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  1. Lumokites - Vega UL Sunrise

    Yes, what Exult said above. Could be a great avatar no doubt. SHBKF
  2. Lambo Dream Machine V-12 #1 - Lam Hoac

    I might have to have you pick out kites for me in the future. Lovin' this one too. SHBKF
  3. Box Delta

    I would give the above post two likes if I could. I admired Rob's kite so much I got one for myself. It is a beauty! SHBKF
  4. JesterII.jpg

    Looking so good! SHBKF
  5. PROOF

    WOW! Lovin' it! SHBKF
  6. Beach flying advice

    Great advice up above. I did not do hardly any of the correct things starting out. I survived it all & had a great time in the process. I eventually achieved a fairly decent flying ability despite my worst efforts. I did really excel in acquiring kites, but that's another story. SHBKF
  7. Is it better to start with single line kites?

    I am beginning to learn international morse code. That is my amateur radio license in morse code. In phonetics it would be" Kilo November Four Kilo Quebec Tango", quite a mouthful & difficult for other hams to get on the first try when I am transmitting on SSB. I recently got my ticket as a General class operator. Kind of a "secret handshake" for anyone out there listening in the ether..... But you likely figured it out. Currently running only a hundred watt station so even SETI may have a hard time hearing me. Too bad I can't get SHBKF as a call sign. Quite a bit off topic, I digress, SHBKF
  8. Is it better to start with single line kites?

    Get a full size dual line kite, close to 96" tip to tip, in a modern design. Even 90" would be considered nearly full size these days. You'll do better for several reasons. Just trust me on this. I have many, many kites. (Wow, I finally admitted it.) It will fly better in general, fly in lighter wind & most importantly likely fly more slowly. May cost a bit more but you're headed there eventually anyway. Not going to say told you so if you don't & do so later. Going to say just follow your heart. You'll find yourself there eventually if you like dualies. Personally, I love em'. SHBKF
  9. Love the image showing the sun dog. Most times when I show a sun dog to someone they have never heard of one or noticed the beautiful sight in the sky. Look up & view the glory I say, the sky is half our world. SHBKF
  10. Sky Dog starter package! (Apr 20th, 2018)

    Stranger things have happened, SHBKF
  11. My HQ Symphony 2.2.4

    We arrived home tonight & as I approached the back porch my wife said, "Oh, there's another kite." I said that I had been expecting one. I picked up the long tube & commented how I would have to keep the nice tube to use if I sold a kite. She laughed & said, "Well that's not too likely." She's used to me getting kites shipped in & really does not get after me about it. She also has a late model Cadillac among her personal collection of vehicles. Gotta love her. SHBKF Here's what was in the tube. Some of her horse & rider figures on the right are worth as much as a good kite
  12. SHBKF

    images from Solo Hill Billie Kite Flailer
  13. Wingtip Tension Knots for Prism 4-D?

    There are endless ways to tie the tip knots while tensioning the sail. You can do a fairly simple knot & cover it with a vinyl end cap. The knot will likely be held securely by the cap. The main thing IMHO is to make the tip snagless by tucking the remaining cord back into the tip of the sail. My objection to most wing tip cords by Prism is that they are too short to get very elaborate with your knot tying. Many people give up on vinyl end caps as they continually knock them off & lose them. Try different things until something pleases you & the kite. Seems like I would have some kind of standard after many years of tying them but I don't. But I also rarely undo the tips once I have assembled the leading edges. When you have a kite with a leech line tied at the tip it gets even more complex. Just try things & keep on flyin'. When you figure out the best way let us know..... SHBKF P.S. I tried the old trick of trying to buy a set of kites that all looked alike but were different weights, like SUL, UL, standard & vented. Did not work. One day I am flying a mid vent Rev for the first time & my genius wife immediately notices. She proceeded to comment on how the screen vents should help with the wind gusts. I barely knew that myself at that time. She just knew it somehow. Sometimes I think she reads the forums. my favorite 1.5 Rev, the mid vent
  14. Compiled list of some production kites

    I believe most dualie kites would list a tip to tip measurement in inches as the size. Back when I bought my first sport kite, in the eighties, I had to choose full sail, 3/4 sail or 1/2 sail. The full sail was the then standard 96" tip to tip. At least that is the way Premier was doing it the day I went into Kitty Hawk Kites on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I knew nothing other than what my budget would allow. Wanted the full sail but my funds would only allow the 3/4 sail, 72" tip to tip. Inquired about line sets & found the price so high that I left the store just happy to get only the kite for eighty bucks plus the govenor's tax. Went back the next day & bought a 150', 200# Skybond line set with a winder & Skyclaw handles. Borrowed that money from my wife. Then we went out in a steady 25 mph wind & did some scudding on the beach. What a day that was.... Too bad I did not keep flying all those years since, SHBKF Premier Aerosport 3/4 sail, still flyable even
  15. Complete list of winners!

    Hard to believe someone has won three times....twice in one year even, just sayin it's possible, SHBKF Peter Powell three pack Sky Dog 2.6 power foil Sky Dog Jammin