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The NEW Premier Jewel

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Just wanted to drop in a note on one of the newest kites out right now. The Premier Jewel - MSRP $59.95!! This is the third kite in the "Spider Series" kites brought out by Premier this year. This line was inspired and designed by Jon Trennepohl and Wayne Brunjes from Skyburner Kites and is a take-off from the well known Widow Maker that has put a huge amount of buzz in the high end trick kite market. This series of kites include the Widow (a duplication of the famous Widow Maker), the Wolf and the Jewel.

The Jewel is a smaller winged kite than the Widow or Wolf at 5.5 ft span and I usually prefer the larger wings but since we got these in and after talking with Jon on the phone and having him rave about it I thought I better put it in the air and give it a try. I usually spend most of my time on the larger wings. The kites in my bag that I fly the most are as follows just so you know what I am comparing to.

Widow Maker

Quantum Pro

Deep Space

Silver Fox 2.5 (vented & std)

Silver Fox 2.3 (std & UL)


French Connection


Jumping Jack Flash

The Stuff:

Kite name: Jewel

Manuf: Premier Kites

Designer: Jon Trennepohl, Wayne Brunjes

Series: Spider Series

MSRP Cost: $59.95 est.

Size: 65" X 27" (165 x 68.5 cm)

Sail: Ripstop Nylon

Frame: 4mm solid carbon

Weight: 5.5 oz (156 gm.)

Suggested wind range: 3 - 18 mph

Colors: Ruby (red/black), Saphire (Blue/Teal) and Topaz (Orange/Yellow)

Packaging: Heavy duty nylon sleeve with matching sail colors on the outside. Sleeve is expandable to hold the full length of the kite without breaking down the leading edge. The sleeve also sports a spider web screen print with the kite name and series. The price includes an 80lb spectra lineset with finger/wrist strap combo set, line winder and instruction card.

Overall construction & build quality:

The construction is pretty sweet when you realize that this is a mass-production kite made overseas. The sail material is a ripstop nylon and stitching is very clean. The amazing thing about this kite is that it has French rolled (hemmed?) seams throughout the sail. This makes a very nice looking sail graphic and shows a lot more detail in the sewing over the traditional "laying the fabric on top of each other and running a stitch over it" type of build. The graphic flows with the same lines and style as the other Spider Series kites but it doesn't have the pronounced "Spider" look as much as the Widow or Wolf does. The graphic to me looks very clean and sharp. The center wear patch for the upper spreader is smaller and isn't quite as nice as the rest of the sail. I would have liked that the stitching on this could have been a little cleaner and the nose is standard construction of hot-cut nylon and stitching which could cause some potential line snags and may need to be trimmed up after some air time. The kite doesn't come with YO-YO stoppers and the leading edge is not a full wrapped leading edge like you would find on the higher end kites, but I have to keep reminding me that this is not in the same class as the more expensive high-end kites. Overall I would give it very high marks for construction and build quality especially when you consider that this kite is under $60.00 and includes a spectra lineset.

On the field:

I brought the kite out for our local group to demo during our weekly Friday Night Fun Fly. Winds were between 6 and 10 mph with the occasional gusts up to 12-15. The kite was flown completely stock, right out of the bag with the supplied lineset. Although the bridle is set up for different settings for different wind conditions, we made no adjustments to the kite at all. I kinda had the feeling of just tossing it in the air and spanking it around a little just to see what it was like. In all honesty I really didn't expect much from the kite and thought I would switch over to my Widow Maker pretty quickly....but...

This kite is a freekin' fun kite to fly!

It took a couple minutes to get use to the increase of speed because again I usually don't spend that much time on smaller winged kites. Once my timing got going I started to connect with the kite and the smile on my face began to grow more and more as I flew. Axle's were of course very fast...but very flat and controlled. The kite responded instantly to any input I gave it. The behavior was very smooth and predictable. Snap stalls were sharp, controlled and instantaneous. Two pop cascades were very flat and the kite felt in control during the entire trick with no noticeable oversteer. I was also able to pull off some very nice 540's and got 3 rungs of a Jacob's Ladder (I coulda got more but my skills are what was limiting me, not the kite). Axle to fades were very nice and the kite fade launched easily and held the fade very good. Flick-flack's were quick and fun to do. Half axle's were very fast, precise and also forgiving if you happen to get your timing off a bit. Rolling lazy susan's were a riot because they were super easy to initiate and snappy. The kite doesn't come with YO-YO stoppers installed so I will be adding some on to mine the first chance I get. I was able to get the kite to roll up with very little effort even without adding extra tail weight to the kite which impressed me a lot. Going from axle to fade to a roll up was easy and made me look like a much better pilot than I really am. Two-pop rollups were quick and consistent to do. I had to pull it out of the rollup pretty quickly because the lines would work their way down to the tips. I would give the lines a couple twists to help keep the lines put and it helped a lot but it really could use some stoppers for sure. Flying formations in the air was snappy and pretty darn precise for such a small wing. 90' turns were very crisp and sharp, the jewel had no noticeable oversteer. Punch turns were very hard and the kite responded on an instant.

I finally talked John into taking a turn on the kite (he is like me and just doesn't like small winged kites). He flew the kite just to appease me but after a couple minutes was starting to put the kite into a series of tricks and his attitude towards it changed. I think he was as surprised as I was on how easy this kite was to trick. He was pretty quick to ask ask me again what the selling price was and was equally impressed with what the kite was capable of. His smallest kite in his bag is the Jumping Jack Flash and he compared the two against each other most of the night. At the end he was very impressed with the Jewel as was I and we both agreed that it was one of the best smaller winged kite we have flown and more than worth its price. Everyone else that tried the kite out loved flying it and was equally impressed with the kite and the price.


The Jewel is an awesome kite for anyone who is looking for a kite to step them into the slack line trick arena without having to break open the piggy bank. The sail construction is better than what you would expect for an entry level to intermediate trick-oriented kite and the flying characteristics are beautiful. The Jewel was able to do all the tricks that I was able to throw at it and I wish I was a better pilot so I could really push this kite to its full potential...maybe someday. It would be nice if it had yo-yo stoppers on it because this kite likes to roll up so easily but those are super easy to add at any time. I don't think you are going to find a better tricking kite of this quality in this price range.


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thanks for the review.i am interested in getting a -WOLF- from premier.

SO,i wanted to know if you hjave any experience with the wolf,because its in the same series and,thats the 1 that my dealer has in stock. I figure either its better or,just a bigger version of the jewel.

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The Wolf is a bigger version of the Jewel and right along the lines of the Widow. Think of it as a smaller Widow. It comes just like the Widow with Skyshark frame, Yo-Yo stoppers and tricks are awesome on it. It moves much faster than the Widow but not quite as snappy as the Jewel.

Awesome kite and very fun. You do have to get slightly more aggressive with it and your timing needs to be a bit quicker than the Widow but once you get your timing right the kite really delivers!!!

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WOW. Thanks for the quick reply.It sounds as though you give the wolf,a thumbs up.I am seriously considering one. But my local guy,has a few ultralights,that i am,very,very,interested in.

IM thinking that i could maybe use a lightwind kite MORE, than another standard,right now.

Im thinking that if i go light,i will have a kite for every situation.

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