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  1. 50# line

    I'll be interested to hear your impression flying the little zoomer on longer lines. I tried some 50# x 70' & had quite a bit of line sag. The kite had a bit of delayed reaction when the inputs had to deal with the bow in the lines. I still prefer the 50' length. I have not tried the kite on a short set but I should just to see if I can keep up with it. When the Micron really gets loaded up it will kind of shudder & squirt across the sky as the frame flexes then unloads. I usually fly off to the side & land in those conditions. I suppose it goes without saying to be extra careful with Spider Wire. I would not try it if anyone else is in the vicinity. I have used it on a Prism Zero G glider in no wind conditions. It is hard to even see the line it if it gets away from you. The advantage with that kite is the line is so light that it does not affect the flight of the kite as much as a heavier line would from it's weight alone. A heavier line will cause it to veer off it's glide more quickly.
  2. Lumokites Vega UL

    Love your taste in kites, another beauty! SHBKF
  3. Kymera

    One of the cool things about building up a collection of kites is you can't fly them all often enough to stay well connected. Now that may seem like a funny statement. So what happens is that you keep buying different kites to try & the older acquisitions stay in their sleeves. After awhile you come back to one of your previous favorites & you get to fly it with the advantage of your matured flying experience. You might just fall in love all over again. Or you might be able to connect with one that you previously did not click with at all. Sometimes I would go on a trip & only take the one kite that I had struggled with on earlier attempts. Kind of forced me to try harder & become friends with the difficult one. That was true with the Prism E3. But I must admit that I did finally just cave in & get an E2 instead. KiteLife is so varied. SHBKF
  4. Night Flight Kite w/ Lights

    Love it! Continue to be surprised. The Maker is pushing the envelope a bit further, again. SHBKF
  5. My HQ Symphony 2.2.4

    If you have ever flown a small foil you certainly must realize what a magnificent flight above video shows, a super kite with superb fliers putting on a dazzling display. I am humbled and amazed. Well done Master fliers! SHBKF
  6. Dang it! Them goodins' will just ruin ya. SHBKF
  7. Progression...

    I am now droolin', make mine a vented please, SHBKF
  8. Zephyr

    Even if you are flying a heavier, tougher standard kite, conditions you describe may still cause damage of some kind. I broke the spine of a kite when a big gust came on suddenly accelerating the kite into the ground. Round these parts there are many trees. I try to listen for changing wind coming through the trees behind my position. I can hear the larger gusts approaching. When this occurs I fly to the side of the window & hover lower while the gust is passing by. Also flying at ten feet or less the wind is usually noticeably less due to ground friction. Another choice is to park at the top of the window straight above you. But don't do that with a power kite..... Try some tip stands over to the side for fun. In a strong sustained wind you can just park the kite on it's tip for a time. Lift slightly, roll the kite up and over then execute an extremely low ground pass to a second tip stand when you stall at the edge of the window on the other side. Great fun & even more so with a long tail. Don't tempt fate with a light kite, fly to the side & land, always. Love it when my lines whine & sing but it is a warning song no doubt. Many of us fly dualies mostly in lighter air switching to vented quads when stronger conditions arrive. Vented sportwings, with the proper frame, eat gusts very well. But that is another call from the Dark Side. You must accept the will of the Force. SHBKF
  9. Elementary Complimentary

    So I arrive home around 7 dark 30 & a box is on the back porch table. It is in perfect condition as if the sender has just handed it to me. Thank you USPS, gentle care the whole way. I sit in the den & carefully use my Swiss Army Knife to open the parcel. With the wide eyes of a child on Christmas morning I behold it's gleaming beauty. I assemble the kite & place it in view in front of the bay window. Logging in to KiteLife I see The Maker is in Chat. Excerpt from Chat. I was full of glee at the wonder of The Jester. SHBKF Jester in the house WOW riffclown (Mod): Newest crispiest kite I have ever seen! It is a beauty! riffclown (Mod): awesome.. PLEASe respond to the Jester thread with your honest impressions.. New favorite quad riffclown (Mod): BTW, I've been very busy since we chatted before I just arrived home riffclown (Mod): Your killin' me Love these kites Your innovation is superb The triangles are so much better than washers much smoother look riffclown (Mod): Thank you.. riffclown (Mod): That was the most work I'd ever put in a kite up until that time.. Your skill is leaping forward now riffclown (Mod): While I will go back and finish some of the tails kites, I don't need that particular crutch any more. riffclown (Mod): What did your wife think of the Jester? She just saw it She said WOW who made it, what women? riffclown (Mod): lol She says "He did good, it couldn't be a man." riffclown (Mod): Tell your wife, "guys can sew." Quote from Terry Murray riffclown (Mod): Well I hope you enjoy it to its fullest.. She says she knows it is hard to sew nylon We wil riffclown (Mod): brb
  10. Jest Checking In

    I like it when things "still only in your head" escape into the air & I can fly them... Woo Hoo, SHBKF
  11. Perception

    I too have a great affection for the Zephyr. Obviously you are clicking with it. The Pro Dancer, my beloved, is in a class of it's own. I will say that there are many other great kites out there in the wild. As you progress your taste in kites may change a bit. Wait until you try a classic standard Widow Maker. (Thank you RobB.) I believe it would be my "on a desert island with only one kite" choice. You are really progressing rapidly & it is good to hear about your adventures with repairs, line sets & having multiple kites. Best wishes from back here in the sticks, SHBKF now you NEED a glider...
  12. Midnight Royal Taboo

    Glad to see this one flying. Remembering some suggesting you might not want to mix fabrics, I say, "Lookin so fine. Build em however you want." SHBKF
  13. LE tabs (service available for Revs)

    Quite a testimony from one of my mentor Masters. Sounds like time for me to get some sails in the mail. SHBKF
  14. I had no choice

    You continue to wow me my friend. Amazing! SHBKF
  15. The Jester Quick shot

    Oh my!