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  1. Replacement line for Rev 1.5

    Another option and what I’ve been doing is buying 300 yard spools of LPG and making my own. Purchase sleeving material and tool for less than $20 and the spool of line for just over $100 and make them yourself. Then you’ll have the tool to fix sleeving on broken lines, and make a shorter set for urban flying. Sent from my IPhone
  2. Advice for a new REV Purchase

    OPK. other people’s Kites Sent from my IPhone
  3. Sky Dog starter package! (Apr 20th, 2018)

    Congratulations Ebrook. [emoji847] Sent from my IPhone
  4. First kite done - thanks Shooks!

    Beautiful kite! Nicely done. Sent from my IPhone
  5. How much longer to replace this bridle?

    I need to try this out, 2 of my revs are pretty close to needing the bridles changed because of wear in this exact spot. Next time I change one I’ll use pieces of the old one to make some of these pieces. Sent from my IPhone
  6. Welcome Jey Miles

    Welcome Mr. Miles. I hope you find some useful information here. Any questions just ask. And I hope TK’s extended leaders help speed up the learning process for your new quad. I’ll replace them after I get done moving to Oregon. Can’t wait to fly with you on the Oregon coast. Sent from my IPhone
  7. Night Flight Kite w/ Lights

    Glad you got adequate wind for it. It looks awesome in the air flying. Well done. [emoji106] Sent from my IPhone
  8. Beach flying advice

    That’s funny first couple times I flew my first quad I had the spars on the front side of the kite. Some stranger came along and corrected my mistake and gave me some pointers. Sure helped a lot. Good luck. Sent from my IPhone
  9. Water flying: tips please

    Be careful in moving water such as rivers or the Ocean. When ocean waves change from coming inland to going back out it greatly effects the flow around the kite. Or if your lucky enough to fly off a bridge over a river use caution when dunking your kite, the moving water could grab onto your kite. Sent from my IPhone
  10. Arvada kite fest

    Here you go Breezin I would come to it but have plans this weekend. Maybe someone will let you try a quad kite or at least see one in action. Sent from my IPhone
  11. Arvada kite fest

    Sent from my IPhone
  12. Quad kites ( Multiple)

    The SS is a rocket ship in higher winds and is a blast to fly. It’s a good quad to have if you enjoy flying really fast. Like makatakam said get used to it in lower winds and you will really enjoy the way it performs. One of my sons favorite Kites to fly. He’s 15 now started flying it a couple years ago. Sent from my IPhone
  13. Thanks

    Sorry for your families loss Breezin. Sent from my IPhone
  14. TapaTalk / KiteLife app

    On I phone click on the arrow that points up and to the left. Droid is probably different. Sent from my IPhone
  15. TapaTalk / KiteLife app

    Test Sent from my IPhone