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  1. Welcome Rob Friedman

    If you're looking for scrap materials, I might have somethings laying around that are beyond repair...
  2. Skyburner WidowMaker Pro vs Premier Widow NG

    Less pop, more slack ?
  3. Skyburner WidowMaker Pro vs Premier Widow NG

    I only fly full sized kites on 100# in winds 5mph or less. I never use anything less than 100#, even in SUL conditions.
  4. Welcome Rob Friedman

    Very Cool ! Looks great in the air ! Sounds like a light wind flier, too. Sounds like you might have a new favorite kite ?
  5. I've always wanted to try one of those Mirage or Warbirds, please keep us posted how it goes...
  6. Welcome Rob Friedman

    Maybe Rob will post some pictures, it looks like a doable build with common materials. I wonder if it's seen airtime yet...
  7. Skyburner WidowMaker Pro vs Premier Widow NG

    You know, 15-20 years ago, I was in Winston-Salem about once a month. Around that time, I changed the scope of my job & don't leave the NY area for work anymore. Sad, because I used to have a bunch of time on weekend layovers and would've loved to fly with some folks. Maybe I'll find you at a festival sometime, though.
  8. Welcome Rob Friedman

    The 18 cell kite came from a kit, possibly a Smithsonian kite. I built it & hung it on the ceiling for the babies to look at. They're a bit bigger now, but the kite still hangs there... BTW, you missed some epic 'lab-grade' winds today. I flew during lunch, and had to d-r-a-g myself off the beach to go back to the office ! 5-8mph out of the West at West Meadow beach !
  9. Welcome Rob Friedman

    That is an important feature for you, your car is just about full of kites ! My girls have a 18 cell tetrafoil hanging from their ceiling which has never seen the air. I am feeling the need to dust it off !
  10. Skyburner WidowMaker Pro vs Premier Widow NG

    Wish I could've gotten in on the comparison session, as I've never flown either. I just have the original WMs, and I think they're some of the best kites I flown. I would love to try the variants...
  11. Welcome Rob Friedman

    Hope your venture into kite making goes better than my first attempt !
  12. Prototype underway... :)

    Another hand goes up for scaling that up... My hands are too heavy for little kites. The 4d had great capabilities, but I never fly it just because of its size. A kite that is totally missing from the market would be a ProDancer that has more than a couple of tricks in it...
  13. What do do in high wind?

    It didn't look too bad until it started spinning...
  14. What do do in high wind?

    Wind like that is why they invented VENTED kites !
  15. Welcome Rob Friedman

    We will have to meet up and fly the DC sometime soon before it gets too cold...