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  1. MWP, I've definitely flown mine. Well Cjay, I'm sorry to hear about your Widowmaker NG problems and can't really comment on your conversation with Marieanne. I'm not sure how much involvement they have with the Premier version. I have a kite friend that just bought a NG as well and I'm hoping to get up with him in the near future so we can compare the two versions.
  2. So far, my experience has been positive with both Jon and Marieanne. I'm a week into owning the Pro and had one question and they responded in the same day. No problems or defects I can see.
  3. JB for a Weekend (10/1/17)

    Team Corolla has 20 of these so far!
  4. When I called to purchase my Widowmaker Pro, they told me that it was the last one they had. I'm happy and sad at the same time. It's a wonderful kite and really hope they can produce them again in the future. I also hope that Steve Tapp recovers from his health issues Sent from my XT1575 using KiteLife mobile app
  5. Lam Hoac's New AC

    I had a really great time flying my AC SUL yesterday. The wind conditions were all over the place really ripping one minute and gone the next with direction changes. When I bought my AC SUL, Lam suggested that I also buy a pair of stiffer lower spreaders for higher wind flying. I put them in and was able to handle everything nature threw at it.
  6. Bol

    I've only been able to get it up once. It takes a lot of space and anchoring is really important. Thanks!
  7. Trilobite

    Thank you!
  8. Aerie Diablo

    From the album Esinger's Kites

  9. Big Easy Kites MEFM

    From the album Esinger's Kites

  10. Aerie Air FX

    From the album Esinger's Kites