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  1. REV. lights

    Yyyyyyyep! I was right!!! Lifetime supply. LOL!
  2. REV. lights

    Look at what I got!! They even came with a hand held led light. A lot has happened before this thread started. Lol. I'm getting into SUP'S so I'll be able to use these for night paddles!! Woohooo!!
  3. Prism 25th Anniversary Special Edition Quantum

    Here's the link...
  4. Prism 25th Anniversary Special Edition Quantum

    In the post I started regarding lights there's a light company that offers a UV(black light) version that I'm going to buy and use with this and a bunch of other kites at night.
  5. REV. lights

    Only thing left is a link for them LED auto strips to see if I should buy some of them too!
  6. REV. lights

    A pack of those with a pack of 120 finger lights and I'm certain I'll have a lifetime supply.
  7. REV. lights

    After a closer look at those submersible lights, it makes more sense to buy a pack of the RGB style and no remote since after all, can't fly a kite AND use the remote now can ya? Lol. Besides that, the RGB ones use a lighter battery (CR2032) rather than the AAA ones. They're also much cheaper AND change colors on their own. A 10 pack for less than 10 bucks? I'm in!!
  8. Prism 25th Anniversary Special Edition Quantum

    Yes! Definitely check lines and equalize accordingly Now add a 75 foot tail to it!! You'll see...
  9. REV. lights

    So, to recap.... I've heard of the following: 1)finger lights (I know what they are and a good possibility ) 2)nite-ize (on the fence on these) 3)curious about the ones JB mentioned. Not likely due to adhering to kite. 4)LED'S with remote AND changing colors (I'm definitely interested in. The four pack looks like a great starter kit with remotes. Then add to the kit). Just not sure on the mounting part since I have zero desire for magic/sissy sticks. 5)automotive LED lights(love to see a link since doing a search came up with THOUSANDS of options). I can only IMAGINE the calls made. Especially if you use a kite that gets really high up!! LOL!! One of the videos shared had them on a foil and it was good hoax material for sure!! LOL!!!
  10. Quad Count (they all count)

    Speaking of the Fulcrum, anybody know pricing on it?
  11. REV. lights

    That looked pretty cool. I wonder how many ufo calls are made because of those? LOL!
  12. REV. lights

    Velcro finger lights? Have a link to those?
  13. REV. lights

    You have pics of them set up on the kite by chance?
  14. REV. lights

    So far, you're the only one that has given me a good visual with the video. Heck, I would've been ok with pictures of it at night so I can see how lit up the kite gets with whatever lights you're using. Thanks for that! Maybe more will share similar.
  15. W.T.B. Prism Prophesy & Illusion

    Thanks. Drove 3hrs to get it. Met an older gentleman just outside of Ocean Shores