The 1st Annual Kitelife Festival

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Hi Fellow Kitelifers!!

Let me say right off…I do…NOT…know if this is True or not…BUT, the rumor mill has it, and I wanted to be the first to post it heehee!, that JB will be having a “Kitelife” Kiting Festival soon, like within the next year!!

If that is TRUE then, I believe "FUN" will finally ;) be returning to Organized Kiting!!


"Trying to have fun…is not fun!"

JB knows how to have FUN, without trying at all! It just comes naturally! Heehee!

Keep It Up!


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Nope, I can dispel this rumor... Nothing in the works yet.

It has been my hope to eventually launch a Kitelife-backed festival, but we're not there yet.

Thanks for the hopes though. ;)

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