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  1. Custom build

  2. Custom build

    Thanks Kelly. It's good to be back on the machine creating new things to fly. Any custom work on your sewing bench lately?
  3. Custom build

    I thought seriously about a sleeve for the vertical rod, but decided it wasn't needed. I was kinda surprised myself that it flew in such light winds. Sorry no video of the kite flying. I'll work on that. Maybe Terry and Sandy will take some video when they go out to maiden their kites today.
  4. Custom build

    I tried to match their B pros.
  5. Custom build

    This was in Santa Cruz the other day. It was blowing about 10-15 mph. That is the maiden flight of the one I made for myself. Here's the ones I made for Terry and Sandy.
  6. Where to buy a second hand Rev sail ?

    In a strong wind, if you fly for a while, the fabric on your sail will stretch a bit. Sorta like the stretch in the sail I sent you. But after a couple hours it tightens back up and the sail is flat again. After a ton of flying in strong winds, the stretch will stay. None of my kites are stretched yet, and I fly a lot. If you tried to fly the rev with the top lines only, it would just flop around. It's not until you apply some brake, to get the sail trimmed right, that you get lift. Adding more brake slows the kite down. But that's no fun. I say pedal to the metal. Learn to zoom.
  7. Where to buy a second hand Rev sail ?

    Well I thought I was going to be real busy today with some chimney repair, but it's raining. Haven't seen rain in months. Hope it puts out some of those fires. Enjoy your rev
  8. Where to buy a second hand Rev sail ?

    Cool. PM me with your address and stuff and I'll send you my pp addy. Now I can buy some motors for my next copter
  9. Where to buy a second hand Rev sail ?

    #2 says the kite is better a little loose. Price just went up to $150. JK When I first started I needed a lot of wind to fly. Now, not so much. I think JB could fly in a vacuum chamber.
  10. Where to buy a second hand Rev sail ?

    No vents in this B series. A little streached out means that the fabric is a bit loose on the bottom edge near the center of the kite instead of being flat. Details of the leading edge and screen I replaced. New hot pink bridle. Overall a good kite with lots of life left in it. Hey RevRookie. Thanks for the good words. PM me and let me know what your building these days and what you need. I rarely fly the 1.5's anymore. Usually the B2, and the 1.8 size I designed is my favorite. Still spending the whole summer at the Russian River in northern California. This one is my current favorite 1.8 sized quad.
  11. Where to buy a second hand Rev sail ?

    Off to dinner right now. I'll take more pics and get back to you in a couple hours.