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  1. Kaiju

    Black and Red. [emoji847] Sent from my IPhone
  2. Win: JB for a Weekend

    Nope John Thank You. But Jhsidekick is Jack. [emoji847][emoji12] Sent from my IPhone
  3. Welcome Breezin

    Once you get a SUL you will look forward to the 1 to 2 mph days. I haven’t flown the niknak but have a Pro Dancer from Skyburner and it is amazing in light wind. [emoji100] Sent from my IPhone
  4. Welcome Breezin

    Welcome Breezin. Nice to see someone else from Colorado. I live on the Western slope near Grand Junction if your ever in the area it would be fun to fly together. Sent from my IPhone
  5. Win: JB for a Weekend

    If you are the fence about buying tickets just do it!! This was hands down the best experience I’ve ever had flying kites! John went out of his way to make sure he listened to all our needs. He spent countless hours just letting us fly and coaching us! He was not afraid to teach us any of his secrets and was an open book. We enjoyed the countless hours we spend just talking and getting to know each other as well. To just sit and watch him fly both indoors and out was so awesome! He was also such a great sport to tag along on some family obligations which we were able to get some flying in as well that day. He could not have been an easier guest in our home. He is so genuine and easy going it takes just a minute to feel right at home with him. In a nutshell go for it! This will be something you’ll never regret! Sent from my IPhone
  6. Fulcrum

    Yes it is Lisa. A little tape and the sail will be fine. Sent from my IPhone
  7. Fulcrum

    Jack my 14 year old son was flying the Fulcrum today in 3 to 5 mph wind. We had the “light” frame in and it broke. He flew to the top of the wind window slowly, turned the kite 180 and was about 1/2 way down and the kite folded in half. Ok no big deal I thought. I’ll just put the heavier center section in and he can keep flying. When I approached the kite I immediately saw a 1” hole in the sail. Not having any tape to fix it I put it away. My advice is to watch out in light wind with the light center section installed. I will not be replacing it but will continue to use the 2 outer light wind sections with the heavier center section in light wind. 3 mph to 5mph. Sent from my IPhone
  8. B-Series MID Package (12/25/17)

    Wishful thinking Riff. This ones coming to Colorado. [emoji847] Sent from my IPhone
  9. Sky Shark CXL Carbon Tubes

    They come with pieces in the ends that fit in revs end caps. I have all three but haven’t flown with them but a couple times so can’t really comment on performance. Couldn’t pass up 3 frames, cxl 150, 250 and 350 for $75. Can’t beat the price. Sent from my IPhone
  10. Quad Count (they all count)

    So bad. I don’t think so you have an awesome collection so far keep it up. Sent from my IPhone
  11. Fulcrum

    Sent from my IPhone
  12. Fulcrum

    I’ve been using 90lb 120 ft lines. I had to move my top lines 3 knots in to get power Sent from my IPhone
  13. Fulcrum

    I’m kind of in the dark to what’s out there being in Western Colorado. Sent from my IPhone
  14. Fulcrum

    Never seen one. Sent from my IPhone
  15. Fulcrum

    Sent from my IPhone