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  2. Fairly new to this Forum & have been a dual line flier mainly for 27 years. Sold most of my quads ..... until recently ... 1 - Quadrafoil 1- Rev B-Series standard 1 - ABS standard (newly acquired)
  3. I am an 'old school' kite flyer that's been 'out of the loop' for nearly 19 years & I am now getting my '2nd wind'! I am mostly a dual line flyer, but used to fly mostly Rev's & a few Deca's. In reading some of the older posts, I saw where Lam Hoac developed an interesting quad line, the ABS, about 3 years ago. I've not seen a whole lot of info or newer posts on this kite. Is it still being produced? Is it still a relevant quad design? What do you who fly quads think about this kite?
  4. You know, I was 42 back 1991, about the time I first met you!! time flies!!!!!??
  5. How are you doing 'kid'? another old fart from the past. This is Bob Neiman & I was just rummaging through all my I'd kites & came upon the Team Radial Cyborg Mike made for me on this very day! In 1991!!! So I started to reminisce & got on google to look up Mike Sterling, & well, here I land in this thread. I remember all the good times we had in the 90's (when you were just a kid!) mom now in Phoenix, but don't fly as much as I'd like to. Say hi to any of the gang we used to fly with & against! bob
  6. Mark, I'm sure you've moved on from from this thread, but I just found it as I was googling the Synergy Deca. Your story gave me wonderful memories of my time in the world of kites. I was a competitive flier (dual lines), kite store owner, & a kite collector. I recently pulled out my kite bags & spent a whole day putting together the dozens of dual line, quad line, & custom single line kites from some of the famous kite makers of the 1980's, 90's, & early 2000's. (Those were the glory days!!) I still have 3 Synergy Deca 31's, 2 no wind Deca's, several Deca 1's & 3 or 4 Minergy 333's. i should probably start thinking about new homes for all these classic kites. Any suggestions? bob