flying-vicente-l%C3%B3pez-argentina.html I hope you like it. Also this year I will attend those international kite festivals: 18° Edicion Festival Internacional del Viento, Ciudad de Valencia 11 y 12 de Abril; (Enlace: http://festivaldelviento.org/Inicio.html)29° Rencontres Internationales Cerf Volants 18 au 26 Avril Berck-Sur- Mer France (Enlace: http://www.cerf-volant-berck.com/) 35th Artevento Festival Internazionale dell´ Aquilone 24 Aprile – 3 Maggio- Cervia – Italia (Enlace: http://www.festivalinternazionaleaquilone.com/web/) With God's help I hope to learn and share new experiences with friends. Thank you very much to the organizers for the invitation!
  5. Hi, I would like to share the article about Let´s Paint Rosario Sky International Festival from Rosario - Argentia. Link: http://www.elalmadelpiloto.com.ar/articles.html Do click on a title, english version Thanks
  6. Empty Space from Argentina

    Sad news from our Sky... Our friend Mr Claris Skoczdopole passed away las July 26. This is our recognition. http://www.batoco.org/files/2014-english---the-minis-became-giant-1.pdf
  7. The Phantom of the Opera

    Hi, I'd like to share this video that we flew at the Let´s Paint Rosario Sky International Festival 2013. An easy routine, that tries to motivate young people to join and feel the passion for our sport. https://vimeo.com/75668859 Link: http://www.elalmadelpiloto.com.ar/2013/09/el-alma-del-piloto-team-rutina-el-fantasma-de-la-opera-.html I hope you like it Thanks Good winds
  8. Hi, I would like to share with you this link about our participation at: “Figures in the Air Indoor Show” http://www.elalmadelpiloto.com.ar/2013/04/figuras-en-el-aire-figures-in-the-air-indoor-show.html#comment-form I hope you like it Good winds

    Hi, Thanks friends! Always learning and sharing experiences. Big hug!

    Hi, I would like to share this video during my vacations. http://www.elalmadelpiloto.com.ar/2013/01/mkf-revolution-enero-2013.html Hope enjoi it. Thank you and Best wishes
  11. MKF – Revolution + Kymera. Quad plus Dual

    Hi, Let me think.... Hug!
  12. MKF – Revolution + Kymera. Quad plus Dual

    Hi my friend, Yes, you are right. Revolution in left hand and Kymera in right hand. (MKF - iindependent controls) Big hug! and kisses to Takako.
  13. Hi, friends I would like to share with you a new video about Multiple sport kite flying – Revolution plus Kymera – Quad plus dual – I hope that you enjoy it http://www.elalmadelpiloto.com.ar/2012/09/multiple-sport-kite-flying-revolution-kymera-quad-dual.html Likewise Let´s Paint Rosario Sky is held on September 14 – 15 – 16 at Scalabrini Ortiz´s Park – Rosario – Santa Fe Province – Argentina. We are going to participate doing demonstrations in family. Thanks and good winds
  14. My last video: Revolution Zen Indoor...

    Hi, My vision is that all kites can be flown windless indoor, ... only depends on the pilot http://www.elalmadelpiloto.com.ar/2012/04/revolution-zen-indoor-flying-.html I hope you enjoy it. Thank you and good winds.
  15. Happy Holidays and a good kite life!

    Hi all, I wish you happiness and prosperity for the coming year that will begin and for the future. Thanks for letting me share and learn from you, the love of kiting that meet us. Warm Greetings