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  1. Is it the little Deca or the Grand Deca? I would be interested in the big one
  2. SLK Diamond Dive Bombing

    It sounds like the wind is either too high for the kite, or the bridle isn't adjusted for heavier wind. Most single line kites can be adjusted for light or heavy wind by pitching the nose back or forward. I've had the same issues with different SLKs, usually due to the wind being too high. Not being familiar with the kite, I could also suggest that there may be a tensioning line that causes more or less bow across the spreaders. If the kite is too flat, it will dive out of the sky, too. If there is a bow-line, pull it tighter to bend the wingtips backwards, that will allow the kite to be more stable in the sky. Good luck, it's not abnormal to have to tinker a bit with a kite to get it to fly right. Trial & error...
  3. Dances !!!!

    Sounds like someone needs to post JBs boat video.
  4. Is this an offer of a Deca for sale?
  5. Hello, and a line question

    200# line is good for a Power Sled 24 in light wind... under 10mph... but I would never fly either my UltraFoil 15 or Power Sled 24 on less than 300# line in winds 10mph or more. You might be thinking X number of pounds of static pull, but you have to take in to account the... I don't know what you;d call it, jerk strength.... the momentary jerk that uneven winds exert on a kite and it's line. That's what broke the 300# line with my Power Foil 24, was a gust, I guess. Who knows, it was a result of an approaching front that grew out of control before we realized what was on top of us. Yeah, my mind was blown that 300# line failed. The kite was lost for good, I sprinted after it, and probably covered over 1/2 mile before I gave up on it. I had to do without my trusty lifter for a few months, but my family replaced it for my next birthday, so it's now just a distant memory. I wonder who found the lost kite... I wonder if they knew what to do with it... It would be funny to see it in the air someday. Like I said, I was lucky, I had my GoPro up there with the kite at the time, the line broke above the camera, and the camera fell straight down, at least 100 feet into the sand. Got the camera back, and still works to this day. But... I always use too strong a line for any kite in whatever the wind is.
  6. Hello, and a line question

    The thing to consider about line is that the strength line (300#-500#) that you would need for a larger foil will cost as much as the kite, or just about. 500' of strong line will run $50-$75. I broke 300# line with a Power Sled 24, and the kite flew off to never-never land ! Luckily, the GoPro fell straight to the ground, and survived the 100'+ drop. Never underestimate the strength of the wind, it's always best to overdo the strength of the line, loosing a kite sucks !
  7. What camera ??

    In a lot of videos, I can't tell what's going on, when the camera is too far to the side, or like you say... facing the pilot. But... that fact does make me realize why most onlookers aren't interested in sport kites, they can't tell what's going on, either. The Chest mount is a good perspective, but most body-cam videos are too bouncy to be watchable. I've had best luck using a mono-pod stuck in the sand, giving the camera a little height helps to keep the foreground from dominating the frame.
  8. What camera ??

    I use a GoPro, a Canon DSLR, and a Samsung digital camcorder. I pretty much just leave them on the ground, pointing towards the area that I'm flying. I like the 'pilot's eye' perspective, other angles don't make sense to my eyes when I watch them...
  9. Downsizing (SOLD)

    Hey JJ, Congratulations ! I wish you all the energy in the world, you'll need it ! I've done a lot of cool, fun things in my life, but nothing compares to having kids. Best things ever (thing 1, thing 2, thing 3) ! But I am sure glad mine didn't all come at the same time... good luck. I would like to hear a little more about your Super Sled, size of the tails especially... I'm a big fan of the Sled design, they work really well. I am surprised that they sent you 200# line for it, I've had a smaller Sled break heavier line... but the tails is what really makes it special. I assume the colors are all matching ? Thanks !
  10. The Quantum has a pretty strong pull, stronger than the average kite. Don't buy into this 'high wind' and 'low wind' settings thing... adjust the bridle to 'low wind' (all the way towards the nose) and leave it. It will fly in low wind, and have less pull in high wind. Unless you're trying to do tricks, there's no reason to venture towards the 'high wind' setting. I never venture below half way, I would fly power kites more if I liked to get tugged around. The Quantum came with 150# lines, and could probably break those if the wind approaches 20mph. I broke so many sets of 50# line that I all but swore it off, I only fly 50# lines in near zero conditions. Hopefully you have enough of the 50# lines left to make up a light wind (no wind) set and they won't be a total loss.
  11. Karma - Prism 4D (4/23/16)

    A nice kite that travels easily, and can be flown in most conditions. Enjoy it!
  12. Getting close.... go out to your favorite restaurants and see a few movies. You won't be able to do that for a while after June. Best wishes to TK and yourself, enjoy the ride !
  13. Solo Rev Fly - Light Wind

    Love that String Art Rev ! Those are the colors I would choose if buying another Rev.
  14. How to pack an inflatable tail?

    This is what 250' of flat tails looks like, wound up on a convenient piece of driftwood. You can do the same with a tube tail, or just jam it back into a stuff-sack. The Prism tube tails come with a stuff-sack, and I just put the end in, and then jam the rest on top of it. Once the bridle is in, I pull the drawstring closed, and bam... done !
  15. Revolution Reflex

    I think they're going in the wrong direction... the new visual design doesn't appeal to me. And after reading about this awful sounding complex system of springs and whatnot... I would say this kite is definitely not for me ! I like my kites as simple as possible, I just want to fly, not tinker. I get it, Rev wants to sell more stuff. They might sell me one more kite, and extra-vent B series.They can keep their spring loaded science project... what's next ? Flying a Rev with an iPhone, no strings ?