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  1. Kaiju - coming soon!

    Getting excited... this is the great thing about getting a new kite.... anticipation ! Won't be long now.
  2. Karma Drawing: 1/20/18 Becolino SLK

    Yes, some interest building. Little kids love SLKs, BB, this would be a good addition to your bag !
  3. Zephyr

    Lines were 6" off ? That might be an issue... I don't know what happened to QC over at Prism, but I've heard & experienced some dumb stuff coming out of Seattle. Nothing that's too hard to fix, but not in keeping with their legacy. The winner for me was a QPro SUL with the bridle installed upside down. Didn't fly too well, and I haven't had it out of the bag since.
  4. Karma Drawing: 1/20/18 Becolino SLK

    If I am lucky enough to win this round (odds look good so far...) you can count on a video. Good luck, Anthony ! I wouldn't mind seeing this go to you...
  5. Karma Drawing: 1/20/18 Becolino SLK

    Wow, I thought dual line kites were the red-headed step children of the kite world and SLKs were more popular... Is this drawing hidden to all but me ? I don't get it...
  6. Zephyr

    I have been trying to learn how to fly the Gemini for over 10 years... I still don't get it ! I found 60-75' lines the best for the Zephyr, and 50# line is out of the question. I broke 50# line countless times before giving up. For those light winds, try flying without the weight, no upper spreader, and the bridle adjusted all the way towards the nose. I found it easy to keep the Z in the air in 1-2mph winds, but the tricks don't start until 4-5mph. Lastly, put the kite away when the winds go into the double digits, I know the rating is higher, but it's not worth risking the kite in those winds...
  7. Karma Drawing: 1/20/18 Becolino SLK

    Hello ? Nobody ? I'm in... This looks like a fun kite !
  8. Custom RevoPolo by PoloKites (2/15/18)

    Joining in on the drool-fest ! Sent from my [device_name] using http://KiteLife mobile app
  9. Dreamweaver Sabre on the porch

    Lookin' good ! Too bad the Prismatex doesn't show up in the picture. So hard to capture that.... Merry Christmas, Ralph !
  10. Hand position

    I have dropped a line flying with the straps in my fingers more than once. Sometimes I get so into the flying that I 'forget' to hold on. That's why I almost always wrap the wrist strap around my wrist, or the finger straps around my fingers. Dodd is a drummer, and that might explain his grip method. I've tried his method, but just like more control over the lines with my index fingers on the leaders.
  11. Karma: SkyBurner Profile S.E. - 12/13/17

    Congratulations ! Great score... please post on your flight impressions when you get it in the air.
  12. Kite Forge

    Black/Red would be my pick...
  13. Karma: SkyBurner Profile S.E. - 12/13/17

    I'm in ! I have always wanted to try one of these...
  14. Welcome Rob Friedman

    If you're looking for scrap materials, I might have somethings laying around that are beyond repair...
  15. Skyburner WidowMaker Pro vs Premier Widow NG

    Less pop, more slack ?