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  1. KARMA 9/21/2017: Revolution Rainbow Radical

    Wowzers, Mak! You got everybody's attention with this one.
  2. Karma Flexifoil Stacker 8/14/17

    I think Black/Pink/Black would look good.
  3. KARMA: Gomberg Black 7' Ghost Delta - 6/16/17

    That was a nice one. A kite I wouldn't mind having around. Congrats!
  4. Prism Jazz (5/16/17)

    Thanks guys. I refuse to be the sole contender.
  5. Prism Jazz (5/16/17)

    Heck, I'm in. Just this once..
  6. Need to rant?

    I rode my bike in 40F rain this morning.
  7. Karma REV QUAD KITE 11/16/2016

    Good show!
  8. Karma REV QUAD KITE 11/16/2016

    Wow, that's pretty cool! Somebody should enjoy one of those.
  9. KARMA: Handmade kite hand straps (10/21/2016)

    Where is everybody at? I'm not ready to get back in the fray yet, but I can't believe people aren't all over this.
  10. Shanti Speed line sleeving color code

    Thanks! It's one set, with 300# mains and 200# brakes. I'm actually splitting them up into 2 dual sets. It was just cheaper to buy them as a quad set.
  11. Shanti Speed line sleeving color code

    Ok, after pulling on them and rolling/sliding the lines through my fingers I think my initial inkling was correct. While they don't look much different to me, the lines with the red trace sleeves feel thicker.
  12. Shanti Speed line sleeving color code

    Thanks guys, I'm going to have to get them under tension to be sure.
  13. Shanti Speed line sleeving color code

    Thanks, I don't know how I got a dupe. I caught the typo and submitted an edit. Somehow it must have become two.
  14. Shanti Speed line sleeving color code

    I have a 300#/200# quad set and I am unsure of which pair is the 200# and which is the #300. I know the sleeving is color coded and I think I have it figured out, but could use some reassurance.
  15. KARMA: Handmade kite hand straps (10/21/2016)

    Nice work! That's neater, and looks like a different stitch than what I know. I've never thought to make kite handles though!