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  1. Karma Drawing: 1/20/18 Becolino SLK

    I'm in!
  2. Monark (indoor/outdoor) 11/24/17

    New drawing posted. Locking this one down. Congratulation, Joanna ( @dragonfish )! Thank you, @kiteflyr for offering the excellent prize.
  3. I have an HQ Symphony 1.4 for the drawing. It is gently used, in great shape and comes with a belt pack, line and straps, a cool spinning tail that I made (see Go Make a Kite for vid of the tail.) I've also included a little mini-stake that I use to lay out the lines. Multi-colored. This is a fun kite, fast enough for good play but not so strong a pull that you can let your kids use it.  

    I don't exactly know how to post it or what number you used to choose a winner. 

  4. Karma Flexifoil Stacker 8/14/17

    I'd get in for some line laundry or a fighter kite. Heck any of the stuff you listed would be a great drawing.
  5. Revolution Gear Pack (9/23/17)

    yes yes another wonderful package! Now there is only to win it. Hmmmm
  6. 75x Dermer DIY Kite Kits (7/30/17)

    Oh I so want to win this one. I know a certain small local kite festival that would love these.
  7. Team KiteLife Logo Contest

    Riff, can you point me to the source image you're working from here?
  8. Team KiteLife Logo Contest

    Do you have an example of a gritty, graffiti iconic logo to give us an example? All of the ones you showed are clean and precise
  9. Team KiteLife Logo Contest

    Or, if like me you prefer it without the handles....
  10. Team KiteLife Logo Contest

    Here's my $0.02
  11. Team KiteLife Logo Contest

    I can't help but see a T, a K, and an L in that shape also. You just need to find a way to highlight them.
  12. Team KiteLife Logo Contest

    I pictured @kevmort's description more like this
  13. Team KiteLife Logo Contest

    I don't understand the third guideline
  14. B-Series ... Reflex ... B-flex

    @riffclown, there is a piece of sky somewhere we need to share.