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  1. Looking for the next step

    Sent from my IPhone
  2. Looking for the next step

    A Wind of change has the Acrobatx for less than $90 right now. Sent from my IPhone
  3. Looking for the next step

    Welcome to kitelife. Before long you will have several replies from very experienced kite flyers. I'm still in the process of learning myself. For light winds I've had to buy kites made for light winds in my area. Usually less than 3 and never consistent. I use 50 lb line and have a few different lengths, I usually use 50 foot lines to practice with, but have 30 and 100 as well. As far as advice for kites goes way more experienced flyers will be giving you advice soon. Good luck [emoji847] Sent from my IPhone
  4. You might be a kite nut.

    On the 20th. We are going to North Bend on the 19 and checking some areas out to see where we might be interested in buying a house next summer. Sent from my IPhone
  5. You might be a kite nut.

    If you pull your kid out of his first week back to school and drive 20 hours to WSIKF... [emoji847] Sent from my IPhone
  6. WIN: B-Series VTD (signed)

    Congratulations [emoji847] Sent from my IPhone
  7. Quad Time 101

    I think I'm passing Enthusiast and becoming a collector. Sent from my IPhone
  8. Line Lengths for Beginners

    I use them in low wind. Less than 2 mph. I buy 1000 foot spools of line, sleeving material and I bought a $4 sleeving tool that works way easier than my homemade one. Make the lines at whatever length I want and use them in light winds where there isn't anything to snag them on. Haven't broken one Flying yet but inspect them and replace as needed. Sent from my IPhone
  9. My HQ Symphony 2.2.4

    For me red white and blue is #1 #2 black grey and blue Sent from my IPhone
  10. KiteLife® Stunt Kite Clinic: Aug 12-13, Long Beach WA

    If we were closer I'd sign Jack and I up for it. Maybe next summer we will be moving closer to the kit community. You will be tired of seeing us John. Sent from my IPhone
  11. JB for a Weekend (10/1/17)

    Ok people this is a chance of a lifetime for the lucky winner. I will be buying tickets. Sent from my IPhone
  12. Prism 25th Anniversary Special Edition Quantum

    Received mine today and have been flying it for two hours what a joy to fly. Wind today is 7 to 15. This kite can take a beating. Bought one for my son as well and am taking him out shortly. When I wound up the strings one was 3 inches shorter than the other. Point being equalize strings even when they are new.
  13. JB for a Weekend! (12/1/16)

    Ok John when is the next JB for a weekend? We have put a lot of the information learned from you to good use and can't wait to fly in your presence again. Sent from my IPhone
  14. Favorite SUL?

    I got to say ProDancer SUL for sure. Before I bought one if my weather app said less than 4 mph wind I just stayed home. Now when it's less than 2 I take the prodancer out and fly with intent. Even when the wind is around 0 to .5 you can fly 360 degrees around yourself barely walking backwards. Yes it is somewhat expensive, but flying when no one else is is priceless. Wait, where I'm at my son and I are always the only ones flying. Jack my son is 14 and has a ProDancer too so we fly together on 50' lines with relatively no wind. Sent from my IPhone
  15. W.T.B. Prism Prophesy & Illusion

    That's an awesome looking kite. Sent from my IPhone