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  1. Karma New Tech Kites Pyro XS (11-26-15)

    This is a great kite... real smooth flier ! Light pull, too, great for smaller pilots...
  2. I'm still new, right?

    Hey Josh... I spent a lot of time in the Winston/Salem area about 15 years ago. The Flow autogroup was a big customer of mine, and I spent about a week each month there before they got an in-house IT group. I'll bet a lot of things have changed there in the years since. I never flew a kite there, but we used to spend a lot of time playing Frisbee after hours in well-lit parking lots around town. The Frisbee was good there because there was little wind....
  3. Lost posts and PMs?

    Didn't notice... I had deleted years worth of PMs just before the forum update because of a problem I was having with my account. I wasn't getting PMs, so just whacked the whole lot of them to try to fix that problem. Glad the forum upgrade went well, I haven't seen any problems.
  4. Need to Dry Lines That Are Wet?

    I've flown in the rain, the snow, and also in & out of the salt water... never had any problems with putting the lines away wet. My linesets last me about 3-5 years, maybe they would last longer if I treated them nicer ? Eh, I don't care, I'm happy with replacing them every once in a while, 3-5 years matches the modern description of a 'durable good'.
  5. Aura UL Black Friday special

    Sounds like a really good deal. I am so tempted, but I am trying to save my kite funds for a vented Rev. I have too many kites in the 0-10mph range, but none in the 15+mph range at the moment. Someone jump on this !
  6. Karma - Skydog Kites Dream On (11/7/15)

    Congratulations on this score ! Certainly a kite that I'd like to tug on the lines for a while ! Smooth winds to ya, drdemonx !
  7. Video Request

    The Kymera comes with the 'optional' weights all ready installed. They're optional, meaning that you can remove them. (correct me if I'm wrong, JB) I flew my K kite the way it came out of the bag, barely adjusted the bridle after flying it for a few minutes, and haven't touched it since, just flew. If you're having trouble rolling it up, try giving more slack after you give it the input to roll up. Or, maybe you're flying in wind that's too high to roll up easily ?
  8. Oooops... my mailbox was full. I guess you have to empty it every few years,,,
  9. Video Request

    Greg, which kite are you looking to add weight to ? It's rare that I add weight to a kite, I just fly them the way they're sent to me. Some kites are really resistant to rolling up, and I have added weight to those kites. I just want my kites to be as light as possible, and hopefully fly easier in lighter winds. That's the theory, at least. I will sacrifice some trick-ability for a little more lower end is what I'm saying. My flying beach is covered with these nice, smooth rocks. When I want to experiment with different weights, I just tuck a stone in the tail, fly it, try to figure if I want more or less. When I find the right one, I take it home and find more traditional weights to install permanently.
  10. Is this a crap kite?

    I get the appeal... it's a good looking kite at a good price. But.... it's also a $120 gamble that it would fly correctly. Or last very long. If only I could have back all the $$$ I spent on inexpensive kites, I would have a few more good ones ! But unfortunately, inexpensive kites aren't worth the time to resell for the small amount that they might bring.
  11. oh, no... not the dreaded colorizor ! I swore those things off a long time ago...
  12. I want to stick with the 1.5s, it's what I'm used to. I'm close to ordering an Extra V new from somewhere... any suggestions ? Colors ? No Color ?
  13. Hey Mr. L... I do like the colors of your FV... just to verify, is that a FV 1.5b ? I would consider a FV 1.5b at this point since I have nothing to fly when the wind is over 15mph, and I've been left grounded too many times recently. Getting desperate... PM me a price if that is a 1.5b. Thanks !
  14. It's getting better

    I'm glad to hear you got some time in the air after reading about your frustrations with the K-kite. Once it's repaired and you actually do get some time on the lines with it, I'm sure you will like that one just as much, if not more. Yes, light wind flying does keep you warm... I frequently break a sweat flying in the winter here in the NorthEast, I have flown on snow here in February in shirtsleeves !
  15. Flying After Work... October 2015

    Kiting seems to be a lesson in patience... too much wind, too little wind, wrong direction wind, etc. Once in a while, you're in the right place at the right time. This day I was in the right place, just a half hour late. I would've been flying an UL kite if I had known the wind was going away as the sunset, but I tried to make the most of it, and ended up having a good time anyway... *edit... I had to re-upload that one. Sorry, I should've watched it before posting it here. Fuzzy-View fixed...