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  1. I don't have my Quantum any longer so I can't do some ground recovery attempts to give you any suggestions there. I will eventually buy another as I really do like the Quantum. I will say that some kites respond better to ground recovery maneuvers than others, at least in my experience anyway. I have broken some expensive parts on learning ground recoveries. I would suggest that for the next while you should walk to the kite & reset it for launch instead of breaking more parts. I have been through the same thing for sure. I would use that time to contemplate why I wound up on the ground & what I would do differently to land instead of crashing. Hope I am not being too hard on you with that advice. I do not ever (anymore) attempt to recover from a belly down nose toward me position. The dreaded "Dead Launch" while occasionally doable, is a risky thing to try anytime. I am currently flying a kite that is really easy for me to crash & do ground recoveries with, The Nirvana. It is a bit pricey compared to the Quantum. More experienced fliers could give more meaningful hints I am sure. I do admire your determined efforts. Keep on flyin' & postin', SHBKF
  2. You know you are a kite nut when you name your kites for various reasons. This topic has inspired me to name my SLE stack. It will be the "RD III Stack", the three because it's the number kites I've gathered to assemble together. They are all significant in there own way & look like they belong together. Besides, RD III are my initials. I have no middle name. SHBKF
  3. The stack looks so good in the air. I would like to know the distance between the kites if I might ask. I would like to duplicate that look in my SLE stack. Maybe someday someone will honor my memory by keeping it together & flying it once in a while. I'll post some images when I get it sorted out. SHBKF
  4. I am located in the mountains of Southwest Virginia. You can locate many members using the map option located on the browse bar of this forum. Looking south from the nearby town of Marion, Virginia. You can see Mount Rodgers on the horizon in the right of this image, elevation 5,728', Looking west from nearby Whitetop Mountain, second highest in Virginia. The Appalachian trail is visible in this shot. Kite flying site in a hay field down in the valley near my home. Welcome to KiteLife,SHBKF
  5. Capitalism is a wonderful thing to contemplate. What does the consumer want? What's a comfortable price point? What is the perceived value? What are they willing to pay extra for above the stock model? And what is the competition selling anyway? In 1933 the country was in the Great Depression. Many great companies were long gone. Cars were still being sold to eager consumers regardless. Prohibition ended in December of that year. General Motors had a good price on a decent automobile. Plymouth was priced a little higher but had an all steel body & hydraulic brakes. Henry had his famous V-8 and was priced above the others. My little tudor Plymouth sedan was around $490 dollars. Bumpers were a twenty dollar option! Mine still doesn't have them.
  6. Finally, some kite time.. Had to run to town today to check on some plumbing at an apartment. A very warm Spring like day with gusty wind had me thinking I better grab a kite to take along "just in case". Down in the Kite Dungeon the Nirvana standard had just been through a little tender loving tune-up. Slid it into it's sleeve then found the dualie line set fanny pack. Things went well & on the return trip I stopped at an abandoned ball field. Not an ideal place to fly due to the surrounding uneven terrain, trees & small buildings. But it is still mowed & has a usable window if the wind is from the south-west, it was. The site was not ideal, the wind was gusty & I could only use 65' lines if I wanted to move around much. I did not care as I was actually going to get to fly. It is more challenging to fly in poor conditions but it is what I am used to doing round these parts. The Nirvana has a weight of 19 grams on the tail of the spine. It is a brass round head screw with two brass hex nuts tucked into the spine pocket & taped with a bit of white duct tape. This kite flips over far more easily than my others & is taking some getting adjusted to it's willingness. Rolled it up intentionally & accidentally both. The gusts added their own inputs at times. But also did maybe my best ever half axels. Also did some kind of weird tip wrap roll up sideways flying with a panic pop to unroll a couple times. Not too likely I will ever repeat that one. This kite also seems to excel in ground recovery maneuvers. Flew for only a half hour but made memories that will last much longer. Just out here flyin', SHBKF
  7. I was asked to leave a mall parking lot while beginning to set up a dangerous Prism 4D attached to five meter lines in a remote corner of a huge parking lot. I had flown their many times before, sometimes with another dangerous kite, The Wala. When the officer saw how small my kite was & realized how old I was, he said "Well, just return to your vehicle & put it away." I was very apologetic & polite as I always try to remember I am a kite ambassador of sorts. When you fly in parking lots you can't really use a kite stake. Set your kite by leaning against a curb or light pole base then go to the handles. The terrain is hard & abrasive but very smooth. Someone is usually watching so fly your best. SHBKF 4D on short lines in a safer location Wala flying from our office parking lot. Sea Devil kite like Rob mentioned. First kite with which I ever did a repeatable flare to fade. A great one.
  8. Sooo, if anyone is really upset about owning any old Revs, I can help. SHBKF
  9. Voila! This is one of mine anyway....get cha some of this! and here's it's big brother... Did I really need em'? Well, of course.. SHBKF
  10. Good idea to make sure you don't get chased off. I flew at a location several times a year until the one day that a particular security officer decided I was a danger to others.... Well, it was a mall parking lot. SHBKF
  11. Woke up about 5:30 AM Saturday to notice some activity on my property during the snowfall. This guy may be late for work on Monday as his Jeep is still parked there. See, I really do live "out here in the sticks", SHBKF edit: no one in the car when I checked. Local constables came by about 2:30 PM Saturday to see if vehicle was occupied. You should have seen the deputy crawling back up the slippery embankment.
  12. Whew! edit: label me as an avid user & willing to help support it, SHBKF
  13. Several years ago I was flying at least weekly in winter conditions here in the mountains of Virginia. I was just beginning to enter the world of modern high performance stunt kites including both dualies & Revs. My enthusiasm was high & I was not worried about being cautious or conservative in regards to preserving my kites. In other words I was a newbie out there flailing away & breaking expensive kites. Only broke one old stock four wrap Rev 1 tube but I lost count of the SkyShark tubes that were offered up for sacrifice. My father had spend his most of his career as a reinforced plastics composite engineer in the aerospace industry. He knew a bit about carbon fiber reinforced plastics to say the least. I had to show him some of my splintered tubes inquiring about the possibility that cold weather may not be friendly to the life of these kite parts. He said that if the composites were correctly designed & manufactured to withstand the expected loads in normal weather conditions that a little cold weather would not be an issue whatsoever. He suggested that I not abuse them so much impacting the ground or overloading them in high wind gusts. One day when I was showing him how I could fly a Rev he said, :"Isn't the point to see how high you can fly it?" I really miss him. SHBKF Don't break em so much anymore.....
  14. I too have flown a 4D extensively. I even traded a Quantum for a second 4D last year, my first ever kite trade. A couple years ago I stopped using straps for this kite at all. I use only the sleeved loops of the lines themselves. The kite does not have much pull even when you fly it in higher winds. When the wind gets too strong the leading edges start distorting & the kite kind of squirts across the window. I fly it mostly on a five meter line set but occasionally use a 10 meter set. In colder weather I use only glove liners for the 4D which still gives me a direct connection. After years of solo winter backpacking adventures I still wear gloves in layers. If I have a piece of equipment that I can't operate while wearing thin gloves I actually practice until I am able to do so. I prefer mittens worn over glove liners for the maximum warmth. But kite flying keeps me in gloves. The boot lacing technique mentioned is also important as I have experienced my feet turning to wood due to poor circulation from trying to cram on an extra pair of socks into lighter boots. In this image of a cold morning I am dressed in a down jacket with high tech long johns & shorts. It was around 15 degrees with no wind. SHBKF
  15. So my nearest big time kite store was too far to go to very often. There is now a nice kite in a store nearby. Might never sell but that's okay too. SHBKF