John Barresi

5th annual West Coast Rev Clinic

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John Barresi    4,018

Hi folks, I've just finished our sign up page for the 2012 WCRC in Long Beach, WA... Scheduled for March 16-18.

Details and sign up form - http://www.teamiquad...oast-rev-clinic

Reports from previous years...


WCRC 2 -



To immediately put some minds at ease, the 16th (Friday) is a casual day with no workshop curriculum, just play and one-on-one coaching for those who can come for the extra day. wink.gif

You'll find detailed information about the schedule, local lodging and more at the link above.

Please let me know if anything is unclear on the registration page, happy to clarify.

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John Barresi    4,018

Update, we've already had 9 sign ups in the past 20 or so hours... 21 slots left open, keep an eye on this or they might disappear. :ani_whistling:

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John Barresi    4,018

That's it ladies and gentlemen, SOLD OUT!

Thanks to all who have signed up, this is going to be a really good time all around. :)

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kwmf    76

At least with a full clinic you lot may be too busy to abuse the foreigner .... :)

(HA ... what are the chances)

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kwmf    76

No chance, we'll have volunteers to draw on! :clap;

Ah well, guess we all have to pay for our sins sooner or later ... apparently I pay for mine in 123 days time

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John Barresi    4,018

All ribbing aside, it's going to be a brilliant time... 30 students, 5-7 instructors, lots of new shared perspectives and skills, a great beach (and typically great wind - between 3 and 16 mph), new friends and TEAM FLYING. :clap;

I for one, can't wait!

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kwmf    76

The ribbing will keep me from thinking too much (I'll be too busy watching for the SLE) ...

I'm glad its going to be a full group since it means I can meet more people and can do some team. You know I'm doing this because I'm not sure I can make WSIKF, so it's good to have as many people as possible there so it becomes a mini-WSIKF for me. I'm going to miss out on all the other teams and top pilots that come to WSIKF, but it's going to be the next best thing.

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John Barresi    4,018

Woohoo, what an AWESOME weekend!!

The power of the bubble kept us in good or tolerable weather most of the weekend, the average skill level between all fliers was really stunning and I saw noticeable improvement everywhere by the time folks started leaving on Sunday.

My favorite part... All the grins.

We had a great group, they made it magical for me - thank you so much! :)

Stay tuned for info about the team clinic in July, possibly another regular clinic sometime, and of course, more Rev fun at events around the country.

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Reef Runner    1,455

Well, I think I asked this same question last year, but what the heck.

When is the 5th 1st annual West East Coast Rev Clinic :confused!:

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Wayne Dowler    1,464

Your 1st Rev clinic will be when you pack up and come out here!!!!! :ani_giveup: Just saying...........! :P

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