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  1. Yes, I've flown a Merlin in to stroong wind. Didn't work out well, so I'm saving it for a day when the wind is more suitafle for the kite. I have backspun it indoors tho'
  2. The AERIALIS Team Flyers are set up as follolws: Light wind: A.T.F. UL (a kite designed by or captain, Anders Matson, and made by ourselves) Moderate/Medium force wind: WSO Standard (from German Drachenkiste) Strong wind: WSO Vented (from German Drachenkiste) VERY strong wind: A.T.F. Hardcore Vented (another kite designed and made by or captain, Anders Matson) Lines are Ockert Protec (the red/orange ones) 50kg 38 and 42m and 100kg 43m