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  1. I'm looking for some. How about pricing on the rest?Pictures and conditions of them? Pm me.
  2. And some of us are even a bit
  3. Revolution kites are great fun!! Best advice I can give is find locals in your area that fly them. They have a learning curve to them that some get overwhelmed with then give up on them.
  4. How does it fly? Are you selling it?
  5. I seriously doubt it since I just can't stand the look. Lol. That's why I was specific in my post of which one's I'm looking for.
  6. I was told it's sold. Thanks for the heads up though.
  7. The one just below John's with your quote included regarding the TL.
  8. Guess you didn't read my response.
  9. Appreciate it but the TL is probably about the only one I don't like the look of. Lol!
  10. Chuckle.... Nothing to enjoy. Which is why I'm looking for some.
  11. Love it!! I hear the 5's are for more stability in higher wind range.
  12. After a year or so of looking I was finally able to get my hands on a Revolution Eyes. Even after all the funny responses . NOW, I'm looking for a Sea Devil. If ya have one to sell let's see the pics!! Also looking for GPS,ABS,T2 AND TEKKEN DOA!!!! Let me know condition and price. I want one!!!
  13. Yes, I know and I will. I think I just enjoyed looking more for the pics of Gollum!! LOL!