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  1. Uk flyers

    You bet we can we will see how many we get at the Portsmouth International kite Festival this year, 2018. Bill https://www.facebook.com/Dunstable-Downs-Old-Gents-
  2. Uk flyers

    PM me if you are interested for history and price. Bill
  3. New kite arrived

    Brothers united
  4. Custom RevoPolo by PoloKites (2/15/18)

    Good luck to everybody, whoever wins will enjoy their kite ! That,s one of mine !
  5. Jest Checking In

    Do I like it ? A big fat YES
  6. Jest Checking In

    Good layout and colour match, do you intend swapping the colours ? The only thing is that yellow attracts the bugs as I found out !
  7. Doing Things Differently

    That certainly looks to be worthwhile, I must try it. A couple of pictures that you might find of interest of how I attach thend caps and the top of the vertical rod caps and replace the mesh with Dacron, this was on a EXP where the mesh had been destroyed.
  8. New kite arrived

    My new Custom POLO has arrived ! Some of you might have been worried about quality, let me assure you that the quality is good ! There are a few minor changes but nothing detrimental. If it stops raining I might just go and fly it ! This is the second kite of this layout that I have and is going to be used as a kite for my team, Facebook "Dunstable Downs old gents"
  9. Custom POLO

    polokites.com is what you are after I believe.
  10. Custom POLO

    POLO is back in business as of December 1st Check out the web site, there is a new layout with colorizer and until Sunday a 5% discount
  11. Break down in mesh panels.

    No problem, I will give him a smack when I next see him
  12. Fulcrum

    There are promo videos available, a quick search will find them ! Although I have not flown one myself I have seen them flown by Carl Robertshaw and Josh Mitcheson, the flying technique is different than that of the Rev but nothing that is too alien for a quad flyer ! The Fulcrum is available as standard, ultra light or vented plus there is the option of using the colorizer for your custom version !
  13. Maxi vented rev

    Any old sail will do if you do not mind making a few cuts ! This was a really old heavy home made sail that I used and it flew better with the rods in FRONT when the wind got up but still flew down to about 15mph !
  14. Looking for a tutorial on bridle replacement (found)

    This should help Joe ! on the Rev Forum ! Bill http://www.revkites.net/forum/topic/6173-bridle-images/?tab=comments#comment-94433
  15. Custom POLO

    Polo, you are most welcome, and glad to see you have joined the Forum. Hoping it all goes well in the future. Bill