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  1. Glad to hear you sold it, it was tempting me. Moonies don't last long, there aren't a lot of them...
  2. My Moonie UL Exile is different colors... I think Ken made all the same colors per model of Moonies.
  3. I think he was wondering which model Blue Moon kite that is... Exile, Mantis, Mongoose... Sent from my LG-K330 using KiteLife mobile app
  4. Welcome Ca Ike

    Glad to see you here, Anthony. Sent from my LG-K330 using KiteLife mobile app
  5. Hard to believe that there are kites more radical than the Gemini. I feel that I am still not ready for the Gemini. I have to get them out and see, I guess. Sorry to hear that Crantock isn't happening anymore, that looked like an amazing gathering.
  6. Little story... I got a second-hand Gemini from a fellow Kitelifer years ago (I'm sure he'll recognize it from the picture), an original, before the ones with roll-bars. I couldn't figure out the wingtip lashings, so I sent a message to Tim Benson. Within hours he replied, not just with text, but he shot a little video as well. Such an awesome guy. I felt that if he took the time and effort to support his kite to a second-hand owner, that I almost had to buy a modern Gemini to go along with it. So, I did... Yes, I might be spoiled, but unfortunately, he set the bar pretty high for what I expect from a top kite manufacturer. Prism lost my respect, although I still love flying their kites. Rev lost my respect just recently, but I still love flying the B's that I have.
  7. Oh my... I recognize some of those. But not the full set of Tekkens... I guess you like those.
  8. Single handed photos of flying duals

    How about 5 kites with one hand ? It seems that I had the same idea as you while out flying one day...
  9. I don't feel that the mesh tears were my fault. My Full Vent, yeah... the mesh tears got MUCH worse when I flew it in & out of icy salt water, but the midvent ? No, I treated that kite with care & flew it maybe a quarter the time the FV had in the air. It's the folding of the kite & putting it in the bag that wore it out, even though I was careful with both. I might fly more than the average Joe, but hell, if you dump a few hundred on a kite, I think you might not be the average Joe. I've talked with passerby's on the beach, and their eyes bug if I tell them I spent 75 bucks on a kite...
  10. Yes, with modifications, it seems that the kites will last much longer. I became grumpy with Rev when the leading edge mesh ripped in my Full Vent (after ~4-5 years in rough conditions) and my MidVent (after only 2-3 years of gentle use). I tried to contact Rev multiple times, with no response. I finally had them repaired by Eliot Schook, and it looks like the two will last for many more years. Single investment for a lifetime of use. NO. If I didn't know people and have Kitelife at my back, I would've had to buy new kites, or give it up.
  11. I was kind of getting at the fact that the kites only last for a few years not a lifetime. I agree with only needing four revs that's how many I have. I do feel the need for an extra vent but I don't think it will be a REV. Sent from my LG-K330 using KiteLife mobile app
  12. The latest Rev ad that I saw kinda wrinkled my brow... A little misleading to someone buying their first Rev.
  13. This is why you wear gloves...

    I really didn't have time to think... It was totally unexpected that the cleat would come free and the spool would start freespooling. I should've really transferred my 500# line over onto a windbreaker, I wouldn't have had this problem, but no, the line is still on the large spool. Anyway, I was on soft sand, so I don't know if stepping on it would've slowed the line. Once the kite is up, and line is cleated off, I take the gloves off, unless it's cold out, but it wasn't. I have to rethink my way of cleating the line when flying with a spool. Any suggestions ? BTW... this is what the stringburn looks like a few days later...
  14. I usually wear gloves when launching and landing, but this happened during the couple hours in between. The kids were messing around with the anchor, and somehow [emoji13] the line started freespooling away... Someone had to catch it. Luckily, the spool had 500' on it, and the kite was only 100' up when it started rapid assent. ** edit... Mobile app is having trouble with pictures. I have to transport the picture to a PC to post. A cold one is making the burn feel better, though. OK, back on a 'real' computer... Stringburn... The Kite that burned me... Some Ghost Delta... And a large noisy kite came out too... Happy Kite Month ! Hoping to get in a lot more flying this month to make up for a quiet Winter ! Sent from my LG-K330 using KiteLife mobile app