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    one that is easy to learn on. I'm a rookie #1100 , #1113
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    I was a kid
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    Wanting to learn tricks rather then just flying. Would also love to learn how to fly a Rev
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  1. Karma: SkyBurner Profile S.E. - 12/13/17

    I'm in, looks like a nice one.
  2. SOLD! FS: Prism zephyr

    I would love to get your kite but I'm actually looking for the Orca colored one.
  3. SOLD! FS: Prism zephyr

    Your getting me very tempted, but I just bought 6 Fury's. So yeah I'm kinda broke. But if it hits the magic number I just might need to go deeper in debt. Who me, I don't have a kite problem!
  4. KARMA 9/21/2017: Revolution Rainbow Radical

    I'm in, I desperately need a newer quad. As my current one has 4 rips in it.
  5. KARMA - Green Race 1.5 Frame (3/30/16)

    Woo-hoo 14 my lucky number
  6. KARMA - Green Race 1.5 Frame (3/30/16)

    I'm in, this might be perfect for my only quad I own, "a mid vent" I finally got a rev a used one but that's ok. Still learning.
  7. Shanti Skywaves

    I would like the red white gray and black one if it ever is considered for sale.
  8. B-Series STD Package (11/10/15)

    It will be perfect for my new line leaders I just recently bought from TK. I have not checked the mail to see if there here yet maybe they will be shipped with my new purple Rev. Come on RNG pick me. Pleaseeeeee
  9. B-Series STD Package (11/10/15)

    Happy Birthdayyyy to me,Happy birthday to me,Happy birthday to meeeeee. Oh wait my birthday has already past and it was a blast at the AKA Convention. The very last day of the convention was my birthday and they had a birthday banquet for me.....all though they did sing happy birthday to Simon Crafts,what a great guy. Well it might not have been for me but it was the BEST birthday ever. Made a lot of great new friends. Good luck to everyone.
  10. Kymera (3/25/15)

    Congratulations, Fly in good health and may good health come from flying.
  11. Karma - Revolution Supersonic 3/15/2015

    I'm not sure if any of the comments above were meant for me. But it came across as a dig towards me not banter. All I wanted to do was share in the karma and I would have posted the next karma prize. There is a line between banter and digs ( Midwest gibberish ). But since I'm not smart enough to distinguish the difference I would like to Respectively Remove my entry. I am NOT IN. This is not the first time I have felt as I don't belong in Kite Life. That is why I have not been on for a while. I kinda see how some might feel the same way as I feel making them leave Kite Life. But I will not be ran out because there is a lot of info that is helpful to me there are not many kite fliers in my area and this is where I learn. I will keep my kites in the sky it's more friendly there. I'M OUT
  12. Karma - Revolution Supersonic 3/15/2015

    How about this Wayne, if I win I can see if they would send it to you fist to try out. You can fly it for a month then mail it to me. Sound good
  13. Karma - Revolution Supersonic 3/15/2015

    I'm in. :-) If I win will someone come teach me how to fly it....
  14. Kymera (3/25/15)

    Oh yeah Kymera so icanflyya. My turn to win I don't own a quad line kite yet.....oh wait that comment was for the past Rev drawings. Good luck everyone, ,, especially me come on RNG
  15. B-Series STD Package (9/25/14)

    R N G , im sure it means rookie number generator..... sooooo, it might be nice to me since I am a rookie. .... hint hint--rng. If not it's still all good. ....Happy winds all.