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  1. Try a punch turn to quickly change direction 180*. I think I may do a combo turn, but it's more punch heavy. Punch, step forward (lunge), and use the other hand for steering input into the landing. It's all very fast and difficult to dissect. But I think that's how I do that one. When a light kite is stuck on it's back, try pushing forward on both lines, then pull it back out of the turtle. I remember that bugging me about the Shadow, too. The Fade is easier in lighter wind, and more dangerous to the kite in higher winds. If you lose the Fade in higher winds with the nose pointed down, it's only a split second before it turns into a high speed land dart. Lazies can be done without much risk in any wind, but look better in lower wind. I like them to go around slow & graceful, it just looks better to me. Fast yank & spank flying kinda looks like the kite is out of control... Hopefully some of this may be helpful, I enjoyed reading your blog. I would be lucky to fly with someone who has the same enthusiasm as you do, it's nice to talk with someone who speaks the same language... at least I can read about it.
  2. So much better of a choice than investing in another intermediate kite. Bang for the buck ? BOOM !
  3. I actually got to fly in a different location for once. I went up to Cape Cod to visit with family for a long weekend, and brought some kites along. Even though I've been going there all my life, I've never flown kites there, so it was a nice first for me. I also got to give some instruction on the Rev to my father (a natural, it took him less than 5 minutes to figure it out) and my brother-in-law, who added a couple year's worth of wear to my new Rev inside of 10 minutes ! I was actually glad the wind died out, there wouldn't have been much left of the new MV if he flew it much more ! Anyway... I only got one shot with my phone...
  4. If the wind is over 10mph.... I don't try many tricks. Axels, 540s, yoyos, lazies... Save all that for under 10. Over 10? Revs. [emoji90]
  5. I have a few... They're good because they hold kites & they're cheap. But... You get what you pay for...
  6. BTW... all of the kids are training on multi-line kites. I can't wait to see them all solo. Can't wait to sit back in my chair and watch them all fly together. All in good time...
  7. Third week of Kite Season... I couldn't leave my smallest family member out of the fun, so this week it was Ceci's turn to have a little play time on the beach with Dad. She's been sitting on a Minion kite that she got as a gift a while back, still unflown, in the box. After seeing the other two go out and have a fun time flying, she was very vocal about it being her turn this week. The Minion kite was another X-Kite, pretty decently made for a cheepo retail kite, and once again, flew right out of the box... It was actually pretty big for a kid's kite, and the pull was exciting at times for her. She's flown plenty of SLKs before, so she knew what to do. There's a size comparison, the Minion was flying at the same height as the Ultrafoil. Even though the summer crowds are gone, the off-shore summer breeze was still here. A close-up of the two kites together. This photo was optimized to bring the colors up, it was really kinda grey today. We only had a couple of hours to spend before dinner, so these were the only two kites that made it into the air. Frustrating, since I have two kites that are itching to fly... a red Kymera and a new-to-me MidVent with magic sticks. Soon... they've both taken up residence in the car, so they'll make it into the air soon ! The only distraction from kite flying today... Beach Glass ! Ceci thinks they're valuable jewels and can't resist grabbing a few while at the beach.
  8. You need another orange and another blue...
  9. That is what I mean about a 'full sized' kite. Between 7-8 foot. I could see how people trying to learn on a smaller kite would quickly lose interest, as the size goes down, the difficulty goes up.
  10. Randy G... Martin's videos...
  11. I love that Kymera video, so much that I bought a Kymera from the first batch that ITW had in stock. It still gives me inspiration to get out there and work on my stuff. I watched the only Kymera video that I made, and not one side slide. JB's slide is much better, no bobbles, more like the Prism video. Sliders will find that certain kites slide better than others. A full sized kite is a good start. Prism kites seem like they are designed to slide, I haven't flown a better kite at side sliding than the Prism Prophecy. There are slides throughout this video, but none really show my inputs to get into the slide. @ 4:26, though, there's a slide that shows my inputs to stay in the slide. Also note, the downward turn is not the only way to enter the slide, an axel or 540 gives the sideways momentum to slide, too.
  12. I 'tap' my finger tip on the trailing line, it seems to help. There are constant micro-adjustments that you just have to feel as you're sliding. I'm still working on this trick, it's not easy like sliding a 4 line kite.
  13. IDK, maybe you could see something in this, I got in the shot while doing a couple of slides in this video @ 2:28... I don't think about what I'm doing much, it tends to confuse me. The winds in the video were pretty low, around 5mph.
  14. The Phoenix is certainly a better looking Rev. My understanding of the B-series is that the panels are optimally laid out for a perfect sail billow. If there's no sacrifice in achieving the perfect 'billow' with the new panel layout, then I guess the choice of getting a Phoenix is a no-brainer for me...
  15. I found this... it was a couple of years ago. The solo flight has been a long time coming !