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  1. Fulcrum

    Now how about taking some pictures and sharing!!
  2. Fulcrum

    I kinda figured it was mechanical just from the look of it. Kinda like flying a wall.
  3. Fulcrum

    Then what should I do with all these??
  4. Fulcrum

    Ah, shucks(kickin' small rocks on the ground and blushing). 😆
  5. Fulcrum

    There were some cool pictures in there. Showed some vision of what it looks like from other angles. I'm trying to see what the blazes it looks like folded down and in the bag. Heck, haven't even seen what the bag even looks like. Lol.
  6. Fulcrum

    No. Not really. I'm a hands on guy. I'm waiting to see someone put out a YT video showing the kite. All of it. Not just flying around in the air. The one video I've seen so far flying it on the beach was a little helpful but I'd really like to see someone go through the steps of assembling etc.
  7. Fulcrum

    Thanks but not quite what I'm looking for. I guess I got spoiled with JB's Rev how to vids!! Maybe he can nab a Fulcrum and do a vid for it!! Ha!
  8. Fulcrum

    I'm well aware of the videos out there but not a single one shows the details of the kite nor how to assemble. Not even on the site selling them. THAT'S what I'd like to see. Matter of fact, the site selling them is the worst of all!! LOL! One plain picture showing color options and thats it.
  9. Fulcrum

  10. Fulcrum

    FYI, no such thing as a "stupid question ". Ever!
  11. Fulcrum

    More pics of the set up would be fantastic!!! My biggest concern is how stable / secure the spars connect to the kite. I've seen some not so great set ups.
  12. Fulcrum

    I'm wondering about line choices too. I would think that the linesets for Rev would work just as well for the Fulcrum.
  13. Fulcrum

    Look at the Fulcrum
  14. Fulcrum

    Ok! So I've been checking out this new Fulcrum but yet to pull the trigger on purchasing just yet. Kinda just debating between it and other quads. Curious about anything other than the flat Rev's I have already. Anybody have one they can review or chat about? Have any other quads besides Rev or Fulcrum? If so, chime in and give some feedback. Thanks!
  15. Quantum Radian SE / Osprey

    Hey Trip, how's that hurricane treating you down there???