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  1. Monark (indoor/outdoor) 11/24/17

    You would think working for a school system I could get in a high school gymnasium nearly any time I want, but we are big enough to be completely restrictive. I’m almost scared to ask.
  2. Monark (indoor/outdoor) 11/24/17

    I was tempted by this one. It’s just not quite my style. I’m drawn to the fast and loud, but indoor interests me. The sad truth is that I have less chances to fly indoors than out.
  3. Regular Amazon shopper?

    I look here for advice. My “local” kite shop is a 4 hour drive away at the beach.
  4. Windoo1 Wind Meter -- 10/27/2017

    I really like the one I got in a karma drawing a long ways back. You can definitely fly a kite without one, but if you build kites, fly something with a narrow window, or just like gadgets, it’s a good tool to have.
  5. KARMA 9/21/2017: Revolution Rainbow Radical

    Wowzers, Mak! You got everybody's attention with this one.
  6. Karma Flexifoil Stacker 8/14/17

    I think Black/Pink/Black would look good.
  7. KARMA: Gomberg Black 7' Ghost Delta - 6/16/17

    That was a nice one. A kite I wouldn't mind having around. Congrats!
  8. Prism Jazz (5/16/17)

    Thanks guys. I refuse to be the sole contender.
  9. Prism Jazz (5/16/17)

    Heck, I'm in. Just this once..
  10. Need to rant?

    I rode my bike in 40F rain this morning.
  11. Karma REV QUAD KITE 11/16/2016

    Good show!
  12. Karma REV QUAD KITE 11/16/2016

    Wow, that's pretty cool! Somebody should enjoy one of those.
  13. KARMA: Handmade kite hand straps (10/21/2016)

    Where is everybody at? I'm not ready to get back in the fray yet, but I can't believe people aren't all over this.
  14. Shanti Speed line sleeving color code

    Thanks! It's one set, with 300# mains and 200# brakes. I'm actually splitting them up into 2 dual sets. It was just cheaper to buy them as a quad set.
  15. Shanti Speed line sleeving color code

    Ok, after pulling on them and rolling/sliding the lines through my fingers I think my initial inkling was correct. While they don't look much different to me, the lines with the red trace sleeves feel thicker.