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  1. IMG_6726.JPG

    A great image! Ready to launch with more assembled kites on deck awaiting their turn or for changing conditions. And what a location, wow. SHBKF
  2. FS: Prism zephyr

    Dang! I'd been all over this if I did not already have two Z's. Even though my "collection", ah hoard, includes some really desirable high end dualies I still fly my Z's. Just returned from a long vacation & one of my trusty Zephyrs rode along with me just in case the wind was somewhat light. Turned out I had stronger winds & flew a slightly stronger Prism E2 instead. But ever since I got my first Zephyr five years ago, I have not gotten to the point where I am tired of it. Still smilin' when flyin' the Z, SHBKF my first good dualie, a keeper for sure
  3. Bridle Jig

    Down in the Kite Dungeon I simply place finish nails into the plywood kite work table. I layout the dimensions with ruler & pencil then tap the nails into the wood just enough to hold firm. Later, when I am finished, I simply pull the nail out until needed again. I may leave small penciled notes for future reference or erase the marks if I decide they did not produce desired results. Mostly I work in inches but keep metric rulers handy if I am working in centimeters. It is also a good idea to check kite bridles for symmetry when you have them on the kite table. SHBKF here's the kite table with a kite awaiting bridle repair
  4. East Coast USA weekend fly???

    Here's my wind powered Nexus 5 X, SHBKF
  5. Back in my early teens I became an avid Short Wave Listener. I was using a World War II era Signal Corps aircraft receiver. It was made by Hallicrafters, a R45 ARR7. I used to wait for my parents to go to bed, quietly close my door, then put a towel on the floor to block noise & light. I would fire up the old tube type radio, put my aviator head phones & tour the world. Years later I would operate other radios including CB's back in their hay day. I built elaborate antennas & talked skip using 16 watts on 11 meter side band. Later I got a Heathkit HW-101. But still no license. Even though things shifted to other hobbies I still longed to be a real ham radio operator some day. That some day has become now & I am well on my way to passing an entry level exam. Life is good, live your dreams, SHBKF ... .... -... -.- ..-. Hallicrafters Heathkit
  6. We are actually quite fortunate that our love of kites, even at the boutique level, is quite inexpensive compared to many hobbies these days. Getting into a new field can easily run thousands of dollars & sometimes that is just for the latest clothing "needed". I am currently researching & studying to seriously enter a hobby that has been a dream of mine for most of my life. The current basic entry level equipment is going to run over five thousand easily. Pick any adult hobby & be ready to spend ten thousand if you want street cred among your peers. But even that is minor compared to what I spent on horses. The horse was the cheap item. Fencing, stable, tack, trailer & truck all added up quickly. But I still struggled mightily when I was finally started buying kites a few years back. The initial stumbling block seemed to occur at about eighty bucks for me. That's about all the cash I ever have on me it seems. Shoot, that's what a decent line set costs when you finally go for it. Anyhow, no regerts, just have a Snickers, SHBKF a good morning camp breakfast on the trail
  7. Revolution Reflex XX - Sand flats

    Love the shadows of the kite that are shown but I know it is very difficult to fly looking into the sun to get the images. I also like that the lines are visibly bowing at times. Great video of an excellent session. Thanks, SHBKF
  8. Fluke's journey

    I have gone through several stages in my KiteLife regarding lines. Started with "Dang kite string is costly!". Advanced to next stage got lines, go fly. Line length? Line strength? Line material? Equalization? Know Eye Deer, just fly. Next stage, read forums & wonder what all the lingo means. Enlightenment commences with line strength & lengths. One day I decide to add brake lines to my newly acquired Snap Shot 2.5. Still at "Dang kite string is costly!" stage. Launch kite with new brake lines for my first quad experience. Brake lines too long hanging down in big droops. Not enough adjustment on the brake bridles to compensate. Hmm, how do I deal with this? Back to the forum to read about shortening lines. Intuitively I make all four lines the same length because it just seems logical. Important? Know Eye Deer. Revs seemed way too expensive. My wife gives me one RTF as a gift. Got lucky with a line set of LPG, lines were already correct. Start flying that one. Found out I flew "right handed". Top right line gets a bit longer than the rest but I am oblivious to the issue. Joined KiteLife & began to learn from the Pros or Masters I called them. Learned about equalization. Learned about importance of checking & maintaining lines for optimum flight characteristics. Developed Obsessive Kite Disorder regarding lines, became very opinionated. Made line sets like mad. Stuck at the mall waiting for the boss, worked on line sets in the parking lot. Made rig for measuring line lengths. Installed hardware on the hitching post to stress lines using pulleys & weights on the far end under the apple tree. Was developing a bad case of Obsessive Kite Disorder but did not know it at that time. Then one day I decided to just fly lines with dualies to give them a set. If need a quad set just do it twice. Now I use knots on the leaders to make large equalizations. Small adjustments are made by tying extra knots in the line loops. Have plenty of Rev handles now so I can leave sets already tuned attached to dedicated handles. Have acquired many many sets of lines & plenty of straps to go with them. Most of the time now I just test for equalization by launching with paired straps or handles in a neutral position & see if the kite goes mostly straight up. Tuning done as needed in the field. Dang kite string is still expensive! SHBKF
  9. Favorite SUL?

    My first favorite SUL was the infamous Prism 4D. I flew it so much I had to repair it a couple times in several places. Vulnerable areas are the center tee, which bends, the nose, which wears & the spine pokes through & the leading edge fabric, which is quite light & thin. I even bought a spare one eventually. Still flying this one. But then I splurged & bought a new Sky Burner Pro Dancer Super Ultra Light. After my mentor, RobB, told me about it & I watched his amazing videos, I had to have it. It is an "old school kite". This is still my go to kite for amazing flying in very light winds. I prefer flying this full size kite on 90# x 100'. When you are gliding out to regain ground you can run quickly, well quickly for me, and the kite will keep going effortlessly until you stop to turn & begin the next up flight. I call this kite "My Beloved". You know you're a kite nut when you begin naming some of them. It remains my favorite for the type of flying I am able to achieve with it at my current level. But then, in March of 2016, I finally reached Nirvana. Another true SUL & this one is legendary. Dang! This one is stealing my heart. It is helping me fly super light air & allowing me to learn some slack line tricks at the same time. It will also handle a little higher wind as it has a deeper sail than the PD SUL. It is a good example of a bit of mass making the kite have a bit of inertia that you need for getting completely through a maneuver. Not everyone likes a "Frenchie". It's working for me. Now I find myself leaving the first two at home. So that is my 3-2-1 list, SHBKF See ya in the sky....
  10. Line Lengths for Beginners

    If your fifty pound lines begin to sing or some say whine, it is a sign. Now personally I love to hear that magic sound. But if you hear it while flying fifties you better fly to the side & land. Time to switch set ups. Heavier lines, which may still sing, or different kite/line set up may be in order. Plan on breaking fifties, it will happen. Then you just make shorter sets out of the broken lines. Be careful not to get even a half knot accidentally somewhere in your lines. It will be a weak point. One good pop or gust will snap it if the pressure is on. If you get your line snagged on a weed or even Velcro try to smooth it out if it is frayed at all. Ninety pound lines are quite a bit more resistant to issues & I fly them much more often. Some have given up on light lines in frustration. Anyway, I have broken fifty pound lines with tiny kites like this one. I actually am kind of proud of that. Gives me braggin' rights. SHBKF
  11. SHBKF

    images from Solo Hill Billie Kite Flailer
  12. Prism Micron #1

    From the album SHBKF

  13. Silver Fox UL / Acrobatx UL??

    Here is a picture showing vinyl end caps on some modified Rev handles, white on top black on bottom. The inner diameter & perhaps length would be different for use with a dualie. They cover the tips of the leading edges to protect them & hold the tensioning line more firmly. They also help provide a more snagless tip. They are available in many sizes. I bought mine bulk from an industrial supply house. I have probably a dozen different sizes for various applications. They can come off during landings & tip stabs. Many don't use them. The Inferno Z is not for sale. It was the first good dualie I bought when I had my kite reawakening five years ago. First time I flew it I could not believe how good it felt. I almost always carry this kite with me when I travel the country. Wish I could spend a day flying with you & letting you try a bunch of my kites. SHBKF
  14. Silver Fox UL / Acrobatx UL??

    The weight of two Zephyrs now in the Kite Dungeon Completely stock kite with Inferno color scheme Both kites have vinyl end caps on the leading edge tips, 2 1/2 grams for the pair of them Kite without tail weight 298 grams or 10 1/2 ounces Second kite is also completely stock and in the Eggplant color scheme With stock Prism tail weight 315 grams, 11 1/8 ounces tail weight weighs 17 grams If you remove the upper spreader you save 12 grams Kite without upper spreader, end caps & tail weight would be about 284 grams or 10 ounces It amazed me that both kites weighed the same. Something to be said for quality control. As is frequently noted, "your mileage may vary". SHBKF
  15. A black light would make it look positively psychedelic. Love it! I do actually have a black light down in the Kite Dungeon. Some kites really light up. SHBKF