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  1. I don't understand the third guideline
  2. @riffclown, there is a piece of sky somewhere we need to share.
  3. As usual my passions get the better of me and brother JB swoops in and helps me recognize I need to reign it in. Thanks, JB. Here's the deal,@SoggyWombat, for years, I proudly flew Revs and recommended them to anyone that asked and taught folks how to fly them, putting my own equipment that I paid for at risk of damage with no thought of compensation if something were to happen. Went did I do this? Because they are fun as hell to fly and I wanted to share that with anyone who showed interest. It was worth it, because I thought Rev was worth it and that the feeling was mutual. Then all of a sudden by some of their actions, it became abundantly clear to me and many other fliers that their only care was the dollars they could take in, not the fliers on the fields teaching the general public the awesomeness of this 4-lined thrill to fly, the retailers who were their lifeline for years getting their product in the hands of fliers, not the teams who spent hours practicing to perfect routines and show the world how great these kites are, and especially not the beginner flier spending multiple hundred of dollars on an entry level kite with the incorrect "Club whatever" guidance to get them going. We finally saw that the emperor had no clothes and it was funny to us. So we mock, and will continue to mock as long as there's ammunition for mockery (like calling a kite that is an identical copy of the B Series a 1.5 Classic and pretending that it's a whole new kite like no one will notice) coming out of Poway.
  4. Yeah...and a steaming pile of $#!+ is still a steaming pile of $#!+, and regardless of your opinion on the matter I will continue to point out that Poway, California is home to a steaming pile of $#!+ . They've screwed over me and too many of my friends to say nothing. I'll mock their sorry butts all I want thanks, because they deserve it. Feel free to keep buying their kites like they're the greatest thing since sliced bread if you want. I guarantee they don't give a damn about you, only how much money they can get from your pocket. I on the other hand, as well as many in this thread know that they are not the only game in town, nor (in spite of their delusions) are they even the best game in town.
  5. When the party in question fails to respond when private inquiries are made, when they take money for a product that is not as advertised (or intentionally change the specifications of a product after an order is placed and paid for without telling the buyer), when said company consistently ignores or belittles the suppliers, retailers, and customers that have helped grow their business for many years, they've called their own integrity into question. It is sad what they've done to themselves. What's even sadder is that I think they are so arrogant of their standing that they can't see the farce they are acting out for all of us. So...sorry, they won't get my money, and I will continue to mock them every chance I get. They have made themselves a joke, and for what I have spent on their kites in the past, I've paid for the right to point it out.
  6. They keep making it easier and easier to not let any of my money end up in their pockets. First, their spar quality dropped off a cliff with no explanation or apology. Then they develop a crap gimmick kite and try to tell me it's better than anything already in my bag. Then they attempt to teach their customers (who are better fliers than they are) the wrong ways to fly. At the same time, they are actively cutting off their retailers (who have supported them for 20+ years) at the knees. Finally they prove just what kind of folks they are (lazy, dishonorable, dishonest) with this new B-Flex/B-Tray. Yup, they lost a customer for life. Screw 'em.
  7. @szobelda
  8. Love ya, bro. Gonna miss you

  9. What bothers me most (and the two most affected are too honorable to mention it themselves) is the fact that nothing from Rev has acknowledged, thanked, or even mentioned @John Barresi or @Bazzer in spite of their contributions to the success of the B-Series or the B-Series Pro and the Rev brand in general. Rev had the original idea, yes, but these two made the damn thing really fly. They call us "family", but my family doesn't treat people like that.
  10. Don't worry, I'm sure they'll soon be in the hands of the propaganda fliers with glowing Facebook posts and videos expounding on how it's such a joy to fly and how Joe, David, and Lolly can do no wrong. But you must remember "if it doesn't say Rev, it's just a copy"
  11. Don't worry, though, the 1.5 Classic or whatever the crap they call it will satisfy all of your B-Series needs
  12. Heck yes! Great prize (I love the entry twist, and will steal that on my next drawing)! Congratulations, @Tim P.. Fly the crap out of it. If you need any help setting up your drawing, let @John Barresi or I know and we'll get you set up. Thank you, @zachprism01 for keeping it rolling in such a great way, and thank you everyone for getting in.
  13. I love the color scheme on the dualie. It reminds me a lot of my Rev scheme
  14. I would dig chatting and browsing simultaneously
  15. If some form of financial sponsorship is needed for the new platform...