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  1. Newbie Bay Area friends and Rev learning tips

    Fear not - we still have another 2 or 3 months of good winds in the Bay Area. This weekend was surprisingly light, but still good enough at Shoreline to fly my UL (ok dual line and not rev, but still...). Sent from my iPad using KiteLife mobile app
  2. App and Tapatalk issues.

    That did it - it working again. Thanks JB. Sent from my iPad using KiteLife mobile app
  3. App and Tapatalk issues.

    I have the same problem on my iPad. Just reloaded the app on the chance it got corrupted - no luck. I get the same error message as jaydub2000 gets on android.
  4. JB for a Weekend! (12/1/16)

    should be at 100 tickets now! I are ready to schedule my weekend
  5. Welcome to the forums DavidB, please send me a PM if you have any questions. :)