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  1. All prices below include shipping CONUS. But, feel free to PM me about the price or if you have any questions. Strings sets are not included. I accept PayPal (Please select sending money to Family or Friends to save the extra charge). All my kites are stored correctly and kept in a smoke-free environment. More info on these kites at Back in Bag----Prism Quantum Pro (Purple) - $215.00- I would rate this kite a 9 out of 10. Sale is crisp, flies like a dream. I've only flown it three times. Time for it to get a good home. Comes complete with weight set and sleeve. Handbuilt by Justin Edwards, Chief Product Manager for Prism Kites in Seattle on 11/23/2004. Price includes shipping CONUS. SOLD---HQ Tramontana (Tricktana) (Purple/Green tips) - $170.00 - Excellent condition, I've flown only one time. Sail is in almost brand new condition. Flies excellent. Made in Germany. The Tricktana was one of the kites in a new Tramontana 2000 range which was developed by Chris Matheson for HQ Kites. Price includes shipping CONUS.
  2. Hi Everyone, Well, once again, I'd like to see if anyone might have a JS Hummingbird that they might be willing to sell. Has to be the vintage Joel Sholz Sky Delight Kites Hummingbird. I'm not rich and it doesn't have to be pristine. Thanks, Robert
  3. Trinity Wind Festival, Dallas

    My flight was more stable than I thought it would be. I was kind of surprised how well the video came out from the front of my kite. If I just hovered all the time, it would really be stable.
  4. Hi John, You can go ahead and lock this thread. Thanks, Robert
  5. Actually found two.... one in Seattle and the other in Australia.
  6. Thanks. I've got a post on GWTW too. We'll see what happens.
  7. Anyone have a Prism E2 that they might want to get rid of? Color doesn't matter.
  8. Trinity Wind Festival, Dallas

    Hi Happyspoon....... The Hero2 I used is about 6.7 ounces. Let's just say that the kite is definately heavier feeling in the air. I mounted my Hero2 GoPro to my Prism E2 for the kite shots which made the entire unit (kite and Hero2) in the air almost 17 ounces. When shooting from my forehead, I was flying a Terry Crumpler Pro-Wasp. Winds were about 10-12mph that day gusting to 15. As long as I had about 12 mph of wind, all was OK, but once the wind dropped, the kite with the GoPro mounted would ease to the ground. The Hero2 doesn't have any stabilization, so what you see is exactly what you get. Surprisingly, this is the strap I used to mount to the E2.
  9. WTB: Nik Nak

    Thanks SparkieRob..... the iNak is actually an indoor sport kite for 0 wind flying. The Nik Nak is more for outdoor flying up to 10mph. Although I've flown one in 15mph winds. I have a Nik Nak, but I'm wanting another one to fly both at one time. The Nik Nak tracks well and flys wonderfully, so I'd like to find another to make it easier for me to learn flying both at one time. There is an older version of the Nik Nak. Jon T has been making that kite for the last 15 years. The newer version is slightly different and has battens.
  10. Recently created this video by attaching my GoPro to my kites at the Trinity Wind Festival in Dallas, Texas. Video turned out good!
  11. Looking for a newer version Skyburner Nik Nak kind of like the one below. If you have one you might want to let go of, let me know.
  12. I've mentioned this before, but what the heck.... I've been looking for a JS Hummingbird since the earth cooled. If you have a JS Hummingbird you'd be willing to part with, I'd like to discuss a possible trade for a JS Neptune, trade and possible cash or buy it out right, if the price is right.The Neptune is by Joel Scholz and Sky Delight Kites(#670 - Dated: 2/10/1992 - Signed: Joel Scholz)In very good shape, non-smoker, no stains, crisp sail, connectors have been changed to APA connectors (orig connectors kept).It can be seen at
  13. If you know of one available like the one pictured below, let me know. TIA, Robert
  14. Looking for a Joel Scholz Sky Delight Kites Hummingbird. Willing to buy at a decent price or trade for a JS Sky Delight Neptune. PM me here or email at
  15. The dove is a beautiful kite. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G870A using Tapatalk