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  1. Car Burglarized Handles and Line bag stolen

    Sorry to hear that. Something similar happened to a friend, he lost a number of kites that are pretty much irreplaceable. We are still all keeping an eye out for them to pop up on eBay or Craigslist. One thing I would say is to search the area where the crime occurred... once the crackhead that broke into you car realizes what was in the bag, he probably just tossed it. I mean, what does a crackhead need with a bag full of a bunch of string, anyway ? Its not like its worth anything on the street...
  2. Well, I'll get this done before I head off to bed... I'm sorry this drawing didn't gather the interest of my drawings in the past, I thought there were more Prism-heads here. Anyway... here it goes... Looks like #2- Mike Klaiber is our winner... Congratulations ! Let me know where to send this l-o-n-g box.
  3. Box Delta

    That is going to look super-sweet ! Make sure you post some pix, can't wait to see !
  4. Box Delta

    Did you get the kite in the OP ? What color fuzzies ? how long ?
  5. Well, it's looking like I should just box this one up and send it down south... I thought the banner would be more popular. That's OK... saves time dealing with the RNG. 8)
  6. Box Delta

    I agree, save that 250# line for winds less than 10mph. All these 10'+ kites develop serious pull in winds over 10mph. I fly with mostly 300# and 500# line. This is what the double DC looked like yesterday in ~15mph winds. It was work to pull it back down !
  7. Playing with Diamonds in the dark...fabrics

    That is freakin' amazing ! I love the way the design gives perceived depth to the flat sail...
  8. Inverted Side Slide 240 foot lines

    Nice... I guess that's one way to use up a 1000' roll of LPG ! My carpel tunnel hurts thinking about winding that lineset up...
  9. Box Delta

    I have found that DC and double-DC kites fly WAY better than traditional flat Deltas. I have a number of both, and that's been my experience. I've talked with others who claim to never have problems with regular deltas, but I find that they have a smaller wind range, and are not very tolerant of anything but smooth wind. Ghost or Pyro deltas are a different story, they are very stable in a wide variety of winds, but the traditional triangle delta is not a set it & forget it kind of kite, they will end up on the ground if not constantly tended to. One exception to this in my collection is an 11' mesh delta, that isn't too bad, but still ends up on the ground unexpectedly. The DC and double DCs can be staked out and fly for hours, and will be in the sky where you left them unless the wind drops. By far, this is my favorite, it flies in 5-25 mph winds, bumpy, choppy, or smooth... all day long.
  10. Loving the Quantum

    I can easily deal with lines that are up to 3" off, but would prefer them to be exact. Not that it really makes my flying any better, but it eliminates the excuse... That being said, I'm not a precision flier. I just free-fly for the fun, whatever comes out, as long as it doesn't involve unintentional ground contact !
  11. Loving the Quantum

    The Quantum is a hard pulling kite, and in 15+mph winds, I'm not surprised the lines stretched. I have heard of Prism lines being off, right out of the box. Maybe as much as 6"... I would expect lines to stretch maybe 3". There is something terribly wrong if yours are off by 24", that's for sure. Like was said above, you need to stake these lines down, stretch them out and compare the loops at the other side. An inch or less of difference is what you're looking for, if the difference is more than an inch, you'll need to untie, adjust and retie. No fun, but it's gotta be done.
  12. Loving the Quantum

    OMG... So sorry this was your first day out. It was so unpleasant today, I didn't think of venturing out. Oh, ok, I took the kids and dogs for a walk around town, but couldn't help but to think about how unpleasant it must be at the beach! Sorry, I've becOme quite the wind snob recently. Glad to hear you guys had a good session... Hope to catch up with y'all next time ! Sent from my [device_name] using http://KiteLife mobile app
  13. Is it better to start with single line kites?

    I flew single line kites for years before buying my first dual line. Looking back, I wish that I had gotten into dual line about 10 years before I did... I missed out on all that time, and it also happened to be the height of kiting's popularity. Sent from my [device_name] using http://KiteLife mobile app
  14. Water flying: tips please

    If Niagara Falls didn't eat your kite and drag you over, I'm sure anything's possible... Sent from my [device_name] using http://KiteLife mobile app
  15. Flying where you shouldn't

    I think the KAP of the cemetery is awesome ! I see nothing disrespectful about that, either. I too have flown too close to an airport, but was not challenged over it. The spot is actually a popular kite flying spot (Canarsie Pier in Brooklyn) but it is inside the 5 mile radius of a major airport (JFK). I have only flown my own kite there once, but I have flown other people's kites when they kindly handed me their line.